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Have you been feeling a bit stuck lately? Maybe your career is stagnating, or you’re in a constant state of burnout, or you’re having trouble with your personal relationships? Maybe you’ve tried therapy and didn’t get the results you were after, or perhaps you just need help feeling more fulfilled.

Enter life coaching. Coaches help you deal with big-picture issues, whether you’re navigating career difficulties, feeling like you don’t have a purpose, or going through a huge life change like a divorce. While therapists are licensed health professionals who help you work through baggage and mental health issues stemming from past experiences, coaches help you level up. 

“While therapists are licensed health professionals who help you work through baggage and mental health issues stemming from past experiences, coaches help you level up.”

“There’s no greater benefit than learning to trust in yourself, harnessing the confidence to let that inner light lead,” says life coach, author, and international speaker Cortney McDermott. “It will take you to places far beyond any dreams you could possibly envision for yourself.”

Coaching is performance-oriented, focusing on concrete goals to achieve results. If you want to be more intentional about your life instead of just going through the motions, and improving your career or other passions while you’re at it, a coach might be for you.

In this digital age, you no longer have to look exclusively for coaches in your area. Plenty of coaches provide their services virtually, “and consistent encounters are easier to organize online these days,” says McDermott. “Consistency is key … A frequent external reminder is very useful when starting on this journey.”

The below list will help you get started finding the right life coach for you. Some are priced monthly, while others are per session. Some are all about face-to-face video sessions, while others incorporate direct messaging or learning to coach yourself. Whatever you’re looking for, the below list of where to find an online life coach will help you get started.

1. Blush

Pricing | $119–$449/month
Best For | Direct messaging

Run by an all-female team of counselors, Blush helps you move forward in any aspect of life: work, relationships, goals, confidence, and values. The platform connects you with an online coach via their app. While you can video chat with your coach, the app also has a chat option for when you just don’t have the time or energy for a one-on-one session. Blush prides itself on its client successes, and the numbers don’t lie—according to data collected by the International Coaching Federation, 70% of Blush clients reported improved work performance, 80% reported increased confidence, and 99% of clients were “somewhat” or “very” satisfied with their experience. Blush’s transparent pricing ranges from $119 to $449 monthly.

2. Plumm

Pricing | Price varies
Best For | Businesses

Plumm Health is a workplace mental health platform that helps employees and businesses thrive. When businesses partner with Plumm, their employees have access to Plumm’s suite of mental health services like online coaching and therapy sessions, courses and videos, and even meditation and soundscapes. They work with over 150 accredited therapists and coaches, fluent in over 34 languages in total, and they boast up to a 76% employee utilization rate. Plumm offers three-tiered pricing plans, and they charge by headcount.

3. Growing Self

Pricing | $65–$160/session
Best For | Paying per session

A collective of counselors and coaches based out of Denver, Growing Self is all about—you guessed it—personal growth. They aim to help clients in every aspect of life, offering specialized relationship, leadership, career, divorce, and happiness coaching. Their coaching is action-oriented, making sure that their clients are experiencing positive, productive growth. Growing Self offers in-person coaching and therapy in Denver, along with online services no matter where you’re located. Their coaches charge differently depending on their experience, but most 45-minute sessions with Growing Self run between $65 and $160.

4. LifeCoach

Pricing | Starting at $47/month
Best For | Coaching yourself

On LifeCoach’s website, Talane Miedaner’s “Coach Yourself to Success” course helps give you the tools to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Miedaner, a professional life coach and author of Coach Yourself to Success, The Secret Laws of Attraction, and Coach Yourself to a New Career, aims to make effective life coaching affordable and accessible to everyone—her online courses, which also include “Financial Independence,” and “The Career Change Kit,” start at $47 per month after a free 30-day trial. Miedaner also works with a team of experienced life coaches to offer one-on-one private coaching sessions over the phone that start at around $400 per month for two or three calls.

5. Koachee

Pricing | Price Varies
Best For | Browsing lots of different coaches

Koachee functions as an online coaching marketplace, helping connect you with the right life coach. The platform makes it easy to browse online life coaches, using criteria like rates, specialties, and experience to find exactly the coach you’re looking for, whether you want to bolster your career, improve your relationships, or change your mindset. You can communicate with your coach in the app to learn more about them and to schedule sessions, and all payments happen securely through the app, too. However, joining and browsing are free. 

6. Your Online Life Coach

Pricing | Price varies
Best For | Holistic coaching approach

Shelly Lynott, a certified life coach and founder of Your Online Life Coach, is focused on empowering her clients with a holistic approach to coaching that takes into consideration nutrition, sleep, movement, and play. Specializing in health, trauma, relationships, and competitive athletes, she aims to identify clients’ priorities to help them set and achieve goals, nurture their relationships, find their own path, and live life to the fullest. Plus, Lynott makes it easy to book a 30-minute conversation to see if she’s the right coach for you.