Taper Candles For A Warm, Cozy Vibe

We’re not here to fight, but we’d argue that there’s nothing cozier than some taper candles around a room. Nestled into delicate holders and giving off a gentle glow when lit (you know, for when you do light them), they add such warmth to any space.

We’ve found 11 artisanal taper and pillar candles for you to enjoy. Most of these are made with either drip-free beeswax (clean-burning and usually sustainably sourced) or soy wax (for vegan taper candles). Either way, they’ll look beautiful in your home whether you light them or not.

No holders? No problem! Check out our guide to regular candles. Or, if you’d prefer to DIY, try these candle-making tips from a chandler.

1. Alysia Mazzella

Based In | Hudson Valley, NY Ethics | Sustainably sourced beeswax, Black & Indigenous woman-owned Styles | Tapers (8” & 11”), spiral & fortune tapers, chimes, tea lights, & pillar candles Price Range | $5–$10 for one

Alysia Mazzella began making beeswax candles in 2017, and she hasn’t looked back since. Sustainably sourcing beeswax from apiaries in New York state, Mazzella hand-dips each taper and pillar candle herself. There aren’t any cloying scents or toxic dyes to worry about, just 100 percent beeswax and a cotton wick—all you need to do is bring the spark. We especially love the twin flame, combining two spiral tapers.

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2. Hawkins New York

Based In | Hudson, NY Ethics | Hand-dipped in Maine, traditional techniques, natural beeswax Styles | Regular tapers (13”) in 12 colors Price Range | $8 for a set of two

Hawkins New York curates goods from all over the globe for the chic and conscious household. These taper candles, for example, are hand-dipped in mid-coast Maine but made with traditionally Scandinavian techniques. This beeswax and premium wax blend also means an impressive height (the tallest on our list) and even more impressive burn time (10.5+ hours!). The colors are pretty gorgeous, too—including rich black taper candles.

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3. Beehive Alchemy

Based In | Milwaukee, WI Ethics | Ethically made in Wisconsin, natural beeswax, eco-friendly packaging options Styles | Regular tapers (10”) in six colors Price Range | $52 for a set of eight

Beehive Alchemy is an artisan soap and candle company and a group of small-scale beekeepers. That means the beeswax used is sourced locally, sustainably, and ethically. Available in a pack of eight and in a variety of colors (including a mixed set), you’ll just love looking at—and lighting—these. You can also request eco-friendly shipping, should you order directly.

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4. GoodLight

Based In | Telluride, CO Ethics | Sustainable palm wax, ethically made in Malaysia & China, vegan, gives back, eco-friendly packaging Styles | Regular tapers (8” & 10”), Chanukah & Shabbat candles Price Range | $8.99 for a set of four 10”

GoodLight knows that “we breathe what we burn.” That’s why all of its candles—from tapers to tea lights—are made with palm wax instead of paraffin. Though palm wax is derived from oil palm trees, the GoodLight team exclusively supports sustainable palm farmers and production. We love that you can grab unscented tapers, scented jars, and special occasion candles here, with up to 96-count packs.

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5. Serenity by Liv

Based In | Massachusetts Ethics | Ethically made in Massachusetts, natural beeswax & soy wax blend, carbon-neutral shipping Styles | Floral-pressed taper candles (9.5”) Price Range | $5–$9 for one

Serenity by Liv is an Etsy shop Olivia Gulezian launched in quarantine after taking up candle-making as a hobby. These taper candles are made with a natural blend of soy wax and beeswax, finished with a cotton wick and flowers. You can choose from five styles here or place your own custom order, which reviewers have raved about. Add some vibrant color to your space!

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6. Uncommon Goods

Based In | Brooklyn, NY Ethics | Certified B Corp, fair trade, ethically made in Indonesia by artisans, renewable stearin wax, gives back Styles | Regular taper candles (9.64”) in four color sets Price Range | $24 for a set of four

Uncommon Goods, a certified B Corp, helps us find out-of-the-box home goods we love. That’s the case too with these striped dinner candles. Choose from one of four color combos, like jasmine and marigold or pompadour blue and rust, for your stay-at-home date night Each one is hand-poured by Fair Trade certified artisans in Indonesia. They’re perfect for livening up any space or occasion!

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7. Lumberman Co.

Based In | Omaha, NE Ethics | Ethically made in Nebraska, natural coconut oil & beeswax, carbon-neutral shipping Styles | Mixed color taper candles (6” & 12”) Price Range | $12.50–$18.50 for a set of two

Lumberman Co. is a small family-owned business in the heart of Nebraska. And these beeswax-based candles are truly unlike any we’ve ever seen. The team uses coconut oils and dyes for a mesmerizing mist-like effect, and you can choose your heights and colors, (or opt for a curated set of six). Whatever you go for, it’ll be sent with carbon-neutral shipping via Etsy.

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8. Esh Candle

Based In | The UK Ethics | Ethically made in the UK, recycled cotton, natural dyes & soy wax, vegan, eco-friendly packaging Styles | Hex twist tapers (24cm), twirl tapers (20cm), tie-dye tapers (25cm), star (20cm) & swirl pillar candles (13cm) Price Range | £5–£25 for one

Esh Candle? More like yes, candles! This sustainable brand from South London crafts whimsical and colorful taper candles you’ll love adorning your space with. From tie-dye tapers to two-tone twirls, every candle is handmade using soy wax, nontoxic dyes, and recycled cotton wicks. They’re the conscious candles worth using for celebrations.

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9. Nata

Based In | London, UK Ethics | Ethically made in the UK, natural soy wax, vegan, eco-friendly dyes Styles | Wavy taper candles (18cm), twist candles (12cm), custom shapes Price Range | £10–£50 for one

Nata is a concept store inspired by the likes of Paris and London. This two-person team makes their own molds, like the column candles reminiscent of Doric Greek architecture. Then, each one is hand-poured with a blend of soy wax, nontoxic dyes, and essential oils like jasmine and neroli. Though these aren’t the typical size of taper candles, they’re wonderful mini options, especially with their heavenly scents.

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Based In | Sydney, Australia Ethics | Ethically made in Australia, natural soy wax, vegan Styles | Pillar candles (27cm), wide pillar candles (15cm), curl candles (11cm) Price Range | $32 AUD for a set of two

BLACK BLAZE was the team behind one of Australia’s first wooden wick candles. Its pillar candles are a bit different, but equally as sustainable and stunning. There are eight colors to select from, including black, cream white, honey, and beige—ideal for neutral spaces and decor. And in addition to finding pillar candles here, BLACK BLAZE also carries stylish brass holders.


11. Lolita’s Candle Co

Based In | Vancouver, Canada Ethics | Ethically made in Canada, coconut & soy wax, vegan, carbon-neutral shipping Styles | Wavy & zig-zag pillar candles (22.5cm), regular candles, bubble candles, custom shapes Price Range | $19.77

Karla Capristan is the maker and entrepreneur behind Lolita’s Candle Co. Originally from Lima, Peru and now based in Vancouver, she crafts fashion-forward candles using eco-friendly coco-soy wax blends. This range includes bubble candles, goddess bust candles, and two types of pillar candles. For an edgier aesthetic, go for the zig-zag style—or if you’re feeling a bit softer, grab the wave style. We love ‘em all.

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