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Now that skincare has outpaced cosmetics as a beauty routine essential, we’re learning about the best possible natural ingredients that support nourished, healthy skin. Sunscreen is the cornerstone of protecting our skin from excessive sun damage. But not all sunscreen is guaranteed to be safe for our bodies or for our environment (read more about the benefits of mineral sunscreen here).

Fortunately, there are dozens of brands making all natural and eco-friendly products that protect our health—the only issue now is choosing the one that fits our needs and budget!

To help narrow it down, we’ve rounded up all natural face sunscreens that range in price, texture, function, and SPF. These products melt into our skin with ease and keep us sunburn-free during beach days, morning walks, and car trips.

Don’t forget to top off your sun care routine with a natural body sunscreen and our favorite sustainably made sunglasses!

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Best Zinc Without White Cast


Best For | Range of shades available
Active Ingredients | Zinc oxide 12%
Price Range | $48–$64

If zinc sunscreens often leave a white cast on your skin, ILIA’s Super Serum Skin Tint offers high-SPF protection in a wide variety of shades (30 to be exact!). Even beyond the sun protection and tinted coverage, this serum also contains hyaluronic acid, plant-based squalane, and shea butter derivatives for smooth and moisturized skin. And if simplifying your skin care is something you’re looking for, check out their C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40, which combines stabilized 10% Vitamin C serum with mineral SPF 40 and comes in three tints for light coverage. Triple duty, indeed!

Also available at Credo, Detox Market

2. cocokind

Best For | Bluelight protection
Active Ingredients | Zinc oxide 21%
Price Range | $25

Considering how much time we spend staring at screens these days, it’s a wonder we didn’t add this to our skincare routine sooner. cocokind’s Daily SPF 32 will do more than just protect your face from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays (using reef-safe zinc oxide); its inclusion of blue phytoplankton and microalgae will also help combat damage caused by blue light exposure, as well as shield your skin from the effects of environmental pollution. Plus, the formula’s super lightweight and non-greasy. What more could you ask for?

Also available at Thrive Market, Target

3. Kinfield

Best For | Luminizing sunscreen
Active Ingredient | Zinc oxide 20.3%
Price Range | $26–$28

A totally reef-safe, blendable mineral sunscreen that not only won’t leave a white cast but will actually give you a glow? We are loving the luminizing face sunscreen from Kinfield. Sunglow SPF 35 is a 100% mineral, vegan sunscreen that gives you a sunkissed radiance without glitter, harsh chemicals, or anything that might harm your body or the environment. Other ingredients include nourishing jojoba oil, softening sunflower seed oil, and hydrating glycerin––no wonder our skin feels so happy after putting it on!

Also available at Credo

4. UnSun Cosmetics

Best For | Tinted sunscreen for darker skin
Active Ingredient | Zinc oxide 6.5%, titanium dioxide 5.5%
Price Range | $29–$34

Katonya Breaux launched UnSun Cosmetics as a response to the lack of effective sun care options for darker skin tones. These mineral sunscreens come in two main shades for lighter and darker skin, and are made with the safest of ingredients. Named a Best Of Beauty award winner by Allure, it’s a botanical-infused formula that offers sheer coverage and a shimmering tint.

5. Solara Suncare

Best For | Moisturizing sunscreen
Active Ingredient | Non-nano, non-coated zinc oxide 20%
Price Range | $17–$64

Solara’s Sunscreen leaves skin feeling super moisturized and glowy even before a day in the sun. Even though it’s unscented, there’s a slight lovely fragrance from the natural ingredients, but not enough to linger (and it’s good for sensitive skin!). This EWG Verified powerhouse sunscreen is vegan, reef-friendly, cruelty-free, and even protects from blue light exposure. The recyclable packaging is the cherry on top.

Also available at Target, Detox Market

6. Juice Beauty

Best For | Everyday sunscreen
Active Ingredient | Zinc oxide 20%
Price Range | $20–$40

If you’re looking for something simple, lightweight, and oil-free for everyday coverage, look no further than Juice Beauty. We love the organic and antioxidant-rich ingredients (including plant-based hyaluronic acid) and the fact that this moisturizer is vegan, cruelty-free, and reef-safe. This one leaves a bit of a zinc cast at first, but absorbs into skin quickly, leaving it feeling moisturized and ready to go. And when you’re done, the packaging is recyclable!

Also available at Thrive Market, Credo

7. Naked Sundays

Best For | Skincare with SPF
Active Ingredient | Zinc Oxide 22.75%
Price Range | $22–$34

This Australian brand has taken on the challenge of creating a mineral SPF line that also has your daily skincare faves covered (think vegan collagen, squalane-packed serums, and even lip oils!). With multitasking products like their Collagen Glow Mineral Perfecting Priming Lotion, you can get in your plumping collagen, hydrating watermelon extract for Vitamin C, and a tinted primer that is all infused with a 100% mineral SPF 50 that is water resistant, reef-safe, and fragrance free. *Chef’s kiss*

8. Supergoop

Best For | CC Cream with SPF
Active Ingredient | Titanium Dioxide 4%, Zinc Oxide 20%
Price Range | $14–$46

For a wide-range of products that blend makeup and mineral suncare, we love Supergoop. From setting powder to tinted sunscreen, you can find an easy and safe solution to simplifying your routine. We especially love their 100% Mineral CC Cream SPF 50, which is made for all skin types and comes in fifteen shades!

9. EltaMD

Best For | SPF by skin concern
Active Ingredient | Zinc Oxide 15% , Titanium Dioxide 2%
Price Range | $14–$45

If you have sensitive skin, acne, dryness, or oily skin, shopping for sunscreen might feel impossible. How do you fine safe, chemical-free suncare that won’t make your skin concern worse (or create a new one!)? Enter EltaMD. You can search by skin type or concern, and find products that are broad spectrum, mineral SPF designed just for you. Known for their weightless formulas, these products are also noncomedogenic, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. You can thank us later!

Also available at Target


Best For | Face stick
Active Ingredient | Zinc Oxide 20%
Price Range | $15

A safe, sunscreen stick that is EWG certified, vegan, mineral, and with eco-responsible packaging? Sign us up! ATTITUDE’s award-winning mineral suncare sticks are gentle on your skin and the environment. Made for kids, adults, and coming in sensitive formulas, tinted, or regular, these sticks are travel-friendly and plastic free. It’s not too early to stock up and have these ready for stocking stuffers!