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While natural beauty and wellness brands may not be looking to discontinue topical skincare lines anytime soon, a shift is happening in the industry. “You are what you eat” is how the famous saying goes, and this is true for our hair, nails, and skin health too.

 “…Your skin is a mirror to your gut,” RMS founder Rose-Marie Swift explained in a 2018 interview. “Skincare isn’t giving you pimples; your gut is giving you pimples.”

This is why we are seeing so many beauty and wellness brands release supplements, vitamins, powders, and ingestibles for skin health. These products combat external concerns (acne, dehydration, and depleting collagen levels, to name a few) and promote overall wellness. By supplementing your morning face wash with a skin-forward ingestible, experts claim you can obtain glowing skin while also regulating your gut bacteria, improving your digestion, and feeling more energized. (Psst—don’t forget to wear sunscreen too, your skin will thank you!)

To help get you started, here are eight of our favorite skincare ingestible brands focusing on safe, natural, and plant-derived ingredients as well as transparency around manufacturing and sourcing.

1. RMS Beauty

Features | Vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, made in the USA
Price | $64/bottle (discounts available for bulk orders)

Rose-Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty, believes in taking an alternative approach to healthy skin care: she is honing in on gut health. Rather than focusing solely on clean and organic topical products (RMS has many), the brand is also promoting healthy digestion through its supplement line, RMS Beauty Within. With two ingestible products, the Probiotic + Prebiotic and the Women’s Digestive Enzyme, RMS believes healthy and clear skin is achieved by first taking care of our gut and digestive tracks.

2. Ritual

Features | Vegan, gluten-free, traceable ingredients, non-GMO, third party tested
Price | $54/bottle (bundle discounts available)

Beloved supplement brand Ritual is adding another tool to our wellness routine—this time, it’s for our skin! HyaCera™ is the new supplement designed to hydrate and nourish our skin from the inside out, with two ingredients: Ceratiq® and Hyabest®. Both ingredients are clinically studied in-house as well as by third parties for efficacy, and you can read more about them here. Or, scroll through Ritual’s thorough page, and you’ll learn more about the sources, certifications, and final manufacturing points of the key ingredients. And for the ultimate peace of mind, every batch of HyaCera™ is rigorously tested for dose and quality. Our editor especially loves the light vanilla essence of these capsules, which makes them easier (and more fun!) to add to our routine.

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3. Kora Organics

Features | Vegan, organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free
Price | $10/5-pack, $55/30-pack

Perfect if you prefer ingesting a powder instead of a pill, the Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement from Kora Organics is a potent elixir for healthy skin and overall well-being. Made in Australia with organic ingredients including acai, noni fruit, beetroot, pomegranate, and matcha green tea, this powerful skincare supplement is a nutrient-dense superfood. Blend into smoothies, water, or plant milk for an energizing ingestible that will have you glowing from the inside out.

4. Moon Juice

Features | Vegan, organic, gluten-free, USDA Certified
Price | Starting at $32/container (discounts available for subscriptions

For nourishing, healing, and natural skin care supplements, we love the plant-sourced alchemy from our neighbors at Moon Juice (if you are in LA, be sure to visit one of their shops). The beauty and wellness brand has an assortment of adaptogens, but we especially love the Vegan Collagen Protect. Blend the powder into beverages to hydrate and detoxify your skin, as well as moisturize and create elasticity.

5. Love Wellness

Features | Natural ingredients, made in the USA, non-GMO
Price | $45/set (discounts available for subscriptions)

Longer, healthier hair and glowing skin is just a couple steps away—thanks to Love Wellness. With two regimens to choose from based on your skin needs, you can opt for vitamin-rich Good to Glow or gut-balancing Clear Skin Probiotic. The brand also makes collagen powder and supplements for your hair for a complete beauty routine.✨ These clean ingestibles are developed alongside doctors and naturopaths, without any artificial fragrances, dyes, or flavors. Love Wellness also makes natural personal care supplements for vaginal health and regulated periods. Make sure to check out the Healthy Vagina duo!

6. Hum Nutrition

Features | Sustainably-sourced, gluten-free, GMO-free, made in the USA
Price | $25-30/bottle

Hum Nutrition’s supplements contain the purest and most potent ingredients to help with everything from cleansing your skin to supporting hair growth. A brand founded in London and now based in Los Angeles, these ingestibles are made in California with sustainably-sourced ingredients. Try the Collagen Pop tablets to improve skin elasticity and boost collagen levels. We also love the Red Carpet soft gel supplement with black currant seed oil for glowing skin and shiny hair.

7. Welle Co

Features | Vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, wheat-free, sugar-free
Price | $59+ (discounts available for subscriptions)

Designed by leading nutritionists and backed by science, the Welle Co plant-based elixirs are perfect for obtaining radiant skin, reducing inflammation, and balancing your hormones. We also love that these supplements come in a variety of sizes—whether you need a bulk refill or a few packs for an upcoming trip, Welle Co’s got you covered. The Australian wellness brand also has an online quiz to help you find the perfect elixir for your health and beauty goals. If it’s flawless skin you’re after, we recommend the Super Elixir with 45 premium whole food ingredients.