eBikes & eScooters For Cruisin’ and Commutin’

Few experiences feel as thrilling as riding through a city or a dirt trail on a bike—the wind lapping at our hair and the sun on our skin. But sometimes, our legs get tired; we’re only human. For the same experience without the grueling legwork, consider an electric bike or scooter!

While eBike and eScooter production does have a carbon footprint, it’s far less than any emissions you’d get driving a car, so it’s a sustainable swap we love. Plus, electronic bikes and scooters are easy to take wherever you need to go, and there are models out there for commuting, cruising, all-terrain off-roading, and more. 🚴 Get out on the open roads with minimal effort and environmental impact. For more options, here’s our guide to the best e-bikes for women. Prefer a manual road bike instead? We’ve got sustainable suggestions for that, too! Here are our favorite conscious bike brands (and places to find gear!).

1. Rad Power Bikes

Best For | Cargo & family eBikes Range | Off-road, city & commuter, folding, step-thru, high-step, cargo & utility Features | Financing available, free shipping, lifetime customer support, local servicing, replacement parts Price Range | $1199–$1999

Rad Power Bikes were made with you in mind, wherever that may be. There are off-road bikes with fat tires, family-friendly electric bikes with additional storage, and even road bike-style options light enough to carry up to your apartment or down to the basement. If you’re itching for a ride before you buy, you can check out Rad Power Bikes’ showrooms in Seattle, San Diego, or Berkeley or visit one of the brand’s rental locations. We love how thoughtfully these bad boys are designed. Paired with Rad Power’s incredible customer service and the handy E-Bike Finder for tailored suggestions, it’s one of our favorite stops for eco-friendly transport solutions.

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2. Blix

Best For | All-terrain fat tire eBikes Range | All-terrain, commuter, cargo, cruiser, folding Features | Financing available, extended warranty options, replacement parts, free shipping, customer support Price Range | $1699–$1999+

Blix aims to “pave the way to freedom” with a versatile line of electric bikes designed in Santa Cruz, CA. The team is so confident you’ll love Blix that every order comes with the option to return and free shipping, a comprehensive one-year warranty (with the option to extend), and customer service accessible by phone, email, social, or chat. We love these sleek designs that combine vintage style with modern function. The Ultra, or the Fat Tire eBike, is our favorite because it comes with a modular design, a dual-battery system, and can easily handle all kinds of terrain. Vroom, vroom.

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3. Juiced Bikes

Best For | Commuter eBikes Range | Commuter, urban, step-thru, cargo, high speed, adventure, all-terrain Features | Financing available, free shipping, replacement parts, customer support, one-year warranty, in-store test rides in San Diego Price Range | $1699–$2999

Juiced Bikes has us juiced up to travel through the great outdoors. These high-performance electric bikes are some of the best in the biz, made with upgraded batteries, powerful motors, and up to a 100+ mile range on one charge. The CrossCurrent, its top-rated commuter eBike, can go up to 28 mph on backroads and sidewalks—a wonderful alternative to being stuck during rush hour! If you’re not sure which eBike is right for you, take Juiced’s bike quiz.

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4. Lectric eBikes

Best For | Affordable, compact eBikes Range | Folding, step-through, all-terrain, commuter Features | Financing available, free shipping, no assembly, one-year warranty, customer support, replacement parts, in-store test rides in Phoenix Price Range | $899–$1999

Why pay a premium when you don’t have to? Lectric eBikes crafts electric bikes without the markup (and with frequent sales!). The XP Lite Lectric Bike, for example, is $899, and it ships for free within two weeks. It’s foldable and lasts up to 40+ miles at a time—perfect for daily rides or cruising to work. Between the eBike quiz, the curated add-ons and upgrades, and rental options, there’s so much you’ll love about your experience with Lectric. Most of all, these electric bicycles won’t break the bank.

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5. InMotion

Best For | Electric scooter & skateboard hybrid Range | eScooters, eBikes, eSkateboards, eUnicycles Features | Financing available, free shipping, one-year warranty, refurbished & open box options, replacement parts Price Range | $799-$999

Born out of sunny San Diego, InMotion wants to get you moving. With an impressive line of electric scooters, bikes, skateboards, and even unicycles, there’s something for everyone at this one-stop shop. And while we like the scooters specifically, our favorite is the Scooterboard (aka the skateboard and electric scooter combo!). Scooters start at $799 but keep your eyes open for its refurbished and open-box deals to score savings.

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6. Bird

Best For | Fold-and-go electric scooter Range | eScooter, eBikes, mini scooters Features | Financing available, 30-day guarantee, one-year warranty, refurbished options, customer service Price Range | $99–$599

You may be familiar with Bird’s rental scooters, bikes, and minis since they’re used in 350+ cities around the globe. But did you know you can purchase your own Bird scooter, plus one for your young and aspiring traveler? Bird’s two scooters, the “birdieglow” for kids (not electric but easy to ride!) and the BirdFlex for adults, are simple to use, cruise, and go. And fun fact: The mini scooter has light-up wheels for additional excitement and safety! Make a day of roaming out about town with the whole family.

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7. Apollo

Best For | Commuter eScooters Range | Casual, commuter, expert Features | Financing available, worldwide distributors, free shipping, refurbished options, one-year warranty, customer service, replacement parts Price Range | $599–$2499

Heading back into the office or a coworking space? Swap the car for a scooter for minimal emissions, thanks to Apollo’s clever commuter eScooters. With three main options (and the chance to upgrade and purchase a bundle), you can pick up a casual eScooter for after-dinner rides or take the advanced option with a whopping 1400W dual motor. Whatever you choose comes with a one-year warranty, returns within 14 days, and free shipping in the continental US. (If you’re not nearby or in Canada, Apollo also has global distributors!)

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8. Segway

Best For | Kids’ electric scooters Range | Kickscooter, kids’ escooters, self-balancing, eMoped, GoKart Features | Financing available, free shipping over $99, replacement parts, one-year warranty, customer service Price Range | $199–$1199

Segway isn’t just for zipping around on city tours. The brand’s electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds are made for every part of life. There are 10 models of the electric Kickscooter to choose from, starting at $400, and we recommend the “compare” function to see how each style stacks up based on your preferences. For kids starting at age four, there are seven colorful eScooters to choose from equipped with three-speed gears, ambient lights, and a safe maximum speed. Whether you prefer slow and steady or smooth sailing, there’s a Segway here for you.

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9. Schwinn

Best For | Quality eScooters Range | eScooter, eBikes (cruiser, all-terrain, hybrid) Features | Financing available, 30-day returns, lifetime limited warranty, customer service, worldwide distributors, replacement parts Price Range | $350–$550

Schwinn arguably makes the most popular, high-quality bikes in the market; there’s a reason we always see vintage Schwinns around the neighborhood. The brand’s line of electric scooters and eBikes also withstand the test of time. The Tone E-Scooter comes in three models (1, 2, or 3) with a max speed of 15 mph and 11 miles per charge. Best yet, this eScooter can recharge through a standard household outlet and be folded up for convenient storage. Get movin’ and groovin’ in no time.

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