Gifts To Thrive & Gifts To Grow

Gift-giving is a personal experience and our loved ones can’t be reduced to their Enneagram number, but there is something lighthearted and fun about imagining items most suitable to each Enneagram type. Below, you’ll find gift recommendations for the nine Enneagram numbers—one product for thriving and leaning into one’s strengths, and the other a tool for growth and more grounded living.

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Gifts for Ones (The Reformers)

The Reformers need organizational tools so they can continue conquering the world. This tree-free weekly planner from Karst is like a handsome diary with monthly themes, reflective questions, and hand-selected quotes. It’s the perfect productivity gift for the new year. Karst a B Corp and 100% carbon neutral.

Another gift option: a Headspace subscription can help Ones silence their inner critics. This app is consistently recommended by its users, and it’s an essential resource for practicing grounded living.

A Gift To Thrive | Karst 2021 Weekly Planner; $39 A Gift For Growth | Headspace Subscription; $95.88

Gifts for Twos (The Helpers)

Twos are wonderful at caring for and loving others; chances are, you’re gathered at their house for the holidays. A meal subscription box is an obvious choice for this Enneagram number, and we love this plant-based option from Purple Carrot.

For a gift to help Twos grow, consider this luxurious bathrobe from SNOWE. It’s unisex, made with Oeko-Tex-Certified cotton, and it’s ultra-cozy, making it a self-care staple for the person who notoriously puts others first.

A Gift To Thrive | Purple Carrot Plant-Based Box; Starting at $71.94/week A Gift For Growth | SNOWE classic bathrobe; $100

Gifts for Threes (The Achievers)

This handmade alarm clock doesn’t tick or glow, gifting users undisturbed, screen-free sleep. It’s the perfect gift from Enneagram Threes as it allows them to lean into their hustle (5 a.m. wake-up calls welcomed) while practicing healthy work/wellbeing boundaries.

The Achiever also needs a gift for growth, and we’re swooning over the timeless Giving Keys necklace. The engraving reminds Threes that they’re worthy and loved as they are (performance and accomplishments aside).

A Gift To Thrive | Etsy alarm clock; $42.50 A Gift For Growth | The Giving Keys Classic Necklace; $42

Gifts for Fours (The Individualists)

For the Individualist who often prefers unique, meaningful, and one-of-a-kind gifts, you can’t go wrong with artisan decor. Try these handwoven and hand-embroidered pillows from LRNCE—a lifestyle brand based in Marrakesh, Morocco.

You could also consider giving a gift to encourage growth in the new year. An embodied practice can help Enneagram Fours break negative thought patterns and relieve anxious feelings. This yoga mat from Manduka is free from chemical solvents and toxic glues (making it sustainable and unique).

A Gift To Thrive | LRNCE handwoven & hand-embroidered pillowcases; 75 € A Gift For Growth | Manduka Yoga mat; $48

Gifts for Fives (The Investigators)

For Enneagram Fives, fewer gifts are more appropriate than educational tools and books. Try the 400+ page New York Times bestseller, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” for a lofty and practical present (forewarning: the recipient will likely disappear for the rest of your holiday gathering).

Fives are the number most often in their heads, so an embodied and community-oriented activity is a wonderful gift to encourage growth and grounded living. REI’s rock-climbing courses fit the bill.

A Gift To Thrive | Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari; $24.99 or less secondhand A Gift For Growth | REI Learn To Climb Class; rock-climbing courses (price varies)

Gifts for Sixes (The Loyalists)

Loyalists everywhere can lean into their need for security with the Preppi First Aid Kit. This three-day emergency bag is equipped with everything from water and food (five-year shelf life) to a respirator mask, safety matches, and playing cards.

We also love the gold hexagon necklace for Sixes. A symbol of connectedness and coherence, this piece of jewelry from the Hamrick Avenue shop serves as a reminder to turn inward and remain confident in one’s own voice—something especially important for Loyalists as they can struggle with trusting their intuition.

A Gift To Thrive | Preppi First Aid Kit; Starting at $95 A Gift For Growth | Etsy Gold Hexagon Necklace; $31

Gifs for Sevens (The Enthusiasts)

For the Enthusiasts in your life, Miir’s Patagonia Camp Cup celebrates Sevens’ need for adventure. Available in three colors, this double-walled, BPA-free beverage container is touted as nearly indestructible—a perfect match for the pace and energy of Enneagram Sevens.

If you’d prefer to give a gift to help Sevens slow down, these mindfulness cards are designed to prompt awareness, balance, and simplicity.

A Gift To Thrive | Miir Patagonia Camp Cup; $25 A Gift For Growth | Mindfulness Cards; $16.95

Gifts for Eights (The Challengers)

Enneagram Eights long to lead and be in control, so we can’t think of a better gift than a strong and luxurious timepiece from Throne’s unisex watch collection.

While Eights are natural leaders, they can struggle with their assertive energy and confrontational communication tactics. “Dare to Lead,” the New York Times bestseller from Brené Brown, teaches readers how to lead with curiosity and questions.

A Gift To Thrive | Throne Watch; Starting at $395 A Gift For Growth | Dare to Lead by Brené Brown; $28, or less secondhand

Gifts for Nines (The Peacemakers)

Celebrated for their ability to unite people, Enneagram Nines long for everyone to feel welcomed at the table. This reflection deck from Holstee includes 100+ cards that are thoughtfully designed for meaningful and story-driven conversation.

For a gift that encourages growth, this hand-lettered print from the Word Stay Collective Etsy shop is breathtakingly gorgeous. The quote (from Sleeping At Last’s Nine song) reads, “To know and love ourselves and others well is the most difficult and meaningful work we’ll ever do,” and is a gentle reminder to know and love oneself, too.

A Gift To Thrive | Holstee Reflection Cards; $18 A Gift For Growth | Etsy Enneagram Print; $5

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Kayti Christian (she/her) is a Senior Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator of Feelings Not Aside, a newsletter for enneagram 4s and other sensitive-identifying people. Outside of writing, she loves hiking, reading memoir, and the Oxford comma.