Finding Peace One Puzzle Piece At A Time

We live in a society where we spend most of our time on screens. Simultaneously, we yearn for relief from the physical and mental upset that screens can sometimes cause. Finding the patience to disconnect can be challenging, especially with the noise in our brains and the pull to stay busy. The simple and tactile act of slowly working on a jigsaw puzzle can offer us much needed peace. Not to mention, puzzles are soothing and can alleviate stress that impacts our nervous systems.

Below are our favorite jigsaw puzzles for adults, made to give us solace in a chaotic world. These brands and creators highlight the slow and steady creation of art. Pick one up for a weekend or weeknight project, and cherish all that’s good with completing something beautiful.

For more tactile and analog experiences, check out these sustainable board games for adults. Alternatively, here are a few more of our favorite screen-free activities to help us unplug and exercise creativity. 

1. timeless.goods

Brand Ethics | Black-owned, gives back, made-to-order, printed on Eska 100 percent recycled board
Puzzle Sizes | 260–2000 pieces
Price | $60–$120

Easily the finest fine art puzzles out there, timeless.goods has been selling puzzles since 2018 “as an exercise in thoughtfulness and a chance to nurture relationships with our peers.” Working with photographer and multidisciplinary artist Cary Fagan, the brand offers film photography puzzles that come in a black tin (and with a printed image for reference). A portion of puzzle sales benefits Black Girls Code.

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2. Jiggy Puzzles

Brand Ethics | Carbon-neutral shipping, packaged in reusable glass jar
Puzzle Sizes | 450–800 pieces
Price | $40–$49

For a jigsaw puzzle worth framing, check out this Ohio-based brand. Jiggy Puzzles come with the tools required to preserve your masterpiece, including puzzle glue and a straight-edge tool. The brand also donates a percentage of sales to various artists and nonprofit organizations.

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3. Inner Piece

Brand Ethics | Gives back, printed on recycled paper, packaged in reusable pouch
Puzzle Sizes | 500–1000 pieces
Price | $30–$35

Inner Piece puzzles feature contemporary artists from around the globe. These jigsaw puzzles for adults aim to spread quiet time in a world that’s often distracted and loud. One dollar from every puzzle sold supports mindfulness programs in youth education.

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4. Goodfit

Brand Ethics | Printed on recycled cardboard, packaged in reusable pouch, artisan-designed, gives back
Puzzle Sizes | 500–1000 pieces
Price | $28–$32

Started by a husband-and-wife duo in Denver, Goodfit hand-selects artists to create modern jigsaw puzzles that blend culture, cause, and connection. Each design is then printed onto recycled cardboard and finished with a linen texture, all stored in a reusable cotton bag. We love Goodfit’s pledge to support a charity of the artisan’s choice with each purchase.

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5. Piecework Puzzles

Brand Ethics | Printed on recycled paper
Puzzle Sizes | 500–1000 pieces
Price | $26–$36

Piecework Puzzles are meant to be savored over the hours. We love that these thick stock art puzzles come with curated playlists to help you disconnect from the hustle and bustle. Don’t miss the duos for discounted puzzles, either!

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6. Lemonade Pursuits Puzzles

Brand Ethics | Designed for mindfulness, gives back, recycled & biodegradable materials
Puzzle Sizes | 500-1000 pieces
Price | $29–$175

Keep your hands full and your mind clear is the motto behind Lemonade Pursuits Puzzles. This brand was created on the premise of stopping anxiety-induced brain chatter, and the abstract jigsaw puzzles aim to harness mental energy and soothe players’ minds. We especially love that everything is recyclable or biodegradable.

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7. Ordinary Habit

Brand Ethics | Made with recycled materials, gives back
Puzzle Sizes | 100–1000 pieces
Price | $20–$48

Reset and reconnect with loved ones using Ordinary Habit’s limited edition puzzles. Made for everyday play, you can find more than a dozen designs that are as soothing as they are colorful. The puzzles are designed in the US by various artisans and manufactured by craftspeople in Poland using recycled materials. Ordinary Habit gives back to The Loveland Foundation.

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8. Bonopii

Brand Ethics | Gives back, printed on recycled paper
Puzzle Sizes | 1,000 pieces
Price | $38

Founded by two artists and sisters who share a love for cooking and puzzles, Bonopii art puzzles are visually delicious. The brand also donates 10 percent of sales to Summaeverythang—an organization delivering fresh produce from organic farms to communities in Los Angeles.

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9. Whiled

Brand Ethics | Printed on recycled paper, packaged in cotton drawstring bag
Puzzle Sizes | 1000 pieces
Price | $37

From the founder of Girls’ Night In comes Whiled, a new and exciting puzzle brand designed specifically for downtime. These complex art pieces feature commissioned prints and illustrations by artists from around the world. We love that they come with conversation prompts and irregular-sized puzzle pieces for expanded play.

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10. Four Point Puzzles

Brand Ethics | Printed on recycled materials, gives back
Puzzle Sizes | 1000 pieces
Price | $25 USD

Four Point Puzzles is a Canada-based brand using images from contemporary art, quilts, and even images of NASA for its puzzles. In fact, Four Point’s puzzles are so popular, they’re even stocked at the MoMA Design Store and the National Gallery of Art. Our favorite of the collection, The Earth, comes with a 10 percent donation to wildlife and habitat conservation. These innovative designs are not for the faint of heart!

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