Summary: I tried some of Moon Juice‘s top selling supplements and powders meant to target stress, energy, mood, hormones, and focus. As an adaptogen newbie, I felt like I was in great hands with this brand, and enjoyed the products (especially my nightly sleepy girl mocktail!) and the reminder to pause and care for my health every day.


  • The products are formulated using 100% traceable ingredients that are all responsibly sourced, third party tested, vegan, and free of fillers, additives, artificial colorings, preservatives, gelatin, gluten, and more.
  • Thoughtful (and beautiful!) glass packaging that is recyclable. The refill pouches are compostable, and while the current lids are made from post-consumer plastic the brand is working on transitioning to plant-based lids that will fully breakdown in a backyard compost over one year.
  • The dusts mix easily have most have a mild or even pleasant flavor: Ting was especially tasty, and Magnesi-Om was the perfect bedtime nightcap.


  • It’s hard to tell if everything is “working” right away without blood and hormone panels.
  • Sex Dust and Spirit Dust both were a little earthy for my tastes just stirred into coffee as suggested. To enjoy them, I had to make a more elaborate oat milk latte (which wasn’t a bad thing!).
  • I felt a little overwhelmed at times trying to learn about all of the ingredients and their properties, or trying to understand how each product might work with my current multivitamins. Which is a long way of saying you need to do your research and probably speak to your doctor before starting a Moon Juice regimen!
  • The cost is high, even with a subscription.

Like many millenials, my introduction to vitamins and supplements was a chalky, candy-like chew shaped like a certain cast of Stone Age cartoon characters. I flirted with vitamins on and off after that, including a passionate affair with gummy vitamins once those became popular. It wasn’t until we decided to start a family that I actually spoke with my doctor and learned about what vitamins my body needed, and which I was probably already getting from my diet. Since we ate a largely plant-based, seasonal diet at the time, my supplementing needs would change througout the year.

I also learned about bioavailability, or how readily a substance can become completely absorbed into the bloodstream as opposed to being stored or passed in urine. It turns out that just because you ingest certain ingredients doesn’t mean that your body is guaranteed to absorb and benefit from the full scale of them. This could be due to the vitamin and mineral source, whether you’ve been drinking alcohol, how much cortisol is in your system, or if you have any digestive issues, among other variables. (A surprising discovery: Studies show that gummies and tablets have comparable bioavailability for certain vitamins, but they actually outperform with vitamin D3! They are higher in sugar and other ingredients you might want to be mindful of, but I was pleased to learn they weren’t totally nutrient deficient.)

So when it comes to supplements, I would call myself “acquainted with” or “aware” of what’s out there and what questions to ask, but I wouldn’t exactly call myself “educated” on the subject. Moon Juice was on my radar in the sexy Instagram way, aka I’d seen the hologram-chic images of their contemporary apothecary jars stacked in brightly colored studio shots. I knew they had something called “Sex Dust” on offer but I had no idea what that meant: Was it makeup? Are we bringing back Y2K body glitter? That’s all to say that I more or less went into this review with an open mind and not much else. It felt a lot like buying a movie ticket on title alone: Spirit Dust? Never heard of it, but sure! Sounds fun!

So whether you’re just as green as me to the wide world of adaptogens and vitamins or you’re a more educated practitioner trying to find out if this brand would be a good fit, let’s go down the rabbit hole, shall we?

About Moon Juice

The company was founded in 2011 by Amanda Chantal Bacon, an American entrepreneur and former chef. Bacon became interested in adaptogens and Ayurvedic medicine when she experienced positive effects managing her own health. On the website, she says she put an autoimmune condition into remission taking a natural and holistic approach to treatment. She cites regular hormone and blood panel work as showing major impacts from these changes. “On paper, I started to read biologically younger than I had a decade prior. It was through simple daily practices that big changes were made.” Sounds intriguing!

The company prides itself on their 100% traceable, responsibly sourced ingredients. They provide full transparency on the site, which I really appreciate as a fairly new kid on this block. They explain their dosing too, how it comes from third-party testing and clinical trials, so that they can prioritize the best ingredients in their most potently bioavailable forms. The packaging is also thoughtful, made from recyclable materials and post-consumer recycled plastic. The brand is also in the process of transitioning their lids to a plant-based product. All pouches are backyard compostable, too.

