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Our editors have lived in sustainable fashion for a decade — these are our favorite unisex brands that use eco-friendly materials and ethical production.

Style doesn’t have a gender—why should it? We know it’s possible to reject the framework of binary gender identity, and embrace what we and our communities want to wear without the stigma. We’ve been seeing a lot of inquiries into gender-neutral and gender-inclusive fashion and wanted to provide a one-stop shop for brands that lie at the intersection of gender inclusion and sustainability.

These values-driven brands are looking out for the planet’s wellbeing and belong in everyone’s closets. Investing in brands like these helps to support those often overlooked by the mainstream fashion industry. Remember: Wear what you want, advocate for the rights and safety of others to do so, and forget the rest! 

Our criteria:

Our editors have researched and reviewed sustainable fashion for a decade. These are our top picks of brands making sustainable unisex clothing that is ethically produced and uses eco-friendly and recycled materials. For everything from pants to sweatshirts to suits and dresses, we’ve rounded up our favorites that meet the following criteria.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY & RECYCLED MATERIALS | All our listed brands utilize eco-friendly materials like recycled poly, organic cotton, and Tencel to ensure they remain as low impact as possible.
  • ETHICAL PRODUCTION | Each of these sustainable unisex fashion brands adheres to strict ethical production practices, including implementing fair wages and safe working conditions throughout their factories.
  • TIMELESS STYLES | For a long-lasting wardrobe that stays in style and will have you looking your most confident, we look to these sustainable fashion brands!

Looking for more sustainable fashion? Here are 99 sustainable fashion brands, sorted by budget.


Based In | Portland, Oregon
Ethics | Ethical & eco-friendly production practices, recyclable packaging, gives back, in the process of becoming Climate Neutral Certified
Best For | Blazers
Product Range | Tops, bottoms, suits, one-piece looks, accessories
Price Range | $$-$$$

WILDFANG started in a studio apartment in Portland, OR by a group of ex-corporate workers tired of asking the same questions about their clothes: Why doesn’t this have pockets? Is there a button down that won’t give me a boob gap? And why doesn’t this have pockets? Their mission is to design clothes that don’t conform to gender or stale fashion norms, and they have joined Pledge 1% to give back to good causes. And their super fly, unisex blazers all come with pockets. 


2. TomboyX 

Based In | Washington, USA
Ethics | Sustainable & OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabrics, B Corp certified, ethically made in Asia & South America, eco-friendly packaging, inclusive sizing
Best For | Comfortable & conscious intimates
Product Range | Underwear, bras, apparel, swimwear, accessories
Price Range | $-$$ 

TomboyX is a sustainable clothing company offering unisex undergarments for all shapes and sizes. These are designs that fit who you are, not who others tell you to be. The gender-inclusive company produces each piece without harmful chemicals, including using a water recycling program for water-based methods. In addition, TomboyX cares for the people along their supply chain by maintaining communication with all suppliers and factories. This brand hopes to change the systems within fashion on all fronts. 

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3. Big Bud Press

Based In | California, USA
Ethics | Locally designed & made in LA, USA-grown cotton & recycled fabrics, non-toxic & low impact dyes, size-inclusive
Best For | Colorful unisex garments
Product Range | Unisex apparel, bags, accessories
Price Range | $$

For colors and styles as vibrant as you are, check out Big Bud Press. This LA-based brand creates premium unisex goods from XXS through 6XL, prioritizing local sourcing and ethical manufacturing every step of the way. Because Big Bud’s garments are genderless, each size is made to accommodate all body types—if you’re not sure where you fall, just reach out. (The jumpsuits are a TGT team favorite!)

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4. Kirrin Finch 

Based In | New York, USA
Ethics | All natural fabrics, sustainable practices, ethically made in NYC, Japan, & Italy, gives back
Best For | Menswear-inspired apparel for all bodies
Product Range | Blazers & suits, everyday apparel, accessories
Price Range | $$$ 

Kirrin Finch is a clothing company hoping to “do good in this world.” The menswear-inspired brand produces its garments in partnership with fair and ethical factories and boasts close relationships with the people who are making each of its products. Kirrin Finch also utilizes low-impact dyes, all natural fabrics, and organic materials. Their mission is to make dapper style accessible to all, like we all deserve.

