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After a few years of being faced with the importance of our homes — how they feel, and where they are — the tiny house movement continues to gain momentum. We are full supporters of this creative, efficient, eco-friendly living solution (many of these homes can be constructed specifically to exist off the grid).

Tiny house styles, sizes, and features vary widely depending on your needs, and can even match a range of budgets. And you don’t even have to take the plunge all at once — it’s common to invest in a tiny home as a vacation getaway or rental. You can also give a tiny home a spin for the weekend through Getaway, a tiny house vacation rental company.

If you’re ready to simplify your whole living space and save energy and money, a tiny home might just be perfect for you. You can build your own using tiny home plans — check out Etsy’s selection or our list of the best tiny home plans (that come complete with materials lists!), or select a prefabricated house from the brands below. Each one is dedicated to quality control, consistency, craftsmanship, design, comfort, and eco-friendly practices — so go on, find the (tiny) home of your dreams.

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1. Tumbleweed

Best For | Green Certified tiny house RVs
Price Range | $85,000–$125,000+
Ships To | Continental USA

Tumbleweed lives and works by the mantra, “Dream Big, Go Tiny!” The company started in 1999, and is now the largest manufacturer of tiny house RVs in North America. Tumbleweed’s dedication to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes them industry-leading designers. While working with this team, you’ll receive extensive feedback sessions and the assurance of RVIA certification. The brand even has 20 locations of tiny house hotels across the US so you can try out a Tumbleweed for yourself!

2. Tiny Cocoons

Best For | Sustainable & environmentally friendly homes
Price Range | $51,500–$225,000+
Ships To | USA

Tiny Cocoons is a team of architects, designers, and specialists bringing your minimalist dreams to life with tiny homes (some including wheels!). They’re specifically made to be energy efficient, use recycled natural materials, and can be equipped with composting toilets or solar-powered electric systems — it’s all up to you! Choose from Tiny Cocoons’ five base models or custom-design your own for up to eight people. You can even instantly download construction plans for a backyard build of your own for $159.

3. New Frontier

Best For | Luxury minimalist tiny homes
Price Range | $150,000–$235,000+
Ships To | USA (Including Hawaii)

New Frontier believes that great design and quality housing should be affordable and attainable for everyone. With over 40 years of building and design experience, the company’s goal is to help improve lives by supporting economic freedom, intentional living, and sustainability by designing and building the best custom and luxury tiny homes in America. These tiny homes can be RVIA & PWA certified for additional fees.

4. Wheelhaus

Best For | Non-mobile modular tiny homes for any climate
Price Range | $149,000–$174,000+
Ships To | Continental USA

Wheelhaus wants you to live large with less. This company’s style harmonizes rustic and modern trends inspired by the durability of log cabins, featuring high ceilings, oversized windows, and eight-foot doors. You can even add an outdoor deck! These high-end modular homes can endure hurricane winds and heavy snowfalls, and are delivered conveniently to your property in the continental US. Every Wheelhaus home comes with High R-value energy-efficient insulation, too, and exceeds the requirements for the US Green Building Council Gold standard.

5. Mint Tiny Homes

Best For | Move-in ready tiny homes delivered to Canada & US
Price Range | $87,208–$114,323+ ($114,900 CAD–$153,600+ CAD)
Ships To | USA & Canada

Tiny living has been gaining popularity in Canada in recent years, and brands like Mint prove that our northern neighbors have got this lifestyle perfected. Mint prioritizes coziness, without sacrificing function, quality, or sustainability in the process. These tiny homes come turn-key ready, which means they have all the basic working appliances and hookups you’ll need, plus you can opt for off-grid readiness if you’re ready to go for things like full solar and composting toilets. The homes are made in Vancouver, and ship all across Canada and the USA.

6. Jamaica Cottage Shop

Best For | Affordable tiny cabin pre-cut kits
Price Range | Varies; roughly $5,000–$70,000+
Ships To | Continental USA & Eastern Canada

If you’re looking for a more affordable option and you’re ready to put in some work, consider a pre-cut kit from Jamaica Cottage Shop. The kits come prepared with everything you’ll need, except the tools and the location! (Some plans are even for tiny houses on wheels, so location isn’t as important.) This Vermont-based company delivers kits for free within a 300-mile radius of their headquarters (as well as fully constructed homes!) so be sure to check if you’re local. And if you’re homesteading, you can also find sheds, coops, greenhouses, and more at Jamaica Cottage Shop!

7. Escape Traveler

Best For | Completely electric tiny homes (eModels)
Price Range | $37,556–$99,015+
Ships To | Continental USA

Escape Traveler designs focus on letting sunlight in, so you always have a feeling of openness in your small space. With panoramic windows, large bedrooms, washers & dryers, storage, climate control, full kitchens, and more, you’ll unavoidably fall in love with your new home. These tiny houses are made for extreme climates, and they’re hand-crafted in the company’s RVIA-certified plant. Take a look for yourself — it’s clear why Forbes calls Escape Traveler homes “the most beautiful tiny houses in the world.” If you’re somehow not sold yet, check out their Escape Vacations and try a unit for yourself!

8. Tiny Heirloom

Best For | ADU-certified tiny homes for full time living
Price Range | $65,000–$145,000+
Ships To | USA & Canada, can ship overseas

Tiny Heirloom is putting homeownership in reach with these smartly designed tiny homes for individuals, couples, and families. This company’s modern homes can be customized to fit your needs and design preferences, and they come in a wide range of sizes (and even two-stories). Tiny Heirloom also offers in-house financing, delivery, and accepts cars and RVs for trade-ins. Not sure which of the models to choose? Take a virtual tour of the website before you buy! You can also find pre-loved homes through Tiny Heirloom as well.

9. Home Depot

Best For | Backyard offices & extra room
Price Range | $8,400–$63,500+
Ships To | USA; check shopping cart for details

If you’re looking for greater shipping availability (and again, don’t mind putting in a little work), Home Depot sells a range of kits. From small, no-floor poolhouse units to fully insulated and installed sheds you can use as a backyard office, Home Depot is a good option for adding more indoor space to an existing property. It’s also handy since many places in the US have a Home Depot nearby in case you need extra tools, supplies, or advice!

10. Tiny House Listings

Best For | Existing tiny homes to buy or rent
Price Range | Varies; typically starts at $30,000
Ships To | Select locations across North America

Founded in 2010, Tiny House Listings is one of the world’s leading online marketplaces for small and tiny homes. The easy-to-navigate online platform serves as a trusted marketplace for people to sell, buy, and rent tiny houses and properties worldwide. Everyone can use it, and you’ll find millions of posts and listings to browse through, which you can then filter by budget and preferences. (And take it from us, this is the perfect place to browse even if you’re just daydreaming about your tiny house escape.)