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We’ve researched and tested dozens of cordless vacuums —these are our top selections for an effective clean and long lasting battery life.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it can be downright soothing. (Okay, sometimes.) One thing that makes freshening up a heck of a lot easier is a cordless vacuum—you know, to get to all the hard-to-reach areas without dealing with restrictive cords, ladders, or the subsequent back aches from leaning over. Ugh, adulting.

How does a cordless vacuum work? 

Instead of being tethered to an outlet, a cordless vacuum uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power up its motor, creating the suction you need to pick up dirt and debris. As air gets pulled in, filters catch the dirt collecting it in a removable bin that you can easily empty out. Plus, they usually come with handy attachments for different cleaning jobs. When it comes to their lifespan—it mostly depends on their battery life. While lithium-ion batteries are pretty solid, they can lose juice over time, leading to shorter run times. 

Fortunately, technology is rapidly evolving. According to Esther Takeuchi in Consumer Reports, “[t]hree things are happening in [vacuum] battery development…The amount of energy they can store has increased. They’re getting cheaper to produce. And they have more power.” How well you maintain your vacuum and the quality of its build also play a role. Be sure to regularly clean the filter, use the correct mode to not waste power, and keep the battery consistently charged to make the most of your cordless vacuum. 

And while many cordless vacuums at department stores can get the job done, it’s not always done well. In fact, the median age of a vacuum is just eight years. If you aren’t careful, you could end up cycling through multiple vacuums that just end up in the landfill; the best way to be sustainable is to find a good vacuum and take care of it so that it lasts for decades. Some brands also provide recyclable and replaceable parts so you can maintain your vacuum in its best state, without having to splurge on a new one. 

Whether you buy new as an investment or keep an eye out on the secondhand market (think eBay or your local Buy Nothing groups), these cordless vacuums are sustainable options that are built to last. Dare we say, when you’re vacuuming with these models 20 years from now, you may even enjoy it. 😉

Our criteria

  • EFFECTIVENESS | We’ve selected the best cordless vacuums that are engineered to be durable, long-lasting and effective in suctioning up the toughest dirt and debris whether you’re using it on hardwood, carpet, furniture, or your vehicle. 
  • BATTERY LIFE | Each of these cordless vacuums have a long-lasting battery life, providing more than enough power to get your vacuum jobs done.
  • WARRANTY | These cordless vacuums all offer generous warranties ranging from 1-5 years (and even lifetime warranties) for peace of mind.

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Best Overall | Most Affordable | Most Durable

1. Shark

Best For | Advanced features
Warranty | 5-year limited warranty; product protection add-on available
Prices Starting At | $200

Shark—as part of the SharkNinja brand—carries some of the tech we most love for making our lives easier. Choose from over 10 cordless vacuum models here, each equipped with “Signature Shark Technologies” like self-cleaning brushrolls (no more hair wrapping!), infrared sensors, and even odor-neutralization. The one we loved the most while testing—The Shark Stratos™ Cordless Clean Sense IQ—comes with all those features, plus an anti-allergen HEPA filter, up to 60 minutes of use with the ECO mode, and a flexible wand.

While it’s one of the more expensive ones available, it also gets the job done more effectively and efficiently—and there are payment plans to ease the financial burden. Shark’s cordless vacuums come with a whopping five-year limited warranty, free shipping, a 60- to 90-day money-back guarantee, and a 10% discount when you sign up for emails. We especially love the brand’s dedicated support channels, including for its replacement lithium-ion batteries. (And when your vacuum runs out of life, it can be recycled too—but we don’t see that happening any time soon!)

