13 Ethical, Eco-Friendly & Fair Trade Handbags, Totes, And Weekenders

Ethically-Made Handbags & Purses

As consumers we're passionate about knowing whether the people that make our clothes and accessories have fair wages and environmentally safe working conditions. Below we've compiled a list of our favorite brands ethically producing gorgeous and functional totes, handbags and weekenders for everyday use, summer travels, and beyond. 

Among this list are American-made, upcycled, vegan, and artisan-made bags from companies dedicated to both social and environmental good. From travel to work, or a night out, these 13 brands make it easier to fill your closet with ethical, high quality staples for every occasion.

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1. Everlane

Ethics | Sustainably & ethically-made, transparent supply & labor chain
Best For | Weekenders & travel bags
Price Range | $35–$330

Everlane believes you should know your factories and your true price—so they provide 100% transparency with all of their products, including how much the product cost to make and exactly where they’re made. In addition to their staple products, they also have a “pay what you want” section where they donate proceeds to local nonprofits. There are dozens of styles for both men and women, and a price range suited to every consumer.

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2. Nisolo

Ethics | Fair trade, artisan-made
Best For | Leather styles, classic essentials
Price Range | $78–$268

Nisolo hopes for a world where consumers know where their products were made and by whom—and they are changing the game. They provide international market access, fair trade wages, safe working conditions and more to their team around the world, who in turn create beautiful, timeless pieces that are longtime staples in your closet. Their line of women’s handmade leather totes are crafted in Peru, and are both stylish and sturdy. With handbags lined with artisanal Peruvian fabrics, you’re sure to stand out wherever you carry your bag.

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3. HFS Collective

Ethics | USA-made, recycled & low impact materials, 2% give back
Best For | Belt bags & crossbodies
Price Range | $35–$225

HFS Collective’s belt bags are unique, versatile and incredibly useful for the woman-on-the-go. You can wear the chic bags in a "fanny pack" style around your waist, or convert them into a crossbody depending on your mood. HFS Collective's bags are manufactured from recycled, low-impact, and deadstock materials in Los Angeles, California where workers are paid a living wage. Their vegan leather Piñatex bags are especially fantastic—they're made from a new leather alternative crafted from pineapples. Plus, 2% of the sale price of each bag is donated to organizations that empower women and protect the planet.

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4. Cuyana

Ethics | Recycled and upcycled materials
Best For | Elegant styles, free shipping, monogramming
Price Range | $115–$375

Cuyana lives by a simple mantra: “Fewer, better.” They believe that style is more important than fashion, and quality over quantity—and it shows in all of their gorgeously designed bags. Cuyana, which translates to “love” in Quechua, creates leather bags for the modern woman, with soft neutral colors and enough space for just what you need. They also believe in one of our favorite concepts: the lean closet. They provide a reusable bag with each order, which you can fill with clothes you no longer need that will then be donated and you’ll receive a $10 credit per donation. Let’s all look to be more intentional, sustainable, and live by “fewer, better.”

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5. Raven & Lily

Ethics | Fair trade, organic materials, sustainable employment
Best For | Eco-friendly minimalist designs
Price Range | $168–$364

Raven & Lily is a certified B Corporation passionate about empowering formerly marginalized women from around the globe. They provide fair-trade wages, sustainable employment, healthcare, and other benefits to help break the cycle of poverty. Their artisans create women’s handbag essentials using organic cotton or locally-sourced leather. To date, they employ over 1,500 women and are committed to handcrafting the very best products. Each of their products includes information about who made it, where, and what it can hold. Their designs crafted in the “slate” style are exquisite, and one of the most lovely colors we’ve seen in a long time.

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6. Baggu

Ethics | Ethically made in China and USA, nylon recycling program, waste-reduction practices
Best For | Long-lasting reusable market totes
Price Range | $8–$300

The original Baggu bag probably looks familiar: designed based on the standard plastic grocery bag, Baggu’s intention is to reduce our dependence on single-use plastics and opt for reusable every time. We love their thoughtful attention to the materials they use (read more here) and how the bags are produced: the bags are cut from a continuous piece of fabric, and they use the waste material to make handy carrying pouches. Baggu’s Chinese factories are audited yearly by an independent third party, ensuring safe and fair working conditions.

