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Finding the right place to meditate can be a challenge. Our beds or couches can be a bit too comfy (has anyone else ever fallen asleep? Just us?), but hard floors can hurt our hips and knees. That’s why we recommend meditation pillows for your mindfulness practice: These soft yet sturdy cushions will help support your hips, strengthen your spine, and alleviate any aches and pains.

There are lots of meditation pillows out there: Zafus (or round cushions) help provide additional height and hip support, while bolster pillows provide more width and pelvis support. Either way, you’ll want to find one that’s adjustable (i.e., you can remove extra fill if necessary), easy to clean, and made with natural materials as much as possible.

We’ve rounded up seven of our favorite meditation cushions and pillows, all of which include organic, vegan, or sustainably sourced materials. They’re also all thoughtfully crafted or made in small batches, and many go to support local small businesses. Both you and worldwide communities will benefit! Here’s to leveling up your mindfulness practice. 🧘

1. Avocado

Made In | Los Angeles, CA
Materials | GOTS certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX certified stitching, vegan buckwheat
Price | $79

Avocado’s yoga collection is a great one-stop shop for all your meditation, movement, and mindfulness needs. Its Organic Yoga Meditation Pillow is handcrafted in Los Angeles, using vegan and organic materials inside and out (the organic cotton, for example, is sourced from India and makes up the outer fabric). We love that the pillow is uniquely designed to support your spine while sitting and that it comes with a canvas under-bed storage bag so you can keep it free from debris when you’re not using it. Breathe easy (ha!) knowing you have a 30-day trial and up to 1-year warranty with this meditation pillow. You can read our in-depth Avocado meditation pillow review here.

2. Ethel Studio

Made In | St. Paul, MN
Materials | Upcycled scrap fabrics, buckwheat hulls
Price | $99-$155

Maggie Dimmick, the creator behind Ethel Studio, launched the brand after seeing how much textile waste there was in the industry. Today, everything is made in-house in Minnesota using upcycled scrap fabrics and zero-waste processes. ES’s key values include economic justice by paying reparations, focusing on slowness and purpose, and transparent business practices. The meditation pillows here will level up your practice, and you can choose from three styles (a half-moon, rounded cushion, or a mat) that fit your needs. You can even purchase replacement buckwheat hulls for the inner fill! Enjoy these unique designs as you engage in this peaceful ritual.

3. Brentwood Home

Made In | Los Angeles, CA
Materials | GOTS certified organic cotton, buckwheat hulls
Price | $79-$125

Brentwood Home’s Crystal Cove Yoga collection is certified vegan, so if you also live an animal-free lifestyle, these meditation cushions align well with your values. Depending on your preferred pose, you can opt for one of three styles here (the oval cushion, the square cushion, or the bolster), but we like the square shape for both yoga and meditation use—a double whammy, if you will. It’s also quite lovely to look at with a peacock fabric design and sleek reinforced handles, so no need to stow it away. One percent of proceeds from the Crystal Cove collection supports SeaTrees, which restores kelp forests in California and beyond. Sturdy, sustainable, and supporting the sea.

4. Sound as Color

Made In | Vista, CA
Materials | Organic cotton, organic buckwheat hulls, botanical dyes
Price | $114-$345

Sound as Color’s mission is to “create thoughtful, healing products that celebrate nature,” and they’ve nailed it with these gorgeous meditation pillows. Every cushion is sourced from natural and organic materials and dyed using natural ingredients like avocado pits, indigo, and marigolds. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from—which is great if you’re building a meditation corner with an aesthetic vision in mind. While these are the most expensive options on the list, they’re also women-owned, completely natural, made in the US, and one-of-a-kind, so you can invest in your products the way you invest in your peace.

5. Halfmoon

Made In | Burnaby, BC
Materials | Canadian buckwheat hulls, linen or cotton
Price | $54-$144

For our friends to the north, Halfmoon is a wonderful British Canadian brand for yoga and meditation accessories. (And if you’re American, yes, the brand does deliver to the contiguous US!) Find stillness and serenity with one of the meditation pillows here—there are dozens to choose from, with varying fabrics, designs, shapes, and more. You can also grab a cushion and mat set if you prefer additional support for your hips, ankles, or knees. We’re eyeing the stunning limited edition designs, so if you are too, you’ll want to order one before they sell out for good! 

6. renoo

Made In | India
Materials | Organic buckwheat, organic kapok, organic cotton hemp
Price | $75-$165

renoo’s on a mission to share the power of meditation while also showing the world that living a cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly lifestyle is possible. From crop to cushion, every part of renoo’s meditation pillows is traceable, and artisans handcraft each cushion in India. We love that in addition to organic buckwheat hulls, other materials like organic kapok and hemp are fully biodegradable. (And can we talk about the soothing pastel and neutral colors? So intentional!) Whether you’re just starting out on your meditation journey or you’re a mindfulness pro, you’ll benefit from using the renoo cushions.

7. HempOrganicLife

Made In | Ukraine
Materials | Linen, organic buckwheat
Price | $25-$130

Based in Ukraine (which could surely use our support right now!), HempOrganicLife is a best-selling organic hemp shop on Etsy. With 16,000+ 5-star sales, this small biz launched after the founder was inspired by her own newborn baby, and now there are 300+ items in inventory. What do we love most about the meditation pillows here? The beautiful embroidery, the chic bubble design on the accompanying mats, the carbon-free shipping…the list goes on! But most importantly, we appreciate the accessible price point with options starting at $25. Serenity now.

Featured image is from Ethel Studio