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There’s really no sugarcoating it: It’s hard to be a teen. You’re coming into your own body and feelings, experiencing a number of firsts, and dealing with puberty and hormonal changes. Not to mention the challenges of social media and broader teenage issues like bullying, self-esteem, and societal pressure…it’s tough for anyone to handle!

The good news is: You’re not alone, and there’s help out there no matter what you’re going through. In recent years, telehealth and online therapy have become the norm so you can get the support you need anytime, anywhere. 

We’ve rounded up five virtual therapy platforms tailored specifically for teenagers—you can choose from unlimited texting exchanges, weekly sessions, or even a family-oriented approach. 

Keep in mind that these resources are best if you don’t need immediate emergency support. If you’re in a crisis, you can reach out to emergency health services via 911 or the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988. (You can also find specific hotlines here for additional support worldwide.) And for adults, check out our guide for online therapy.

1. Talkspace

Best For | Insurance coverage & 24/7 access
Notable Features | Personalized match, unlimited text, video, & phone messaging
Price Range | Starts at $69/session; some insurance providers in-network

One of the top online therapy platforms in the world, Talkspace offers specialized treatment for teenagers aged 13-17. After doing an initial assessment, your child will be matched with a trained therapist who has experience in areas they might need at that age, like depression or anxiety. Patients will have 24/7 access to their therapists via unlimited texts, videos, photos, and audio messages in their private chat room—key for those who prefer around-the-clock accessibility. We also appreciate that many insurance providers offer coverage with a low copay for Talkspace and that out-of-pocket fees can be reimbursed through FSA or HSA funds.

2. Teen Counseling

Best For | Parent & teen therapy
Notable Features | Personalized match, unlimited text, phone, & video messaging
Price Range | Starts at $60/week (billed every 4 weeks)

Teen Counseling—an offshoot of BetterHelp—is a platform solely for youth therapy. There are thousands of licensed therapists available here that you can be matched to, equipped to handle concerns like bullying, eating disorders, and general life stress. But best of all, Teen Counseling provides two separate options for the parent and the teen so everyone gets the support they need to navigate life’s hardships. You can speak to the therapist in four ways: exchanging messages, live chat, speaking over the phone, or teleconferencing via video—it’s all up to your needs, availability, and convenience. Keep in mind that Teen Counseling does not accept insurance or reimbursement, but the sessions are often the same cost as a copay, usually around $60.

3. Brightline

Best For | Coaching programs & resources
Notable Features | Options for personalized coaching & care, CBT-guided support, video visits
Price Range | Starts at $70/session; some insurance providers in-network

Sometimes when your child is going through a mental health issue, it’s hard to know what they need (and that’s okay!). Enter Brightline—an all-in-one resource for online therapy, coaching, and care. As you sign up, you’ll answer a few questions and then be matched with a dedicated coach. From there, you all can decide if you want to leverage virtual video visits for coaching (30 minutes) or for therapy (55 min). All coaches have certifications and five years of experience working with teens and families, and they use cognitive behavioral therapy in their approaches. We most admire that Brightline is comprehensive: Coaches can provide personalized resources along with live sessions, and there’s a one-stop digital platform where you can track progress, plan for the future, and more. Brightline partners with health plans across the US, so you may be able to find some in-network coverage for discounted rates or copays.

4. 7 Cups

Best For | Flat-rate counseling sessions
Notable Features | Peer-to-peer support rooms, free trained listeners 24/7, paid counseling
Price Range | Free, $150/month options

Need emotional support from someone who just gets it? 7 Cups has your back, in more ways than one. Depending on your teen’s circumstances, you can use 7 Cups’ free 24/7 chat support with trained listeners, the peer-to-peer support rooms with other teens their age, or cost-effective online therapy with a licensed therapist at just $150/month. And of course, to keep kiddos safe, we most recommend the paid option for minors—if that’s out of reach, 7 Cups does take teen safety seriously, with specific training, resources, and referrals for crises. Since the app offers multiple ways to engage, your teen can find help at every level.

5. Little Otter

Best For | Tweens & early teens
Notable Features | Everyday tools & child therapy, comprehensive family therapy, customized care plan
Price Range | $180/session & $20 initial fee; some insurance sessions covered or reimbursable

Little Otter knows that when your kid is going through something tough, the whole family usually is, too. That’s why this emerging platform offers “whole family” care. After filling out a short quiz, you’ll receive a personalized report and schedule a kickoff session with a clinician. From there, you’ll work on a customized care plan, tracking your family’s progress and resources along the way. Whether you need support for your “little otter” alone or you’re looking for therapy and psychiatry too, there’s a path here for you. Made ideally for children up to 14 years old, we highly recommend this platform for tweens and early teens—from prevention and early identification to treatment and long-term growth.