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Sézane’s website transports you instantly into a Parisian daydream: Bright pops of color, plush sweaters, silky blouses, and well-fitting trousers flood the senses. The brand is adept at creating everyday looks that spark elegance while also being effortless. It has always inspired me to be more bold and creative when choosing what to wear.

But beyond the enchantment is a brand that’s much more than dreamy sweaters. Sézane is passionate about philanthropic efforts and committed to supporting both the earth and people on it— and they’ve got the certifications to prove it. For starters, they’re a B Corp, and their clothing is GOTS, Oeko-Tex, FSC, Ecovero, RWS and RMS certified. Their fabrics prioritize sustainability: they use organic or recycled cotton, viscose from sustainably managed forests, recycled wool that is 100% mulesing-free, and responsibly tanned leather. The list goes on!

The brand also has a philanthropic program called DEMAIN meaning “tomorrow” in French which donates 10% of sales on the 21st of every month to help “chil­dren access educa­tion, culture and equal opportunity.”

To truly discover if Sézane’s clothing was everything we imagined it to be, we decided we should try it out for ourselves. Here is my experience:

Shipping + Unboxing

The interior of a Sézane box.

The arrival of my Sézane clothing brought up the same feelings of my five-year-old self on Christmas day. The clothes came in the most beautiful shipping box I’d ever seen. Suddenly I was transported to France with the smell of lavender wafting through my window. Inside the lid were the words, “Thank you for welcoming us into your lives and writing the story of Sézane by our side,” inviting me deeper into the experience.

Each piece of clothing was neatly wrapped with tissue paper and a scented sticker of Sézane’s signature perfume. Swoon. I took each item out like a piece of fine china, feeling the depth of love and care it took to not only wrap each piece but also to make it.


The first item was one of Sézane’s classics: the Emile Cardigan in Mottled Pink ($170). A beautiful thick alpaca and wool cardigan with ballooned sleeves and the sweetest matching pink buttons. I typically wear a size small but the size guide recommended sizing down. I’m glad I did because it’s meant to be an oversized look and the XS fits perfectly.

This cardigan is buttery soft and delicate. I’m not always the most careful with my clothing but I know with a wool sweater like this, I’ll need to be. Luckily, Sézane provides an in-depth care guide for each of their garments; I’ll definitely be using their knitwear guide when it’s time to give this beauty a wash.


I’m so inspired by the way Sézane’s clothing is styled on their site. My favorite looks are the ones that feel effortless yet luxurious, often mixing their elegant sweaters and tops with denim. To recreate this aesthetic, I couldn’t wait to try the Le Crop in the classic denim shade ($125) paired with my Emile Cardigan.

These jeans are 100% organic and GOTS certified cotton and might be the softest jeans I’ve ever felt. When on, they’re stretchy and comfortable while also structured— hugging all the right places. I also love how high-waisted they are.

I’m often between sizes in pants and was unsure if I should order a 0 or a 2. But thanks to Sézane’s recommendation to size up, I went with a 2 and they fit flawlessly. They are perfectly snug around the waist, and I can tell they’ll stretch and form to my body overtime.


Next up in my magical box was the jumpsuit of my dreams: the Brooklyn Jumpsuit ($215). I’m a huge denim lover so I went for the jumpsuit in denim as well . Especially living in the mountains of Colorado, it’s a necessity to have high-quality denim to wear year-round.

However, when I first took this piece out of the box my stomach sank. The legs are very long, 31.8 inches (I missed this detail on their site) and I was worried my petite 5’4” frame wouldn’t fit. Once on, I rolled the legs up a couple of times et voilà! The jumpsuit fits like a glove. Because it’s also made from organic GOTS certified cotton, it’s very soft and stretchy.

The top actually fits a bit looser while the waist is snug, giving the impression that I’m wearing two pieces. The belt can also be removed to swap for different styles. I added the Gaston Scarf ($35) in Khaki Floral for my final look.


Last but certainly not least, the Chlo Shirt in Olive Green ($130). Wrapping myself in its 100% silk fabric made me stand a little straighter and walk with a bit more grace. It’s effortlessly sophisticated and fancy, so definitely not something to wear around my toddler.

I loved pairing it with the Le Crop for a more casual everyday look. But I’m also looking forward to dressing it up with trousers and pointed boots for a holiday party. I ordered the shirt in a size 2 but it fits on the smaller side. If I order another one of their Chlo shirts (they have a vast array of different colors and patterns), I would size up for a more billowy look.

It was love at first sight but I was afraid it wouldn’t last. Now after wearing Sézane, I know my feelings are deep and true, J’aime. Each of these pieces will be a lasting heirloom I hold onto for years to come. Not only because of their timeless style but their quality. 

Key Takeaways

  • Where is Sézane clothing made? Sézane is a committed sustainable brand, and this extends to the labor practices in their ateliers. A majority of their clothing is manufactured in Europe, with additional ateliers in India, China, and Bulgaria. These ateliers are thoroughly modern and depend on the materials and craftsmanship of the local community. The company offers a transparent look into their manufacturing process on their website.
  • Is Sézane high quality? The company’s price point is definitely on the higher end but because of their sustainable ethos, timeless style, and prime quality, the price matches the end product.
  • Do they ever have sales? Hot tip: Their discounted products are not listed as “sale” but, instead, under the heading: Archives. This immediately sounds more keepsake and special to me, another example of how they honor their clothing.
  • Do Sézane items need special care? One thing I adore about Sézane is their detailed care guides. They have everything from how-to care for shoes, jewelry, leather, and even delicate fabrics like silk and wool. Following their advice means you’ll get even more longevity out of your pieces.
  • Is Sézane only sold online? Sézane clothing is sold via their own website. They also have store locations in Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Paris for those looking to try on, touch, and feel their clothing before buying. 

Courtney Jay is a writer at The Good Trade. She is also a yoga instructor, health enthusiast, and sustainable fashion advocate. You can find more of her writing and take one of her online yoga classes on her website, Coincide.