Extend The Lifespan Of Your Clothing

One of the easiest ways to practice sustainability is to invest in our wardrobes. And that means more than simply buying ethical and sustainable clothing. It also means caring for our clothes by tailoring them for the best fit and learning how to sew or repair the inevitable hole. Given the pandemic, our bodies may have shifted to survive too, and our wardrobes will need to follow suit (pun intended).

We’ve found some of the best sewing kits to mend your clothes—but if you want to DIY your own, we got you! Most of the tools needed can be found at your local arts and crafts store or nationwide retailers: 

  • A small and large needle; the small one is great for linens and cotton, whereas the large needle (or darning needle) can be for sturdier fabrics

  • Sewing thread(s) to match your garments

  • Fabric scissors

  • Safety pins and straight pins to “hold” hems and adjustments

  • A ruler or tape measure

  • Optional: Water-soluble markers or chalk to mark fabric, an iron, and/or a seam ripper

Whether you’ve crafting your own mending kit or picking one up below, thank you for extending the lifespan of your clothes, keeping them in your closet and out of landfills.

1. Merchant & Mills

Made In | Rye, England
Includes | White & black thread, needles, pins, buttons, tape measure, scissors
Price | $22

Merchant & Mills has spent a decade bringing style and purpose to sewing, and the Rapid Repair Kit is the ideal travel go-to from this UK brand. This emergency repair kit comes with everything you’ll need for performing “first aid” on your garment, and we love how thoughtful the packaging is, too—right down to the monogrammed scissors and beautifully etched container.

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2. Bee Creative by Sarah

Made In | North Smithfield, RI
Includes | Needles, pins, measuring tape, scissors, mini pincushion
Price | $23.99

Repairing our clothes using a repurposed kit? Yes, please! Bee Creative by Sarah’s sewing kit is crafted with vintage lace and linen in dainty patterns, and the case comes with multiple pockets to keep tools in place. At just five by six inches when folded, this simple kit nestles perfectly into any drawer or travel bag.

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3. Not Another Hat

Made In | Melbourne, Australia
Includes | Upcycled fibers, pins, scissors, darning needles, darning mushroom, needle holder
Price | $77.50

Once you’ve purchased Not Another Hat’s comprehensive mending kit, you’ll never need another one! This order comes with 10 assorted shades of fibers, a handcrafted darning mushroom, thread scissors, needles, and the most darling hand-stitched needle holder made from vintage blankets. All the yarn used is sourced locally, reclaimed and unwoven, then hand-dyed in Australia.

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4. Katrinkles

Made In | Rhode Island
Includes | Darning loom, heddle, elastic loop, tapestry needle, instructions
Price | $34

Holes in your clothes don’t stand a chance with Katrinkles’ darning and mending kit via the popular Twisted Yarn Shop. In addition to all the tools you’ll need, this handy kit comes with an instruction pamphlet, too. Each order is handmade by Katrinkles owner, Katy Westcott, in Rhode Island. 

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5. beewildesmerchantco

Made In | Portland, ME
Includes | Four thread colors, fabric patches, needles, safety pins, scissors optional
Price | $16+

This portable mending kit from beewildesmerchantco offers the best of both worlds when it comes to sewing and darning. You’ll get four embroidery threads in basic colors like black, white, green, and blue, as well as various fabric scraps made out of wool and cotton for patching. Plus, you can add on a pair of fabric scissors too—all sent in a recycled tin, and with free US shipping.

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