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7. GUNAS New York

Ethics | Vegan, cruelty-free, ethical manufacturing, uses upcycled materials when possible
Best For | Bright, feminine handbags
Price Range | $120–$275

GUNAS has been creating high fashion, cruelty-free, and vegan handbags since 2009 with a mission of being the voice of animals in the fashion industry. They also manufacture globally in ethically-run factories that are visited and checked in-person by a member of the GUNAS team. You won’t find any PVC in their stylish bags, either: they strive to use upcycled, recycled, and vintage materials when they can, and are constantly experimenting with new materials to find what’s best. They offer a range of functional, versatile, and 100% adorable bags that are a perfect investment for everyday use.


8. 31 Bits

Ethics | Ethically-made, artisan-made, fair trade
Best For | Woven bags
Price Range | $62–$128

31 Bits puts artisans at the center of their work: every purchase supports artisans all over the world with ethical working conditions, fair wages, access to the global market, and a chance to pursue their dreams. Their bags in particular are carefully woven by artisans in Bali, using traditional techniques within three local communities. We’re big fans of their drum bags and round totes, which add a dose of texture and lightness to our spring and summer wardrobes.

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9. Pixie Mood

Ethics | Responsibly-made, vegan, cruelty-free
Best For | On-trend vegan bags
Price Range | CAD $42–$105

Pixie Mood effortlessly blends together social responsibility, sustainability, and style with their handbags. Since 2011, Pixie Moods has crafted ethically made bags out of vegan leather that are as functional as they are fun. Based out of Canada, they have gained worldwide recognition for their standout products—including their stunning ombre bags. With dozens of styles and every color of the rainbow, you’ll be sporting Pixie Mood’s statement and everyday bags for years to come.

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10. The Little Market

Ethics | Fair trade, artisan-made, empowers women
Best For | Fair trade beach bags
Price Range | $40–$320

The Little Market is our go-to shop for gifts and fair trade home goods, and their bags are crafted with the same ethics and intentions as everything else they offer. The Little Market is an independent nonprofit member of the Fair Trade Federation, whose goal is to make the international marketplace available to more fairly-paid artisans around the world. Many of the women artisans they work with are able to work from home, providing a meaningful income for families while offering flexibility to working mothers. Their beach bags are perfect for summer days, and their overnighters are perfect for an adventurous weekend away.

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11. Melie Bianco

Ethics | Vegan, fair wages, safe & healthy work environment, profit sharing
Best For | Affordable vegan bags
Price Range | $40–$80

Featured by fashion magazines and TV shows, Melie Bianco’s bags are making a big splash—and for good reason. Their affordable luxury vegan leather handbags are created with love in a cruelty-free environment using fair trade principles. Melie Bianco’s PVC-free bags are made in China by workers who get fair pay, breaks, age requirements, equal opportunities, free lunches, paid vacations and also operate under a profit sharing model so that their employees share in their success.

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12. Future Glory Co

Ethics | Made in USA, upcycled leather, women’s empowerment
Best For | Minimalist style, monogramming
Price Range | $65–$675

Future Glory Co is a by women, for women brand. They believe that business is a means for social change, and therefore donate to local organizations dedicated to rebuilding the lives of women. The Future Glory Co team also has an Apprenticeship program that trains women who’ve been through hardships, teaching them business basics and sewing production. They are proud contributors of the American-made movement, and purchase most raw materials domestically as well—plus, the leather they use is a by-product of the food industry with the remaining scraps donated to nonprofits and schools in the area. Their styles are perfect for an elegant night out, or for the chic fashionista who works in the business world.

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13. Parker Clay

Ethics | Artisan-made, women’s empowerment
Best For | Premium leather bags & goods
Price Range | $88–$498

Parker Clay’s values center around being good to one another, creating economic and social empowerment, and making the best products possible. The founders work to get women out of the commercial sex industry, and partner with the nonprofit Women At Risk to provide rehabilitation, training, and job opportunities to those in need. Now living in Ethiopia, the Parker Clay duo make this possible by using premium leather to create timeless, professional styles for the public. Their signature totes are sure to be your go-to bag, perfect for a visit to the farmer’s market or day trips to the beach.

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