We just did the big closet migration in my house — pulling out the winter sweaters and trousers from underneath the bed, and packing away the sundresses and linen. If you’re in the process of assessing your fall wardrobe too, you’re not alone. Below, you’ll find the quintessential garments in my personal fall capsule wardrobe.

Get inspired to fill in any gaps in your cool weather wardrobe from the following lineup. Use this as inspiration, not a shopping list — we always suggest shopping your own closet first, and then thrifting if you have a few pieces in particular that you’re looking for before you decide to buy new. Below, you’ll even find out how to turn old jeans into a skirt!

Read on for more of this year’s fall favorites, like wool jumpers, trousers, overcoats, and flats. During this season I typically go for black and brown, but red is huge this year, so consider experimenting with color! And for an extra outfit boost, check out our favorite sustainable jewelry and clean perfumes.

1. Wool Jumper

This is one of the only brand new investments I made into my cold weather wardrobe this year. A well-fitting wool jumper should, if I take good care of it, last me for years and years to come. It dresses up well over a dress and heels, but pairs with sweats for a grocery store run just as easily. And you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-quality wool sweater — Quince makes a great cashmere sweater in tons of color options for just $50.

2. Timeless Jeans

If you haven’t yet found your perfect pair of blue jeans, one that’s practical, comfortable, and flattering, consider this your reminder to remedy that. My favorites are a pair of thrifted, broken in mom-style jeans with a medium wash, and I find myself reaching for them almost daily because they go with everything. The key here is comfort — because, let’s be real, you won’t wear them if they don’t feel good. 

3. Breezy Long Dress

We love unfussy dresses, and they’re not just a summertime staple. Loose, airy, long dresses in fall colors are perfect for looking put together while you’re out and about (especially with a blazer or cardigan!), and they’re just as comfy for working from home or lounging. Add a belt on days when you want a more tailored look.

4. Denim Midi Skirt

We see the midi skirt as more than a trend — mid-length skirts are timeless pieces that we’ll be wearing for years to come. I’m especially into a denim midi skirt right now, one of the early aughts callbacks that’ve been popular lately. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and I love the dressed-up-yet-cool-girl vibe they give off. Down to try your hand at DIY? Learn how to make a denim midi skirt from an old pair of jeans!

5. Long Sleeve Tee

There’s no reason long sleeve tee shirts should be relegated to the back of the dresser, worn only around the house or to bed. There are so many great long-sleeved tees on the market these days that are flattering, comfortable, and make a great layering basic beneath blazers or sweaters. I’m making sure to keep a couple of great long sleeves in the rotation this season; I’ve been loving them in dark neutrals like browns and greens.

6. Short Sleeve Sweater

In warmer climates, and even in some cooler climates where summers are lasting longer, a short-sleeved sweater is an essential fall staple in my book. You know when it’s 73 degrees out and you’re having a cute fall outing to go antiquing or apple picking and you suffer through a thick sweater and jeans because you can’t bring yourself to wear your summer clothes in October? Enter the short-sleeved sweater. They’re great for office wear and other more dressed up looks too.

7. Tailored Trousers

A pair of tailored trousers is staying on my cool weather rotation now and always. I especially love a wool pair for fall — they can work in super dressed-up scenarios, but you can also pair them with sweaters and tees for more casual errands. If you’ve found trousers that you love but they don’t fit perfectly, we highly recommend getting them tailored, or try hemming them yourself. Make sure you take care of them, too, and they’ll last a lifetime. 

8. Sweater Dress

I love a sweater dress for its day-to-night versatility. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day, but I always like to go for ones with silhouettes that work well for date night or other nighttime engagements. If a dress is both elevated and comfy, I know I’ll reach for it constantly. 

9. Plaid Blazer

A really sharp blazer is one of the cornerstones of my fall wardrobe — it’s perfect for dressing up a t-shirt and jeans, wearing as a light jacket when it’s warm out, and adding an extra layer under your coat when it’s cold. These plaid blazers strike the perfect balance of easy to wear, visually interesting, and work-ready. If you’re thrifting one, look for breathable and sustainable materials like wool or linen rather than polyester.

10. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are back and better than ever. I’ve been especially into Mary Jane-style flats — they’re timeless and adorable. I’m always looking for shoes that are cute yet extremely walkable, and flats, especially leather ones, fit the bill. Try a red pair to channel Jane Birkin, or stick with something super wearable like black or brown.

11. Short Boots

Boots will never not be in our cool weather rotation. Personally, I love black ankle boots that are practical but with a bit of a heel — but, of course, go for whatever boots work best for you!

Featured image from Christy Dawn