Shark Review | “This is my first Shark vacuum and I am impressed. It does not take up space and the cordless feature is such a huge benefit. Benefits: * so easy to maneuver * no cord * charger can be removed and plugged separately * not heavy at all and I can easily lift to vacuum second floor * quite powerful and there are 3 settings * the rollers on the unit easily vacuum the hairs and do not get caught in the rollers. This is amazing because I always have issues with other vacuums. * easy to clean. I don’t have any cons to list!” – @Kat28 (See all reviews)

2. Bissell

Best For | Pet parents
Warranty | 1- to 3-year limited warranty
Prices Starting At | $129

Pet parents, rejoice! You’ll no longer have to stress about fur taking over the couch, rug, and floors in your home anymore. (Just us?) Bissell’s vacuums are designed with our furry friends in mind, and proceeds support the BISSELL Pet Foundation® to help save homeless pets. There are a dozen models to choose from, though the brand’s excellent filters and comparison features will help you narrow down what you need in no time. Small spaces? Multi surface? Pet beds? Check, check, check—these can do it all.

We’ve personally tried the ICONPet Turbo Edge, and we were impressed with how lightweight yet powerful it is. It was also cleverly designed, with a large “suction foot” for added reach, wheel locks to keep it from falling over, and specialized tools for all the nooks and crannies (including a wall mount for easy storage!). Best of all, Bissell touts recycled packaging, renewable energy at its global HQ, end-of-life recycling, and product repairs to minimize its environmental impact. Enjoy a 30-day guarantee and free shipping over $100.

Bissell Review | “My partner is IN LOVE with this vacuum! He is obsessed with the way it lights up every bit of pet hair and dust on the floor so he feels really efficient. Plus, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. We haven’t tried all of the attachments yet, but I think we will be excited by the results on the furniture.” – Megan (See all reviews)

3. Dyson

Best For | Refurbished, discounted options
Warranty | 2-year warranty including parts & labor
Prices Starting At | $300

Dyson products are often seen as the GOAT of cleaners, purifiers, and even hair care. Its cordless vacuum lines are some of the best in the market, developed with advanced materials (that are super easy to wash and wipe clean!) and a focus on sustainability. If you’re not sure where to start, try the vacuum finder quiz that helps decide between deep cleans or quick refreshes, varying features and capacities, and laser technology.

Our Senior Editor’s favorite, the Dyson V15 Detect, is well worth the investment, thanks to the 60-min run time, double cleaner heads for pet hair, and the eco-mode. Dyson products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a long-term warranty with generous coverage, free shipping, and access to local and online repair services—made to last and to work. If the price seems too out-of-reach, consider the brand’s financing plans or refurbished items through the discounted Dyson outlet.

Dyson Review | “I’ve had Dyson products in the past and have loved them. I’d been eying the v15 Detect for a while and am happy to say that it does not disappoint. I have a roomba-like vacuum robot runs daily and when I use the v15 after it, I can see where the robot’s missed things or moved it around. It’s light, easy to use, and so much better than my prior cordless stick vac. It’s also been great to use with the carpet attachment and that is also so much better than the other stick vac. The power to really clean the carpet with dug-in dust and grime is obvious. I had heard that the dead-man switch to power the vac can be tiring but it’s not at all an issue. I love the v15 Detect.” – @Phil278 (See all reviews)

4. Lupe

Best For | Replaceable parts
Warranty | 5-year warranty
Prices Starting At | $700

Tired of replacing and upgrading your vacuum every few years? You’ll never have to again with Lupe. Launched by two former home-cleaning pros in the UK, this cordless vacuum began as a Kickstarter promoting “long-term ownership; with access to spare parts, easy to buy and replace.” Uh, yes, sign us up! This is the most expensive option on our list ($700 retail), but it’s worth trying—in fact, the team will even let you try it at home for 100 days. And it ticks all our boxes, from 60 minutes of run time, two meters of reach, and a one-liter dustbin. For our most eco-friendly readers, the Lupe offsets their carbon too. Adaptable for use in the US, EU, UK, and AU, this cordless vacuum really is the future for a fresh ‘n clean home.

