Natural & Organic Products For Lovely Lips

When it comes to lipstick, we all know we can’t just have one. In fact, we have 10 personal favorites! Each of these lipstick brands is committed to organic & all-natural ingredients, ethical practices, and eco-friendly packaging. By using pure ingredients, the natural healing properties of various enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants help with anti-aging and healthy skin rejuvenation. You’ll adore the all-natural, contemporary color palettes of these long-lasting lip products!

1. 100% Pure

Natural & Organic | All-natural, toxin-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free
Eco-Friendly | Recyclable and reusable packaging
Ethical | Vegan, cruelty-free, Made in USA
Our Pick | Fruit Pigmented® Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick in Aubergine
Lipstick Price | $6–$30

There is nothing better than luscious, long lasting and colorful lipstick. 100% Pure has a great range of all natural, cruelty-free and vegan friendly lipsticks, lip glosses, tints and balms. Formulated with healthy fruit pigments and a nourishing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E to moisturize while providing intensely rich color, 100% Pure lipsticks are our all-time favorites.

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2. Beautycounter

Natural & Organic | Natural, and plant-derived ingredients
Eco-Friendly | Follows safety screening process, sustainable
Ethical | Transparent ingredient list, cruelty-free
Our Pick | Sheer Lipstick: Currant
Lipstick Price | $29–$34

Beautycounter’s goal is “to get safer products into the hands of everyone.” Their lovely lipsticks provide subtle, natural shine without any stickiness whatsoever. Every shade is rich, color-tested, and contains no synthetic fragrances. For those who are indecisive, Beautycounter offers free samples of their silky-smooth, long-lasting formulas so that you can choose the perfect product for yourself. We love Beautycounter for their dedication to safety, beauty education, and cruelty-free methods.

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3. Axiology

Natural & Organic | All-natural
Eco-Friendly | Boxes sourced from woman-owned recycled-paper boutique in Bali
Ethical | Holistic & vegan lifestyle
Our Pick | Lipstick: The Goodness
Lipstick Price | $26–$30

Axiology believes that “kissable lips are sexiest with a nourishing, sustainable lipstick—and that nobody needs to sacrifice their values to get glammed up.” Dedicated to integrity and generosity, Axiology uses profits to support organizations such as the Orangutan Foundation International, PETA, and other humane societies. You’ll never have to worry about running into harmful chemicals with Axiology products, and you’ll absolutely love their glamorous, buildable, moisturizing lipsticks.

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Natural & Organic | Certified organic bioactive botanicals
Eco-Friendly | Sleek recycled aluminum case
Ethical | Ethical-sustainable approach, cruelty-free
Our Pick | Satin Cream Lip Crayon
Lipstick Price | $24–$34

ILIA lip products not only nourish and rejuvenate lips, but give natural sun protection while providing sheer and subtle color. Suitable for all skin tones, ILIA’s contemporary colors are blended into a creamy semi-matte finish. A rich blend of antioxidant oils helps soften lips. Plus, ILIA products combine beautifully, so their lipsticks and glosses create endless possibilities!

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5. RMS Beauty

Natural & Organic | Free of harmful chemicals & preservatives & vitamins & GMOs
Eco-Friendly | Dedicated to “natural state” ingredients
Ethical | Ethical-sustainable approach, cruelty-free
Our Pick | lip2cheek
Lipstick Price | $20–$36

RMS Beauty is known for anti-aging properties and long-term beauty. Their lip products are nontoxic and help to heal and nourish the skin. Every lip ingredient is used in its raw, organic state which allows natural living attributes to rejuvenate and refresh your lips. You’ll adore the versatility of their Lip2Cheek product, which is a moisturizing, multi-purpose product with stunning and vibrant results.

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6. W3ll People

Natural & Organic | All-natural, mostly organic, gluten-free
Eco-Friendly | GMO-free, produced with sustainable energy
Ethical | Mostly vegan, cruelty-free, small batch, Made in USA
Our Pick | Nudist Lip Butter: Cherry
Lipstick Price | $15–$24

A cosmetic line containing premium natural ingredients, W3ll People uses an organic and advanced botanical complex (aloe, chamomile, and green tree) that nourishes and protects your skin—as well as your lips. A Texas-based makeup company dedicated to social responsibility and using premium natural ingredients, W3ll People offers four unique and hydrating lipstick options in a variety of fun and feminine colors.

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7. Nūdus

Natural & Organic | All-natural, paraben & pesticide-free, no synthetic dyes, fragrance-free
Eco-Friendly | GMO-free
Ethical | Cruelty-free
Our Pick | 27 Kisses
Lipstick Price | $42

Nūdus lip products are always guaranteed pure and safe, with full traceability of every ingredient as well as the “COSMOS Organic Certification.” Created by smart, forward-thinking women, these lip colors emphasize health and beauty in a fresh way. Their color selection is marked by stunning, natural shades which compliment any skin tone.

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8. Lotus Bio-Mineral

Natural & Organic | Organic, all-natural, toxin-free
Eco-Friendly | Botanical extracts and all-natural processing
Ethical | Ethical-sustainable approach, cruelty-free
Our Pick | Lipstick: Cling Peach
Lipstick Price | $13–$15

Lotus Bio-Mineral lipsticks are all-natural, organic, pure, and healthy—just the way we like them! You’ll love their long-lasting buildable color and moisturizing qualities, as well as the shea butter satin finish. Your lips will appreciate being covered in Lotus’ antioxidant-rich botanical extracts, essential oils, and natural pigments. This must-have is one you’ll always be grateful to have on hand!

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9. Ecco Bella

Natural & Organic | Gluten, FD&C Dye, petroleum and fragrance-free
Eco-Friendly | Naturally-preserved
Ethical | Ethical-sustainable approach, cruelty-free
Our Pick | Flowercolor Lipstick
Lipstick Price | $18–$22

Ecco Bella’s healthy lipsticks are comprised of vegetable waxes, oils, and mineral pigments, making them harmless for both the planet and your body. Their nature-inspired products are all naturally-preserved and “inspired by compassion for all living beings.” Every lipstick goes on creamy and smooth, leaving your lips dazzling without any flaking or chapping.

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10. Vapour

Natural & Organic | All-natural, paraben & nanoparticle-free, 70% organic
Eco-Friendly | Recyclable packaging, passive-solar and wind power in warehouses, biodegradable ingredients
Ethical | Cruelty-free, Made in New Mexico
Our Pick | Aura Stain Multi Use
Lipstick Price | $20–$25

Created by two women in the mountains of New Mexico, the lipsticks from Vapour Cosmetics are unique in that every product is a careful combination of skincare and makeup. By merging alchemy with healing botanicals, plant essences, and natural mineral pigments, these natural lipsticks benefits your lips as well as enhances your natural beauty.

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