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We love gift-giving, but the ripped-up wrapping paper that comes with it? Not so much.

Instead, a more sustainable swap is to opt for eco-friendly wrapping paper or reusable wrap cloths (inspired by Japanese cloths called Furoshiki). This way, we can give freely—without the guilt of waste.

From holiday wrapping paper rolls to floral reversible wrap sheets, here are 11 brands making it easier than ever to be a conscious gifter. (Or, for a no-spend, no-waste option, DIY your wrapping with leftover grocery bags!)

1. Wrappily

Materials | Newspaper
Ethics | Recyclable & compostable materials, printed at local presses, eco-shreds & ribbons
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $10–$15 for three 21.5” x 34” sheets

Wrappily helps you wrap without the waste. This double-sided wrapping paper is crafted from recycled newspaper, which means you can recycle (or compost) it again once it’s used! Plus, if you want to take your wrapping game to the next level, you can find eco-shreds and ribbons here as well. One set typically covers six gifts, and the team posts product demos on how to use them. Choose from 30+ bright and cheery designs.

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2. Wrappr

Materials | Cotton, silk, & polyester
Ethics | Sustainable materials, recycled & recyclable packaging, FSC-certified paper tags, artisan-designed, reusable
Ships To | US & Canada
Price | $15–$95 for one Furoshiki wrap

A no-waste way to wrap? Say no more. Inspired by Japanese wrapping cloths known as Furoshiki, Wrappr works with artists to design its line of small to large wraps. Pick one or go for a bundle or subscription; the designs are all gorgeous. Use them to wrap a wine bottle, bouquet, or boxed gift—over and over again.

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3. Paper Source

Materials | Stone wrapping paper
Ethics | Eco-friendly & recyclable materials
Ships To | USA, UK, Canada, Australia
Price | $9.95 for one roll

Paper Source may be best known for stationery and cards, but did you know the brand has an eco-line of wrapping goodies, too? And this isn’t just ordinary wrapping paper either, but eco-friendly wrapping paper made from stone—yes, stone! There are six festive patterns, which are recyclable, reusable, water-resistant and easy to cut. No more jagged edges or rips; only quality wrapping.

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4. Christy Dawn

Materials | Deadstock fabric
Ethics | Deadstock & upcycled materials, locally sewn in Los Angeles, reusable
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $18 for one Furoshiki wrap

Christy Dawn uses deadstock for most of its apparel and accessories, including its Furoshiki-inspired wraps. Available in two stunning colors (blood orange gingham and flax), each is sewn in the team’s local LA factory using upcycled fabrics. We love using the wrap to tie together with a simple knot—gifts will look gorgeous under a tree or next to a menorah!

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5. Uncommon Goods

Materials | Non-coated newsprint paper, biodegradable PLA
Ethics | Sustainable & compostable materials, soy ink, locally made in CA
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $20 for six reversible 21.5” x 34” sheets

Illustrator and designer Talia Gavish makes Uncommon Goods’ Hanukkah wrapping paper in the sunshine state of California. Reversible, compostable, and dyed with soy inks, this eco-friendly paper gives you two playful options to style, one inspired by the Star of David and the other by the Maccabees. With six medium-sized sheets, you’ll only need one set to cover all eight nights!

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6. The Fab Wrap

Materials | Cotton fabric
Ethics | Sustainable & recycled materials, eco-friendly packaging, nontoxic stamps, carbon-free shipping, reusable, locally made in Michigan
Ships To | US
Price | $5.95–$11.95 for one wrap/bag

The Fab Wrap is a mother/daughter duo from Milford, Michigan, focused on affordable, reusable, and colorful wraps. The cotton fabric for each wrap is stamped with nontoxic paint for delicate designs, like holiday ornaments, fir trees, and mini-hearts. The Fab Wrap ships plastic-free using recyclable cardboard, and thanks to Etsy, ships carbon-neutral. Support this small business and find wrapping paper for years to come.

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7. The Little Market

Materials | Upcycled cotton or jute
Ethics | Upcycled & sustainable materials, locally sourced, gives back, ethically made in India & Bangladesh
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | $4–$18

For gift boxes and reusable totes, The Little Market has it all. This social enterprise employs marginalized communities all around the globe, and in this case, these supplies are made by women in India and Bangladesh. The boxes (starting at $4/each) are derived from upcycled cotton that would otherwise end up in landfills. And the totes are made of jute and finished with fun sayings. Give a gift to others and give back.

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8. Wearth London

Materials | Organic cotton
Ethics | Organic & recycled materials, made in the UK, reusable, carbon-neutral delivery
Ships To | UK & Europe
Price | £11–£16

Wearth London is a UK brand with zero-waste alternatives to wrapping paper. These reindeer-themed reusable wraps are available in two different sizes and colors. (Or grab a set for a discount!) Each wrap is locally made with organic cotton that can be thrown in the wash after—with each order, you’ll receive a wrapping guide and recycled gift tag. Low-waste through and through.

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9. Inky Co

Materials | Sustainably sourced paper
Ethics | Powered by solar energy, carbon-neutral, designed & locally made in Australia, eco-friendly packaging
Ships To | Australia & New Zealand
Price | AUD $7–$16

Designed and made in Australia, Inky Co is helping Aussies and Kiwis be more eco-friendly this year. This wrapping paper is recyclable and sustainable with over 140 styles—from polka dots to berry wreaths. The company is also 100 percent powered by solar energy, fully carbon-neutral, and gives back to support a community wind farm. A super conscious way to gift this year!

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Materials | Organic cotton or beeswax
Ethics | Organic or sustainably sourced materials, reusable, carbon-neutral shipping, eco-friendly packaging
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | CA $12–$60

OLSEN + OLSEN is from Toronto, Toronto! 😜 This Canadian Etsy shop offers recycled Furoshiki cloth and beeswax wraps to make the entire home zero waste. The cloth wraps are primarily solid colors like a rich navy or muted gold, while the beeswax wraps (mostly for food-related gifts!) are adorned with nature- and fruit-inspired patterns. Get a set and let them be the gift that keeps on giving.


11. The Doodle Factory

Materials | Recycled paper
Ethics | Recycled & recyclable materials, locally made in the UK, artisan-designed
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | £11.99–£12.99

The Doodle Factory takes doodles straight from local artists in the UK and gets them printed on recycled wrapping paper by nearby small businesses. (Made local, supports local!) Then, each roll is packed into a multi-set—some with the same pattern and others with varying designs; take your pick. Once your gifts have been ripped open, the paper is fully recyclable once again. And if wrapping paper isn’t your thing, try the brand’s recycled gift bags instead.

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Featured image from The Little Market