Lupe Review | “This is the best battery operated vacuum on the market. It was made for the owner to replace whatever is needed and keep the unit in top condition without replacing the whole thing. Very easy to maneuver and change tools. Very well thought out design.” – Robert C. (See all reviews)


Best For | Hand vacuums
Warranty | 2-year limited warranty, lifetime warranty (varies by model)
Prices Starting At | $45

BLACK+DECKER has been a leading name for more than 110 years. The very popular DUSTBUSTER launched allll the way back in 1979, so you could say the brand knows a thing or two about vacuums. Don’t believe us? Just check out the whopping 185 models of stick, upright, robotic, and handheld vacuums that boast hundreds of five-star reviews. Out of all the cordless options, we prefer the hand vacuums—the most handheld models available at one brand (and some of the most affordable!).

While testing the DUSTBUSTER Pet Hand Vacuum, we liked its sleek look, the “crevice” tool for harder-to-reach areas, and forceful suction. There’s also a robust support section where we could find quick links to service centers, registration and warranties, and spare parts to help the product’s longevity.

BLACK + DECKER Review | “I have this vacuum not because I have an indoor dog, instead it is for two children under two.  I was looking for a quick clean because I was constantly having to drag my upright large vacuum out of the closet to clean food from the floor after snack and meals.  Being able to pull this vacuum off of the charger and run quickly over the section I need is a time saver for me.  I love how lightweight it is and how it has great suction for being a smaller appliance.” – @Nicolem529 (See all reviews)

6. Tineco

Best For | Multi-surface cleaning
Warranty | 2-year limited warranty
Prices Starting At | $350

Tineco’s exceptional products have been featured in CNET, Mashable, and more—and we can see why. The brand’s line of carpet cleaners, wet dry vacuums, and cordless vacuums are futuristic, combining smart technology with a polished design. From its line of cordless vacuums, the FLOOR ONE S3 is one of the best of the bunch, known for effortlessly cleaning both hardwood floors and carpets. Even more impressively, its app connectivity monitors cleaning performance, HEPA filters, and smart self clean (unlike the vacuums of our parents’ generation!). If you need customer support, Tineco offers live chat, phone support, and email requests as well as an array of troubleshooting FAQs. You can also enjoy interest-free payment plans, weekly sales and ongoing discounts, a two-year warranty, and refurbished options at lowered prices.

Tineco Review | “This mop vacuum robot is incredible! So far I’ve only used it with water and my floors are the cleanest they have ever been! The dirty water that comes after cleaning the floors is unusually satisfying to see. The vacuum also has a self cleaning mode that helps me believe it’s starting with a brand new vacuum mop every time I use it. But this robot! You will not be disappointed!” – Cory W. (See all reviews)

7. Hoover

Best For | Affordability
Warranty | 3-year limited warranty
Prices Starting At | $210

For a conscious, cost-effective, and cordless clean, check out Hoover’s ONEPWR models. Starting at just $210 retail (and often on sale!), these vacuums are convenient and easy to use whether you’re tackling upholstery, stairs, or that one rug with the most foot traffic. All nine of Hoover’s options come with four or more stars and hundreds of glowing reviews, and you can narrow your choices down by your cleaning needs (though we most recommend its best-selling Evolve Pet Cordless Vacuum). If interested, you can also sign up for interest-free payment plans, and you’ll gain rewards for each purchase to redeem later. Hoover also has a battery recycling program, inexpensive spare parts, and a directory of local stores for repairs. Enjoy all the bells and whistles of the most luxurious models without breaking the bank. (But if you did, Hoover will clean it right up. 😉)

Hoover Review | “It is lightweight, convenient, long battery life, easy to clean out and holds a lot of dirt. It picked up all the clippings from a long overdue haircut on our long haired dog, which produced enough cuttings to make a second dog. Whipped it up on the carpet and hardwood floor in a flash. Love this vacuum.” – Elizabeth (See all reviews)

Feature image from Lupe