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Women’s Podcasts We Love

Whether we’re commuting or relaxing in our local park, we enjoy podcasts for our daily dose of inspiration, insight, and humor. We specifically love podcasts hosted by women and for women on the topics most relevant to our daily lives. Below you will find a lineup of incredible shows hosted by inspiring women leaders. Each podcast differs in approach and covers a variety of topics, offering something for everyone.

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1. We Can Do Hard Things

Listen For | Honest talk about the hard stuff
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Glennon Doyle started this podcast after her mantra “We can do hard things” from her bestselling 2020 memoir Untamed went viral during the pandemic. With her wife Abby Wambach and sister Amanda Doyle, the women hosts confront all the hard stuff of life– from breakups to addiction to abortion– with honesty, openness, and hope. They answer listener questions each week and bring in guests to help talk out some of the tougher things women face with the kind of frankness that has made their podcast a favorite for millions. 

Reviews | “These three podcast hosts – Glennon, Abby and Amanda (sister) are incredible! This podcast is raw and real and funny and oh so needed in these times we all find ourselves in. There is a reason we all love them. They are the best friends we all wish we had. I look forward to laughing , crying, breathing and relating to these fellow humans.” -YaYa Yogi KC, Apple Podcast Review

2. The Highest Self

Listen For | Conversations with thought-leaders on topics ranging from women’s health and wellness to career advice
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Author and Coach, Sahara Rose takes her listeners under her arm to explore all that “makes you, your soul’s highest evolvement.” She goes deep into human existence through heart-led conversations with spiritual teachers, thought-leaders, and health coaches. Each episode is meant to feel like a conversation with a best friend that leaves you feeling full and inspired to be your best self.

Reviews | “I LOVE The Highest Self Podcast! It has been such a powerful and transformative podcast for me over the years. Sahara’s wisdom, authenticity, compassion, and dharma infuse each episode.” – Anna Marie F, Apple Podcast Review

3. The Hey Girl Podcast

Listen For | Candid storytelling from phenomenal women
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Author Alex Elle created The Hey Girl Podcast to embrace sisterhood and tell stories. Since its launch, she’s invited the women who inspire her to have intimate conversations, including illustrators, Ayurvedic chefs, Olympic fencers, and The Good Trade’s very own co-founder, AmyAnn! Listen for discussions on everything from sexual health and civil rights to collective grief and ancestral guidance.

Reviews | “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every discussion that I’ve listened to, they all leave me feeling inspired and nourished.” – Caroline Kelley, iTunes

4. Black Girl in Om

Listen For | Wellness-based conversations for Black women and women of color
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

In this podcast, founder and host Lauren Ash sits with guests from various industries to talk about all things self-care and self-love for Black women and women of color. Even though it’s no longer in production, you can check out the archives to catch discussions with Rachel Cargle, Erica Chidi-Cohen, Kenesha Sneed, and more about sexual liberation, the importance of a support system, and how to create space for abundance.

Reviews | “These conversations are deep and important… and the energy in which they are held is incredibly nourishing!” – Amanda L, iTunes Review

5. The Broad Experience

Listen For | Thoughtful discussions about women in the workplace
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

British-American journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte explores glass ceilings and women in the workplace in her award-winning podcast. The show is named after the decades-old slang term for “woman” in US English as a way to reclaim the word—and it’s doing just that. Tune in for insightful interviews and inspiring dialogue about women in the workplace.

Reviews | “Ashley’s journalistic tenacity delivers off-beat and unique stories that intrigue and excite! This is not another dull career advice podcast. Each episode is thought-provoking and inspiring!” – Amber B, iTunes Review

6. The Patrauma Party

Listen For | Mental health support and education 
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

The host of this podcast, Remy Ramirez, is an astrologer and published writer. Each episode focuses on transparent conversations helping listeners to feel seen in pain that can oftentimes leave us feeling most alone. She speaks to experts on topics ranging from the patriarchy, grief, intergenerational trauma, how to set boundaries, and so much more.  

Reviews | “Remy’s story-telling style and bare-all honesty combined with the experience and insights from her practitioner guests are a beautiful combo…these episodes create that just-right place of sharing that helps me see my own behaviors and an exploration of healing that gives me hope.” – KatWitt, Apple Podcast Review

7. Life, I Swear

Listen For | Stories, insights, and reflections from Black women
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

In this podcast, Chloe Dulce Louvouezo interviews Black women and centers their personal stories that offer universal insight. Listen for vulnerable reflections from Black women about trials in their lives that have helped them heal, connect, and process.

Reviews | “I am so grateful for this platform. I’ve learned so much from each of these episodes. What has been most refreshing is the transparency, vulnerability and honesty in each of these conversations. A space where Black women can be honest, share and be vulnerable with each other is a breath of fresh air.” – Rai M, iTunes Review

8. The Twelfth House

Listen For | Conversations about all the things that go unseen in the wellness world
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

Brought to listeners by Holisticism, this podcast sheds light on the unseen aspects of wellness, intuitive business, and spirituality. Hosted by Michelle Pellizzon, it includes interviews with special guests and resources to help women (and really everyone!) connect with their most intuitive and magical selves.

Reviews | “The only podcast I know where the conversation effortlessly weaves together skincare, European witch hunts, the rise of patriarchal capitalism, and practical business advice for women.” – Stephanie R., iTunes Review

9. Unf*ck Your Brain

Listen For | If you’ve ever felt unqualified despite your accomplishments and success
Where To Tune In | Apple Podcasts, Spotify

This podcast is for anyone struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. Especially for women who have accomplished a lot professionally, we sometimes struggle with an internal critic that tells us we’re unqualified. This podcast is all about unf*cking your brain from these patriarchal narratives and more.

Reviews | “I’ve been listening to Kara’s podcast for 3+ years. She is so wise and explains things in a way that feel relevant and reachable.” – Mary J., iTunes Review