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5. Origami Customs 

Based In | Montreal, Canada
Ethics | Bamboo, recycled & deadstock fabrics, ethical production practices in Canada, gives back
Best For | Custom cuts & made-to-measure fits
Product Range | Swimwear, underwear, accessories 
Price Range | $$

Origami Customs is a handmade swimwear and lingerie company specializing in gender-affirming garments. In addition to custom orders (paused during COVID), the brand will alter or cut existing pieces for free for the best fit. With a focus on ethical manufacturing, Origami Customs partners with closed-loop and family-owned partners for deadstock, local, and recycled fabrics—all sewn in-house by a small team and a partner co-op. Find transmasculine, transfeminine & transfemme products, as well as binders, packing bottoms, and gaffs.

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6. Olderbrother 

Based In | Oregon, USA
Ethics | Organic & deadstock fabrics, natural dyes, biodegradable packaging, locally made in California
Best For | Androgynous basics 
Product Range | Apparel, socks, accessories 
Price Range | $$$–$$$$

Olderbrother is a conscious apparel company focused on keeping clothing natural. From the cultivation of its unique dyes using hibiscus or sustainable wood bark, to its attention to detail around sustainable materials, the brand is a one-of-a-kind ethical fashion shop. The company believes in supporting ‘self-definition’ and creating garments which can be worn by any body.

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Based In | California, USA
Ethics | USA-grown organic cotton & cupro, deadstock & sustainable fabrics, ethically made in California
Best For | Genderless workwear
Product Range | Apparel, knits, outerwear, masks
Price Range | $$$–$$$$

IJJI is a genderless clothing brand based out of California. Since 2016, this fashion-forward brand has focused on natural fibers like wool, silk, cupro, and organic cotton to create beautiful and unique silhouettes. IJJI garments are produced near its local studio so the brand can vet production and ethics regularly. We love that you can filter by your preferred color or fabric!


8. Lonely Kids Club 

Based In | Sydney, Australia
Ethics | Local & ethical production in Sydney, handmade in small batches 
Best For | Comfortable gender-neutral streetwear for adults and kids
Product Range | Apparel, sleepwear, accessories 
Price Range | $

Lonely Kids Club is a clothing brand that started out as a simple graphic t-shirt company. As the brand has grown, so has the product range. The not-so-small business prides itself on maintaining individuality and humor in its designs, while also touting sustainable and ethical practices. Lonely Kids Club feels passionate about mental health awareness as well as gender inclusivity too, and aims to create a safe space for both.

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9. Industry of All Nations

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Ethics | Organic and recycled fabrics, natural dyes, manufacturing at source, ethical & sustainable production practices
Best For | Timeless, casual gender neutral shirts and pants
Product Range | Tops, bottoms, sweaters, sweats, accessories, shoes, kids’ apparel
Price Range | $$–$$$

Industry of All Nations wants to not just raise the industry standard but change it altogether. By putting manufacturing at the source of the raw materials (think cotton in the US, alpaca wool in Bolivia, natural dyes in India) they provide opportunities for the workers to grow, breed, and make their goods from start to finish. The brand sees this as a worldwide shift in sustainable industrialization, with the ethical standards of human production at its core. With a commitment to eco-consciousness and minimal waste, this is a company we can get behind. Try their naturally dyed tees or opt for the undyed version for a relaxed, natural vibe that never goes out of style. 

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10. Official Rebrand 

Based In | New York, USA 
Ethics | Upcycled garments, handmade 
Best For | Unique statement pieces 
Product Range | Streetwear, investment pieces, outerwear, accessories
Price Range | $$-$$$ 

Official Rebrand is a gender-free clothing brand concentrating on artistic exploration and eco-friendly practices. Each piece utilizes pre-worn items to create upcycled garments decorated with painted images of ‘sinuous, genderless people, blinded by desire.’ All products are one-of-a-kind and many can be customized. Official Rebrand feels strongly about making clothing that rejects societal norms and provides a freedom of expression for whoever decides to wear them. 

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Featured image from Kirrin Finch