Sustainable Men’s Shoes

While many apparel and lifestyle brands have made the switch to fair trade practices, that’s not always the case for footwear production. Often times, shoes are manufactured in potentially dangerous working conditions or with forced labor. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Isn’t it time our shoes matched our ethics?

We’ve compiled our favorite fair trade men’s shoes that put people at the center of their work. These brands ensure fair wages, full-scale benefits, and safe working environments. From a night out on the town to laid-back days in the office, we’ve found what you need.

Every day, we have the power to vote for the world we want to live in with our dollars. Let’s use them to vote for a better future.

1. Allbirds

Based In | San Francisco, CA
| B Corp, uses natural materials and recycled packaging, WRAP certified production facility, gives back
Best For
| Lounging shoes
Price Range
| $95–$115

Imagine the coziest shoes in the world that aren’t just sustainable, but fair trade, too. Welcome to Allbirds—shoes that are dedicated to being natural, ethical, and as comfortable as can be. Made with either high-quality merino wool or eucalyptus tree fibers, Allbirds uses natural and sustainable sourcing methods whenever possible, right down to their recycled plastic shoelaces. As a certified B Corp, they also give back to Soles4Souls, so they’re as mindful about giving back as they are about the supply chain. You can find us in these on Sundays heading for our morning coffee, going for a light walk around the park, or just lounging around—they’re the most comfortable shoes around.

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2. Nisolo

Based In | Nashville, TN
| Artisan-made, beyond fair trade wages, transparent production practices, B Corp
Best For
| Chukkas & ankle boots
Price Range
| $128–$198

To say we are huge fans of the B Corp Nisolo would be an understatement. Their thoughtful and intentional approach to crafting beautiful shoes using ethical and fair-trade practices is unparalleled. Every producer and artisan who works on Nisolo’s line of women’s and men’s shoes across Peru, Kenya, and Mexico receive fair trade wages, safe working environments and healthcare. Their Chukka and Ankle boots are some of our favorites, easily elevating your look no matter what time of day. Pair these with dark wash denim or black slacks at a formal dinner, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go.

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3. M.Gemi

Based In | New York, NY & Florence, Italy
| Fair trade, family-owned factories, gives back
Best For
| Loafers
Price Range
| $228–$348

Luxury, redefined: that’s the mantra of M.Gemi, an Italian high-end shoe brand. M.Gemi believes in timeless design, exceptional quality, and mindful production. They work with family-owned factories based out of Italy whose skills have been passed down generation after generation, ensuring ethical and safe working environments. Every Monday, a new line of shoes are released, a limited-edition option that creates demand while showing off their versatile styles and designs. We highly recommend investing in their loafers, hand-burnished and outfitted with blake stitching. Versatile, breathable, and luxurious—we’ll be picking up a pair for every fashion-forward guy we know.

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4. Veja

Based In | Paris, France
| Ethical production, organic materials, zero waste, vegan options
Best For
| Casual sneakers
Price Range
| €80–€130

Veja is the sneaker brand of your dreams if you’re equally passionate about both ethical practices and sustainable sourcing. Since 2005, Veja’s team has been crafting shoes that last, while minimizing the negative impact on people and the planet. They source organic cotton up to a year before production, working with farmers to create a sustainable and fair trade supply chain, and use natural wild rubber whenever possible. Their simple design means it will always be in style, and their options are always unisex, so the possibilities are endless. At an affordable price point, stock up on their different colors and you’ll be set no matter what outfit you’re in.

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5. Matt & Nat

Based In | Montreal, Canada
| Vegan, fair wages, use eco-friendly materials
Best For
| Slip-ons
Price Range
| $100–$125

Matt & Nat has been part of the fair trade and cruelty-free vegan movement for than 20 years. Based out of Montreal, the M&N team builds relationships with the factories who craft their shoes, working diligently alongside them. Utilizing sustainable and eco-friendly materials like 100% recycled plastic bottles, cork, rubber, and more, their shoes are more than just a fashion statement—they’re better for the world. We dig their slip-ons for relaxing weekends, lowkey hangouts with friends, and the occasional dress down Fridays. Want to try them on first? You can find Matt & Nat in a number of stores worldwide, including their own brick & mortars in NYC, Ontario, and Quebec…time to plan a road trip.

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Based In | Portugal
| Fair trade, vegan, sustainable
Best For
| Formal wear
Price Range
| €115–€170

FAIR stands for For All Its Rights, and they live up to that philosophy by always putting living beings at the center of their work. Their beautiful vegan shoes are ethically made in Portugal with safe working conditions. Plus, they use sustainable materials like PVC-free, anti-allergy, and eco-friendly microfibers that are CO2-free and Oeko-Tex Certified. All in all, these shoes are about as mindful as they come—which makes them well worth the price. Between their boots, slip-ons, and sneakers, there’s something for everyone, but we are obsessed with their formal wear shoes that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable.


7. Native

Based In | Vancouver, Canada
| Fair trade, ethically made, vegan, cruelty-free
Best For
| Outdoor boots
Price Range
| $25–$110

Take on the world in Native, shoes that are vegan, fair trade, and all about keeping things lite. Believing that animals and humans should be treated equally and with respect, no hair or hide is used for their Beast-Free footwear. With factories in China and Vietnam, the Native team plans site visits several times a year to ensure fair wages, stringent working hours, and safe conditions. And as we gear up for spring, we’re eyeing their outdoor boots which come with water-resistant backing, microfleece lining, and foam insoles that can handle any weather that comes our way. And when we’re done with ‘em, we’ll recycle them through The Remix Project or Zappos for Good so their eco-friendly impact lives on.

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