Moon Juice is not meant to be a quick fix, but a way to support a lifetime of caring for your body. “Health is not a fixed state, but a pleasurable, lifelong journey,” Bacon says. This is an important touchstone for me as I go into the review: With only two weeks to try the products, I know it’s going to be a challenge to report on the effects with much certainty. The supplements are meant to have a longer-term, deeper impact on the body, which means that I might not be able to see changes in time for this piece. But, I’m certainly game to try. What’s more important than taking the time to support your health and well-being, after all?

Here’s what I tried

I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder with the underlying cause of ADHD last year, and so I’ve been trying different ways to manage my stress, energy, and mood on and off medication.

I’ve noticed that on the days I don’t take medication, I am irritable and exhausted, sometimes with a big crash midday. But on the days I do take medication, I have a very hard time winding down at night, and I’m often up until the early hours of the morning, snoozing for just a few short hours and then managing my day on coffee in the morning and wine at night.

So I found myself drawn to anything that seemed like it might help me find some balance for my mood, along with a gentler way to wind up or wind down besides caffeine and alcohol. That meant I’d be trying SuperYou, Ting, Spirit Dust, and Magnesi-Om. Plus, I had to try Sex Dust because, I mean, I just had to. Read on for my notes on each!

Three stacked jars labeled "magnesi-om," "spirit dust," and "sex dust," next to a dish with powder and spoon, and glasses of pink and orange liquid above.
These were the final products I chose, focusing on mood, stress management, and energy the most.

SuperYou | $49
Capsules for energy, mood, and focus

These were the most familiar to me, in the sense that they are a multivitamin-like capsules that you simply swallow in the morning. There was no taste — a huge bonus.

The primary goal for SuperYou is to combat stress. The brand says that these capsules help to reduce cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, by 24% for proactive and reactive stress support when taken daily. Cortisol affects pretty much every aspect of our health, from our hair to our cognitive processing, especially when it’s ongoing. There are four potent adaptogens in these capsules that all work together to defend the body when stress hits: Organic ashwaganda helps cope with stress and reduce irritability; rhodiola reduces fatigue and increases alertness; shatavari balances hormones; organic amla protects skin from oxidative stress.

I have only been taking these for two weeks, but my husband started a new job and we lost half our childcare during one of those weeks so I definitely put these babies to the stress test. Combined with some of my tried-and-true habits during crunch times (like prioritizing exercise and hydration), the week was definitely not as hellish as the circumstances might have normally made it. Coincidence? Maybe! But I am willing to keep taking these capsules to find out.

Ting | $42
Powder for energy, metabolism, and mood

Hands down the tastiest of the bunch, I look forward to my midmorning or afternoon Ting! The name and flavor bring to mind the old-school orange powder drink Tang, only much more sophisticated in both flavor profile and ingredients.

This is the B vitamin boost for your mood, energy, and metabolism. The B complex is extracted from organic tulsi and guava, a methylated B12 that supports seratonin production, and ginseng, an adaptogen, brings calming energy to support brain function and short-term memory.

Sweetened with organic monk fruit, the drink is bright and very mango-forward. Unlike that extra cup of coffee or even the espresso pick-me-up I usually turn to, this drink didn’t give me jitters or trigger my stomach issues (IBS girlies know). I did feel compelled to not take my multivitamins when I drank this, as an excess of the vitamin can cause dizziness and headaches, both of which I tend to get all on my own.

Spirit Dust | $38
Powder for relief of tension and irritability

I chose this one specifically for the weekends, when I tend to skip my ADHD medication and can sometimes have a very grumpy crash. I like to mix this one into my coffee, which I already take with oat milk, so the mildly earthy and slightly sweet flavor blends in pretty seamlessly. My husband, ever an oddball when it comes to ingesting anything “healthy” (he’s been known to eat fistfuls of raw kale instead of massaging it with olive oil, for example, because he thinks he just needs to get it over with rather than try to enjoy it), tried mixing it in water and took it like a shot. He said it was fine, but I don’t believe him. See above anecdote about raw kale.

