In the 16 years I’ve been a rabbit parent, rugs have been my greatest enemy. Only one of my bunnies has ever been comfortable exploring apartment wood floors, but the rest have preferred comfy carpeted spaces. And without sharing too many gross details—rabbits are messy.

For this reason, I’ve never wanted to spend money on nice rugs, instead opting for generic places like RugsUSA or whatever’s cheapest on Amazon. I care for the rugs as long as possible (for both sustainability and budget reasons), and they’re often quite ripped, stained, and faded by the time I decide to get new ones. When I started seeing washable rugs floating around in influencer ads and decor blogs, I became intrigued and discovered Lorena Canals in the process.

Founded in 1998 by Spanish designer Lorena Canals (yes, her full name!), the brand has now been making washable rugs for over 25 years. The company has grown to have offices in Barcelona, New Delhi, and New York, and even founded their own artisan factory in India where the brand has direct oversight into production practices. Lorena Canals also crafts nontoxic adorable baskets, poufs, and accessories for kids rooms that I not-so secretly want to have for myself. 

Even better than Lorena Canals’ long history of creating washable rugs? All these stunning rugs are handmade using natural materials, colored using nontoxic dyes, are zero waste, and save water in their production. This makes them ideal for nurseries and folks with synthetic material sensitivities. This is one of the biggest features that sets Lorena Canals apart from the competition—other washable rug brands primarily use polyester.

“All these stunning rugs are handmade using natural materials, colored using nontoxic dyes, are zero waste, and save water in their production.”

So as my time with my old super cheap rugs came to an end, I decided to switch all my rugs over to washable ones—I got one from Lorena Canals, one from Ruggable, and one from a mass online rug retailer for the sake of a firsthand comparison.

I selected a 5’7” x 7’10” abstract rug from the brand’s Woolable collection, which features super plush and washable wool rugs. It’s from a collaboration Lorena Canals did with new-to-me designer Donna Wilson. And even now that I have and love the rug, I still find myself returning to the site to browse since there’s usually a new release or two that catches my eye. 

Shipping + Unboxing

The rug arrived in a large cardboard box, and was wrapped in a 100% compostable bag—notably not a plastic one. The package also included a non-slip rug pad, which looks pretty standard to my untrained eye and I’m not quite sure what it’s made of, since those details aren’t available on the brand’s site. Finally, I had to chuckle a bit at the inclusion of a tote bag designed to fit this large rug—but I realized later on it’s extremely handy to have on hand for wash days. (More on that below).

I followed the instructions that came with the rug and laid the rug flat for a few days before vacuuming and trimming up any pulled or loose threads (there was just one). There was no off-gassing, which was nice compared to other “mainstream” polyester rugs I’ve had in the past.

Rug Performance + Style

I’ve now had the rug for two months, and I can’t wait to add more Lorena Canals rugs to my home. This rug is hands down one of the most luxurious pieces of decor I’ve ever had in my space, and goes beautifully with the colors in my home. I’ve moved it from the bedroom to the living room, where I prefer it now, and love spending cozy time on the floor with my pets.

“One thing to note about the wool line, though, is that you will experience shedding—which is completely normal for this natural fiber.”

One thing to note about the wool line, though, is that you will experience shedding—which is completely normal for this natural fiber. I run my robot vacuum daily (thanks to the bunnies) and find lots of fluff in the dust capture bin, even after two months. I’m sure it’s a combination of pet hair and wool, but still something to be aware of in advance! I haven’t noticed any degradation in the quality or performance of the rug, though.

I was also particularly pleased with how true-to-color the photos on Lorena Canals’ website are; I received exactly the product I imagined (which isn’t always the case with rugs). And, as far as washable rugs go, the pile is a generous .59” and you’d never guess this rug is washable. When I compare it to my Ruggable (I did not select the premium pile) and the other washable rug I got, my Lorena Canals rug is substantial and outshines in both design and comfort.

