Take this as your sign — it’s time to invite a life beyond financial limitations. 💫 While there are many things that money can’t buy, a financially fuller life may provide greater ease, opportunities, access, and create invaluable amounts of time. Money affirmations can be used to connect us with these intentions and goals.

If you’re new to affirmations, think of them as ways of envisioning and creating positive feelings around a matter, or in this case, cash flow. Being rooted in worth, eradicating poor money habits, cultivating a sense of joy around money, and feeling comfortable with wealth are all important elements of the process. 

“Take this as your sign — it’s time to invite a life beyond financial limitations.”

We’re lovers of using language to positively shape our daily realities but we’ll be the first to admit that establishing these habits takes some consistency. Whether you have financial goals set or are simply open to more abundance, money affirmations may gently guide you to areas of your financial life that will benefit from some extra inspiration.

These affirmations can be recited as part of a daily routine or simply called upon when needed. They’re reminders that become embedded into our approach to life, money, and a sense of worth. Eventually, healthier conversations around money within yourself and your community will become an integrated part of life. 

Here are 99 money affirmations for stable financial wellbeing in 2024. Share a money affirmation that resonates with you in the comments! And if you want to invite more positivity into your life daily, check out our list of positive morning affirmations to use alongside the phrases below.


1. I am worthy of having everything I desire.

2. I welcome impeccable financial wellness.

3. I am in charge of my earning potential.

4. Living life fully is my right.

5. I define my worth and deserve all the good things coming my way.

“I define my worth and deserve all the good things coming my way”

6. I invite a joyful existence where my funds transform my vision.

7. I am pleased to have created a life of high self-worth and ease.

8. I have always been a person worthy of a financially secure life.

9. Wealth chooses me.

10. I deserve to receive large sums of money.

11. Prosperity clings to me, it always has.

12. I am wise enough to manage my wealth wonderfully.

“My time is incredibly expensive”

13. I am worthy of a financially abundant future.

14. I am worthy of adding another 0 to my hourly rate.

15. My time is incredibly expensive.

16. I don’t have to overwork to receive more money.

17. I am worthy of rest.

18. Wherever I land, my income is deservedly high and I live extremely comfortably.

19. I choose more for my heart space and finances.

20. I see myself as powerful and capable of manifesting unthinkable amounts of money.

21. There is nothing to become, I am already abundant.

22. My skillset is valuable and gives me access to more wealth than I have ever known.

An abundant life

23. I am living in my most financially successful season yet.

24. My life is rich in opportunities.

“My life is rich in opportunities”

25. I am comfortable living life abundantly on my own terms.

26. I receive abundantly and so I give abundantly.

27. I am a thriving and highly wealthy person.

28. I inspire others to live life fully, without fear.

29. I always attract success and money in all areas of my working life.

30. I am in the habit of effortlessly attracting money every day.

31. I am grateful to be surrounded by abundance.

“I am limitless”

32. All of my dreams manifest in perfect timing.

33. I am limitless.

34. I attract financial stability.

35. I effortlessly live a life that is aligned with my purpose.

36. I choose to make money in ways that perfectly affirm my values and beliefs.

37. I have plenty of space to increase and expand in all areas of my life.

38. I am a powerful manifestor.

39. I intentionally call in a life that is mine.

40. I am thankful for my multiple, successful income streams.

41. I invest in myself and future reality.

“I am a powerful manifestor”

42. In this very moment, money flows into my life.

43. I can afford to live the life of my wildest dreams.

44. Money often comes to me in wonderful and unexpected ways.

45. I make money in my sleep.

46. I know that what is mine is already waiting for me.

47. I am surrounded by opportunities to make more money in loving environments.

48. I know wealth and abundance well.

49. I spoil myself and my loved ones with my money.

Fear of money 

50. It is my sacred duty to heal unhelpful money habits so I can flourish financially.

51. I have incredible financial autonomy.

52. I’m amazed by how rapidly I have enhanced my financial wealth.

“It is my sacred duty to heal unhelpful money habits so I can flourish financially”

53. I am financially educated beyond belief.

54. I adore making money.

55. I release all resistance to earning high.

56. I am an example of overcoming fearful money behaviors for the highest good.

57. There is never a mystery around money, I have incredible amounts of financial intelligence.

58. It is safe for me to be wealthier than I ever have been before.

59. I am in a new era of calling in monetary abundance into my immediate reality.

“I am in a new era of calling in monetary abundance into my immediate reality”

60. I wholeheartedly trust that I am healing from harmful thought patterns.

61. I wake up every day more enriched and in alignment with wealth.

62. I am proud of myself for breaking poor money narratives.

63. I have a positive relationship with saving money.

64. I have a positive relationship with spending money.

65. I release scarcity mentality, in its place I have rich money habits.

66. I lack nothing.

67. Everything I give returns to me.


68. I am ecstatic to be able to provide myself with limitless financial freedom.

69. I am living a life of my choosing.

70. I love my life entirely.

“I speak positively about my financial journey”

71. I speak positively about my financial journey.

72. I am delighted every time I check my bank accounts.

73. I love seeing my wealth multiply.

74. It brings me great joy to be financially safe to rest, travel, and do what I love.

75. I release money worries and claim my most abundant, stress-free life.

76. Money is one of the many things that brings me peace.

77. I meditate on the love frequency to attract benevolence and increase.

78. I enjoy taking care of my finances.

“I am grateful for the income I already have”

79. I am grateful for everything I have and I’m excited for the abundance that is on its way.

80. My earning potential is endless, just like my joy.

81. Money loves my company.

82. I am grateful for the income I already have.

83. I am grateful for my magnetism.

New avenues and possibilities

84. This stage of my life marks the most abundant one yet.

85. I welcome money-making that causes no harm to others.

“I welcome money-making that causes no harm to others”

86. I welcome new ideas and fruitful investments.

87. Financial freedom is a part of my current reality.

88. I am a magnet for innovative ideas that align me with the financial increase.

89. Money is pouring into my life.

90. It is easy for me to acquire money and wealth.

91. My wealth is irreversible and I am greatly thankful for this.

92. I am financially free.

93. I attract success everywhere I go.

“I willingly receive all the wealth life has to offer me”

94. I willingly receive all the wealth life has to offer me.

95. Financial independence is limitlessly available to me.

96. My actions lead to financial prosperity.

97. I unlearn debt and confidently manage my money.

98. I am rich in all areas of my life.

99. I hold no limits on the amount of money that I can make.

Amara Amaryah is a Jamaican poet and essayist, born in London. Her writings are interested in voice — often voicelessness — and reclamations of identity through definitions of home. Her work has been received, translated and read internationally. The Opposite of an Exodus is her debut pamphlet (Bad Betty Press, 2021).