In a time before smartphones (or even cell phones), I relied on a small clock radio to wake me to whatever song happened to be playing. Sometimes I’d even catch jingles of local advertisers — my fellow midwesterners know that the Menard’s song hits differently at 6AM on a Tuesday. Still, I miss those days of static-filled radio waking me up compared to the shrill rings from my iPhone nowadays. I figured some day I would get an alarm clock to reduce my reliance on smartphones in the bedroom, but stayed stuck in the same jolt-awake-and-scroll routine. Until I discovered the Loftie Clock.

Loftie was founded in 2018 with a simple mission: to reduce our reliance on smartphones, starting on our nightstands. The New York-based company keeps it simple, offering only a couple options of its sleek alarm clock and minimalist sunrise lamp as their main products (no scrolling Amazon forever wondering which color, style, type, etc, of clock to get). 

“Loftie was founded in 2018 with a simple mission: to reduce our reliance on smartphones, starting on our nightstands.”

The Loftie Clock offers a variety of phone-free features like meditations, sound baths, playlists, and also serves as a sleep noise machine. The Loftie Lamp, which can be used paired or separately from the clock, operates on your schedule to remind you it’s time to wind down, and time to wake up thanks to its gentle glowing light.

But why might we need an alternative for our phone alarms? Research has shown that blue light, most often from screens, can impact both the quantity and quality of our sleep. So most folks (me included) who use their smartphones as an alarm clock are exposed first thing — and last thing — each day. And sleep disruptions aren’t a small issue; a long-term lack of rest can lead to health problems, like weakened immunity and higher blood pressure.

For the last eight months, I’ve been using both the Loftie Clock and Loftie Lamp as an alternative to my phone alarm. And, while I haven’t been able to kick the phone out of my AM and PM habits altogether, I love waking up — gently — thanks to Loftie each morning. Here are my thoughts!

The Loftie Clock, $149

First I have to say, I love the design of the Loftie Clock. It’s understated and elegant, and the little night light that glows at its base is super soothing (not like the green glowy digits and snooze buttons on my old alarm clock).

The clock requires a phone, a wireless connection, and Loftie app to set up, but once it’s ready you can tuck the phone away and navigate your alarms, playlists, and white noise directly on the clock. I didn’t have too much trouble with set up, although it’s a little more complicated than the plug-and-play radio alarm clocks of yesteryear. 

When it comes to function, I have to say I’ve never been waken so gently. My Loftie hums a low and calming sound nine minutes before my alarm is due to go off (I chose the Bowls wakeup sound), and then rings a cheerier, louder sound when it’s time to get up (I really like the Radiance tone). The two-phase alarm is specifically designed to mimic the body’s natural waking process, and it’s so seamless I sometimes wake up feeling like I missed my alarm. (I never have).

The Loftie alarm clock displaying the Loftie logo

I also like that you can schedule out a recurring weekly alarm schedule, including multiple alarms daily, if you have a varying schedule!

“The two-phase alarm is specifically designed to mimic the body’s natural waking process, and it’s so seamless I sometimes wake up feeling like I missed my alarm. (I never have).”

I enjoy the classical music playlists and the wide range of sounds for sleep. I didn’t realize white noise actually comes in a range of colors, with different frequencies based on your preferences (brown noise is my favorite, while pink noise makes my skin crawl). You can hear a sampling of the available sounds by scrolling down on the purchase page. You’ll also find meditations, breathwork, bedtime stories (!!), and sound baths on the Loftie which are helpful if you need some guidance to “turn off” for the night. The clock also serves as a bluetooth speaker, with a surprisingly robust sound quality for its small size.

All these features means the Loftie is going to cost more than a standard alarm clock — but, honestly, even if you don’t wait until the clock goes on sale it’s a worthwhile investment. The standard price is $149, but you can also sometimes get refurbished Loftie Clocks which vary in condition and can be priced as low as $99, without sacrificing any of the functionality. 