Packed with adaptogens informed by traditional Chinese medicine and Ayruveda, this little powder is made of organic goji berries, organic reishi mushrooms, and organic ashwaganda root and leaf extract. It’s sweetened with organic stevia leaf, but very slightly (so you don’t get that very specific aftertaste). The recommended way to ingest this dust is stirred into tea with milk, or with your coffee. I also tried it in a golden (turmeric) oat milk latte, and saw that someone in the comments made it into a kind of cocoa with marshmallows, which seemed smart.

Does it fix my weekend crash? Hard to say! It was definitely fun to drink and it was a great reminder to slow down a bit. That made me more intentional about how I was spending my day, and that’s not nothing.

Sex Dust | $38
Powder for libido, hormonal balance, and creative energy

Not a body glitter, as it turns out, but a kind of dirty hot chocolate. And I mean dirty as in dirt; this one had a notable mushroomy, earthy flavor that the cacao does not cover up.

Another combatant of ongoing stress, the six adaptogens in this dust are shatavari, shilajit, epimedium, and schisandra (traditionally used to ignite desire), and cacao and maca to support energy and mood. Shatavari and maca are also said to (sorry for this phrasing) “get the juices flowing,” or, draw moisture the body’s soft tissues that can become dry from stress and age.

As a product, I thought this one was fine, not unlike Spirit Dust in terms of flavor and how to use it. When I thought I was supposed to use this as a kind of aphrodisiac, I was a little put off by the idea of having a coffee to get me in the mood (hot drinks are not my personal preference for sexy bevvies!). But if taken as a daily supplement, Sex Dust is meant to have a longer-term, overall impact on the body by helping it adapt to stressors that can disrupt the sex hormones that cause problems with libido.

I should just say I’m probably not the best test candidate for this one. I have an IUD, which means I don’t really have a period. My hormones have only ever been noticeably out of whack when I was pregnant, postpartum, and then breastfeeding. And in terms of libido (hi Mom, stop reading please) I am a Scorpio married to a super hot Aries and…”fire” is thankfully not something we are missing at this time. (Stressed parents of a preschooler we certainly are, but what’s a better stress reliever than sex??) That said, I am intrigued by many of the reviews by older women who say that using this dust during menopausal and post-menopausal times has been transformative, reigniting desire that they had worried they’d lost. So I will definitely keep that in mind for whenever I do find myself needing to support my hormones!

Magnesi-Om | $42
Powder for relaxation, brain health, and rest.

Time for the big boy, my most anticipated product in this bunch and one of the heavy hitters for the brand. This wasn’t my first time taking a magnesium supplement (pregnancy-related constipation made me a magnesium citrate devotee for a period of time!) but it was the first time I got to drink it. I have the berry flavor, which is a light, sweet flavor thanks to monk fruit extract, and a soft yet vibrant magenta (from beetroot juice powder) when mixed.

This powder has three magnesium forms that have been carefully selected and dosed for bioavailability and potency. L-Theanine helps to restore cellular balance and promote alpha-wave activity in the brain, which produces a calm effect without necessarily making you drowsy. Magnesium is a super mineral that has a major role to play in the body (more than 300 reactions!) and a deficiency has been linked to brain fog, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and constipation. Magnesium helps to regulate the stress response on a cellular level, creating a feeling of calm.

My husband and I enjoyed a glass of this most nights, and while it didn’t make us sleepy, it was a very relaxing ritual. We tried the sleepy girl mocktail too, and that was absolutely delicious. Made with cherry juice, which has naturally occurring melatonin, this bev definitely helped us unwind and drift into sleep.

Do I recommend Moon Juice? Some products more than others, maybe, and I would definitely recommend talking with your doctor as well. I loved the taste and the transparency of the ingredients, as well as the rigorous sourcing transparency and testing for clinically proven dosing. 

While I didn’t have quite enough time to see any big changes in my body, the ritual of mixing these drinks was a clear cue to me each day to stop, slow down, and take a minute for myself. 

Taking the time to pause and prepare one of these products into a tasty drink quickly became a favorite way to practice self-care throughout the day. I definitely noticed that I felt generally more grounded and calm after doing so!

Stephanie H. Fallon is a Contributing Editor at The Good Trade. She is a writer originally from Houston, Texas. She has an MFA from the Jackson Center of Creative Writing at Hollins University. She lives with her family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, where she writes about motherhood, artmaking, and work culture. You can find her on Instagram or learn more on her website.