Washing Process + Tips 

Then came the true test: washing my Woolable rug. In true Emily fashion, I put off washing it for weeks (this rug is heavy) until the inevitable happened—I spilled a full glass of red wine on the rug. I couldn’t have planned a better test. 

I removed as much of the wine as I could with an absorbent cloth, as per the brand’s recommendation, and then threw the rug into the wash the very next day. Although “throw” might not be the right word. I lugged the very heavy and unwieldy rug down to the basement of my building and carefully loaded it into my top loading washer. The rug fit, but barely.

And that’s when I realized my mistake—since my washer and dryer are furnished by the landlord, I don’t know what the capacity is and just made my best guess when looking at rug sizes. I also didn’t catch the note on the Lorena Canals website to avoid washers with center centrifuges. Yikes.

The washing machine stalled somewhere halfway through the wash, likely because of an imbalance in the weight. When I went to swap it to the dryer, the rug was still drenched—and painfully heavy. The dryer couldn’t handle the weight, so I ended up pulling the rug into a laundry basket and back upstairs, one single, slow, and sopping wet step at a time. (It was easily over 100 lbs at this point.)

Fortunately I had space to air dry the rug, but I was very careful to make sure no parts were sitting damp for too long. The whole process took a few hot LA days, and I brought the rug back in, still slightly damp, after a quick spray down with Febreeze. It didn’t smell too strongly but I didn’t want to take any risks with a damp wool rug in my space. From there, no complaints! The wine stain is only visible if you’re looking for it, and it settled back into its fluffiness in no time. 

Overall Thoughts On Lorena Canals vs. Ruggable

If you’re looking for super high quality, plush, natural, and nontoxic rugs, Lorena Canals wins hands down. I’m such a fan of the brand’s ethics and creative designs, and can’t wait to add to my rug collection with more pieces from them.

“The one drawback I experienced with these rugs was a result of my own error—make sure you have a large enough washer and dryer to properly accommodate.”

The one drawback I experienced with these rugs was a result of my own error—make sure you have a large enough washer and dryer to properly accommodate. Now I know why there’s a tote bag big enough to carry the rug, and I’ll be taking it to a laundromat next time I need to wash! In the meantime, it’s easy to care for and spot clean as needed. 

My other washable rugs, including the Ruggable, are much thinner by comparison and are made from polyester, which won’t be the ideal choice for everyone. I *can* see some benefits to those though, as they’re much easier to wash and dry on a more regular basis. If you’re okay with polyester rugs (as most mainstream rugs already are), these other brands will be a good fit for high-traffic or high-spill areas. 

Or, simply choose one of Lorena Canals’ thinner or smaller rugs! I’ve got my eye on the kitchen tiles design next. If you’re looking for an elevated decor option, or outfitting a nontoxic playroom, nursery, or kids room, Lorena Canals is the way to go.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lorena Canals makes luxurious washable rugs with a plush feel, and are an excellent choice when outfitting a nontoxic home that has kids and/or pets. Most rugs are made using wool or cotton!
  • The pricing feels on par with other rug brands (though the quality of Lorena Canals is much higher than the ultra-cheap retailers like RugsUSA or
  • Make sure you measure your washing machine—mine is just a bit too small for the rug which resulted in my having to air it dry, which took several days. 
  • You can expect some shedding with the Woolable line, which my vacuum is still picking up after a couple months. However, I spilled red wine on the rug and it’s hardly even noticeable now after a cleanup and wash!
  • Compared to my Ruggable, I prefer the plush feel of Lorena Canals, although the easy change-out and washing of Ruggable is a big perk—honestly, I love both for different reasons. But if nontoxic/plastic-free is your objective, Lorena Canals wins, hands down.

Emily Torres is the Editorial Director at The Good Trade. Born and raised in Indiana, she studied Creative Writing and Business at Indiana University. You can usually find her in her colorful Los Angeles apartment journaling, caring for her rabbits and her cat, or gaming.