The Loftie Lamp, $249

I didn’t have a bedside lamp before I got the Loftie Lamp, and now I’ll never go back to a bare nightstand again. This lamp offers three lighting modes: daytime with the full body illuminated, nighttime with the full body illuminated in red (red light does not interfere with your circadian rhythm), and reading, which lights up the top of the lamp for cozy and targeted light.

But the real winning feature here is Loftie’s sunrise wakeup — set the time you want to be awoken and the lamp will dimly light up in a color pattern of your choice, gradually growing brighter. It’s even more gentle than the Loftie Clock, which is saying a lot. I often find myself awake without realizing it, thinking my body just decided it was fully rested — until I see my glowy Loftie Lamp beside me. It doesn’t wake my partner, and puts a smile on my face as soon as I open my eyes. I’ve been waking up to a color scheme inspired by Joshua Tree, which is a stunning gradient of orange into a deep lavender.

The lamp does also have a “wind-down” reminder, which you can set to remind you when it’s time to get ready for bed. The light starts strong, and gradually diminishes to ease you into bed. I love the idea of this — I really do — but my sleeping habits aren’t consistent and I often am to late (or too early) to follow Loftie’s lead.

“The real winning feature here is Loftie’s sunrise wakeup […] I’ve been waking up to a color scheme inspired by Joshua Tree, which is a stunning gradient of orange into a deep lavender.”

The Loftie Lamp and Loftie Clock on the editor's nightstand

This lamp does run on the more expensive side, with a typical price of $249, but you can bundle with the clock if you’d like to save 20 percent. If the price tag isn’t attainable but you still want a Loftie experience, I say start with the clock. The Loftie Lamp is certainly delightful and calming, and gets my stamp of approval — but it’s also not necessary if you’re on more of a budget.

The final verdict: has Loftie really helped me ditch my phone?

Listen, I’m not immune to the doom scroll. While Loftie has helped me reduce my reliance on my phone in the bedroom, it hasn’t removed all of my daily stresses or dopamine needs. My phone shows up on my nightstand a night or two each week for emotional support (hah), but I’m happy to say I only wake to my lovely Loftie alarms! 

I also occasionally have to run updates or re-establish my Wifi connection with the Loftie devices, so it’s important to understand that you won’t go fully phone-free with Loftie.

There are only two drawbacks I’d note — one being that if you don’t have a basic understanding of how to use your cell phone or Wifi, the products may be a little complicated. (Thinking especially of my older friends, although Loftie walks you through everything quite well!)

The other is that the price for both the clock and lamp can be prohibitive. I think it’s a worthwhile investment if you’ve allocated part of your budget to upgrading your sleep routine. The brand even offers a 60 day return policy in case you don’t completely love the products, just be sure to keep the original packaging.

Overall, I’m sold on Loftie as a soothing start to my morning. I’m not waking up to random local commercials or static-filled AM radio stations anymore—and I’m certainly not being jolted awake by one of my iPhone’s limited and annoying ringtones. Instead I’m drawn out from my sleep peacefully, and optimistic about the day ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • Loftie’s core goal is to reduce our reliance on phones in the bedroom and I’ve found that it meets those expectations.
  • The Loftie Clock is a sigh of relief for folks who want to ditch their phone in the bedroom. It serves as a noise machine, an alarm clock, a bluetooth speaker and even has playlists, bedtime stories, and guided meditations and stretching routines. All phone-free!
  • The clock and Loftie Lamp pair well together and I enjoy the light functions on the lamp—it adds additional soothing ambience to turn-down and wakeup routines. If you’re on a budget though, I’d stick to just a Loftie Clock (you can even get one refurbished to save a little money!) The lamp is pricey at $249, but you can always look out for sales.
  • These products do require a bit of technical knowledge to setup (not much), but it’s good to know if you find technology particularly challenging. The setup instructions are clear, but does require connecting to wifi and installing an app!

Emily McGowan is the Editorial Director at The Good Trade. Born and raised in Indiana, she studied Creative Writing and Business at Indiana University. You can usually find her in her colorful Los Angeles apartment journaling, caring for her rabbits and cat, or gaming. Say hi on Instagram!