Maybe you’re not living your best minimalist life right now—one where you wake up in a home with clean, white walls, pick an outfit from your capsule wardrobe and make breakfast in a kitchen with perfectly organized mason jars of dry ingredients. That’s ok! 

Sometimes I fantasize that paring down my belongings to just the bare minimum is what it’ll take to feel that my brain is being wrung out like a sponge. But simplifying your daily life by just a touch with some decluttering might be all you need to make your mind feel decluttered, too. Below are ninety-nine things you can consider tossing, recycling, or donating this week to rid your home of a bit of clutter.

Most of these things tend to build up in my home unnoticed. What starts as the well-intentioned saving of buttons, paper bags, receipts, and Tupperware becomes piles of unneeded stuff in the house. But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure—for some of these items, like kitchen appliances, clothes, makeup, and puzzles, consider having a swap with friends. Bring all your underused items together, and swap them as needed! You’ll lose some clutter, and you might gain a treasure or two in the process.

Here are 99 things you can get rid of this week for a less cluttered home.

Things You Can Get Rid of for a Less Cluttered Bedroom 🛏

  1. Start with decluttering your wardrobe. Specifically, the closet. We’ve all been meaning to donate unused clothes, right? Consider tossing or donating articles you haven’t worn in the past few months.
  2. Toss hangers you don’t use, like the ones from the dry cleaners.
  3. Head to the dresser. Declutter shirts, pants, sweaters, etc. in the same fashion as the closet.
  4. Workout clothes. These seem to pile up worse than other types of clothing!
  5. Underwear. While these can’t be donated unless they’re unused, brands like Subset, Parade, and The North Face all have recycling programs for old undies/clothes.
  6. All those single socks without a pair.
  7. Shoes you no longer wear/no longer fit.
  8. Jewelry you no longer wear. Recycle or resell if possible!
  9. Other accessories you haven’t used in over a year, like scarves or bags.
  10. Old eyeglasses or sunglasses (especially if they have the wrong prescription!).
  11. Trinkets on your dresser or bedside table that no longer bring you joy.
  12. Little extras you’ve been saving like buttons or safety pins. You likely don’t need that many!
  13. Old, unused, or stained bed linens.
  14. Extra or old pillows.
  15. Extra luggage, bags, or suitcases you don’t use.

Things You Can Get Rid of for a Tidier Kitchen 👩‍🍳

  1. Duplicate kitchen items. Maybe you have four wooden spoons, three wine keys, or two can openers.
  2. Underused appliances like a juicer you only used once.
  3. Extra Tupperware and Tupperware with mismatched lids.
  4. Spices that are several years old and/or underused.
  5. Other expired non-perishables like cans of veggies.
  6. Glasses and dishware that are chipped/underused.
  7. Extra novelty mugs.
  8. Cookbooks you no longer use. (Tip: write down your favorite recipe on a card—no need to keep the whole book for just one page.)
  9. Dish towels or pot holders you don’t use.
  10. Extra plastic or paper bags from the grocery store you’ve been saving.
  11. Extra reusable totes that have ripped or piled up.
  12. Cleaning products that are underused or expired.
  13. Paper takeout menus.
  14. Water bottles or travel mugs you no longer use. You likely only need a couple of each!
  15. Unused baking sheets or casserole dishes.
  16. Plastic children’s dishes/cups/utensils if the kids have outgrown them.
  17. Old liquor that hasn’t been used up.
  18. Any other barware you don’t use, like novelty glasses or dozens of wine glasses.
  19. Extra plastic utensils from takeout orders.
  20. And extra ketchup packets/soy sauce/the like.
  21. Extra placemats.

Things You Can Get Rid of for a Cleaner Bathroom 🛁

  1. Expired medicine. They sometimes expire faster than you’d think!
  2. Expired makeup/skincare.
  3. Old or extra makeup brushes.
  4. Makeup or skincare products that didn’t work for you. Here’s one of the best opportunities for an exchange with friends! 
  5. Samples of makeup/perfume/cosmetics that you never got around to using.
  6. Almost empty bottles of product you keep telling yourself you’ll finish.
  7. Spare toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste from the dentist.
  8. Pare down your nail polish collection.
  9. Old or underused towels and washcloths.
  10. Duplicates of appliances like hair dryers or curling irons.
  11. A hundred extra rolls of toilet paper or paper towels.
  12. Underused razors or shaving cream.
  13. Cleaning supplies that are expired or almost empty.
  14. Extra scrunchies, hair ties, or clips—you only need a couple of each.
  15. Sunscreen—check the expiration dates!

Things You Can Get Rid of for a Tidier Office Space 🖥

  1. Donate or recycle old technology like computer monitors or printers you don’t use.
  2. Duplicates of tools like staplers, hole punches, scissors etc.
  3. Lighten your load of pens and pencils.
  4. Go through paperwork and toss old receipts and other documents you no longer need.
  5. Manuals for appliances you don’t have anymore.
  6. Recycle old magazines and newspapers.
  7. Expired coupons.
  8. Donate books you’ve already read.
  9. Old cords and cables you no longer need.
  10. Planners from years past.
  11. Used notebooks.
  12. Trinkets on your desk that no longer bring you joy, like an old paperweight.
  13. Manilla folders, envelopes, paper clips, or any other office supplies you haven’t used in over a year.
  14. Old craft supplies like dried-out markers and construction paper.
  15. Old or outdated textbooks.
  16. Unused business cards.
  17. Other old or outdated equipment like headphones, speakers, or cell phones.
  18. Old Christmas cards, birthday cards, etc., unless they’re especially sentimental.
  19. Desk organizers, especially if the contents within are underused.

Decor Items You Can Get Rid of for a Less Cluttered Home 🕯

  1. Extra candles. Anyone else accrue them faster than they can burn through them?
  2. Extra candle paraphernalia, like unused candle shades, tea lights, and candle snuffers.
  3. The artwork you never got around to hanging up.
  4. Underused throw blankets.
  5. Extra throw pillows. Just keep a few different pillow covers to switch out on the same pillow inserts.
  6. Trinkets, knick-knacks, or collectibles that no longer bring you joy.
  7. Extra picture frames.
  8. Underused empty vases.
  9. Seasonal decoration that goes unused. When you pull out the autumn decorations, is there anything that doesn’t work well in your space?
  10. Extra or unused holiday ornaments.
  11. Underused tablecloths.

Miscellaneous Items You Can Get Rid of for a Tidier Space 🪴

  1. Extra hardware laying around like screws, nails, hooks, etc.
  2. Paint or other DIY tools from old or completed projects.
  3. Old toys that the kids have outgrown.
  4. Old or damaged pet toys.
  5. Underused board games or puzzles.
  6. Extra empty cardboard boxes.
  7. Underused equipment like ice skates or tennis racquets.
  8. Extra yoga mats.
  9. DVDs, VHS tapes, and CDs you no longer want or use.
  10. Unused video game consoles.
  11. Unused gift wrapping, like tons of extra gift bags.
  12. Gardening supplies, like extra soil, trowels, or pots.
  13. Underused home improvements tools, like duplicate hammers or screwdrivers.
  14. Underused yard work tools like duplicate shovels and rakes.
  15. Extra extension cords.
  16. Extra batteries or lightbulbs.
  17. Unused remote controls from fans, A/C units, etc.
  18. Empty storage containers. Sometimes they’re the opposite of helpful!

Natalie Gale is a Boston-based freelance journalist. When she’s not writing about art, food, or sustainability, you can find her biking to the farmers’ market, baking, sewing, or planning her next Halloween costume. Say hi on Instagram!