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With everything happening in the world, many of us find ourselves more stressed than ever and in need of support—we’ll be the first to admit we often feel this way. That’s why we’re huge fans of online therapy and virtual counseling to get the help we need, especially when face-to-face sessions aren’t always possible.

Online therapy is not only more affordable, but it’s an accessible and convenient service that provides high-quality support with trained therapists, anytime and anywhere. Many even have chat therapy options if you find yourself needing to talk to someone right away.

There was a real boom in telehealth and virtual therapy services during the pandemic, and due to its accessibility and affordability, it has only continued to grow. But unlike in-person sessions, there is a security risk that needs to be considered when sharing sensitive information online. Security and privacy should be top concerns for any provider you choose, so be sure to discuss safe technology practices and data privacy protocols with your therapist. (The American Psychological Association provides specific guidance for online providers.)

“Virtual therapy is an accessible, convenient, and adaptable option.”

Remember: There is no shame in therapy, whether you simply need to talk with someone or are interested in exploring treatment and prescription medication for mental health. From anxiety to OCD to marital challenges, these therapy websites and apps can set you up with a preferred counselor directly from your home (or car—because, well, sometimes it’s the only quiet space, right?).

Also, if you’re in the United States and looking to have your counseling sessions covered, here’s a great guide on finding online therapy that works with your insurance. (And for those in the UK: My Therapist Online is a great option!)

Whether you’re interested in phone, text, or video options, we hope these resources will guide you in finding the support you need. 💛 Not sure where to start? Check out our guide to finding a therapist. And if you’re looking for therapy options for you and your partner, we love these online couples therapy platforms.

Best Overall  | Most Affordable Best For Couples

1. BetterHelp

Best For | Individuals, couples, or teens
Notable Features | Bilingual options, 20K+ licensed therapists, financial assistance available, monthly subscription service
Price Range | $60–$90 per week (billed every four weeks)

For tailored, flexible online counseling—including unlimited access—check out BetterHelp. Start with a personalized survey to find the best-trained counselors for your unique circumstances, then message them anytime, anywhere. You can even schedule a live therapy session over phone, tablet, or computer, giving you a range of communication options. We’ve used BetterHelp, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, to help support us through anxiety, depression, and family issues—we especially recommend it as a bridge service into working directly with a psychiatrist or therapist IRL. (Signing up for therapy is hard! Betterhelp is a great first step to get a therapist on your side). BetterHelp uses a secure system to protect your information and adhere to patient data privacy laws.

Review | “[My BetterHelp therapist] is a great listener and has very insightful knowledge to every situation I have. I love her approach and questions she asks. I leave each session feeling like I am growing in a positive direction.” – N.I.

2. Talkspace

Best For | Individuals, couples, & psychiatric needs
Notable Features | Employee assistance programs available, resource library, psychiatry options, accepts select insurances
Price Range | $276–$436 per month (without insurance)
Discount | Use code SPACE80 at checkout for $80 off your first month

With over a million users, Talkspace is one of the most accessible virtual therapy programs around. The subscription-based service accepts select insurance and works with a number of employee assistance programs and schools. Start messaging with your suggested therapist right away through its encrypted platform or schedule a live counseling session via video. Talkspace also offers free mental health tests and resources, discounted subscriptions, and specialty services for veterans and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Check out their privacy policy to learn about how they are protecting your data and information.

Review | “I have an infant so the idea of actually going out to therapy was daunting. This is much lower stress for me and I can check-in whenever works for me.” – Niva

3. ReGain

Best For | Relationship therapy
Notable Features | Options for individual or couples
Price Range | $60–$90 per week (billed every four weeks)

If you’re looking to regain companionship or affection, or need to address some tough relationship issues, ReGain is our suggested platform for online relational therapy. You can choose to participate as an individual or as a couple, and after taking a questionnaire to identify your shared goals, you’ll be paired with a licensed counselor. Done primarily through video sessions (and via messages anytime), it’s a private, flexible, virtual option that will help you tackle challenges straight on. ReGain takes your privacy seriously (read more here) and uses encryption to keep your sessions confidential and secure.

Review | “[Our therapist] is very knowledgeable and intuitive about the issues we’ve shared, and has created an open space for us to have important conversations we haven’t been able to navigate so far on our own. She is excellent at making us both feel heard, and at identifying the most useful direction for us to go in.” – L.I.

4. Pride Counseling

Best For | LGBTQ+
Notable Features | All identities welcomed
Price Range | $60–$90 per week (billed every four weeks)

For inclusive, accepting, and accommodating online therapy, Pride Counseling may be for you. Since the LGBTQ+ community can experience mental health concerns at disproportionately high rates, all the trained counselors are familiar with LGBTQ+ support and all identities are welcome. Whether you need to message your licensed therapist back and forth or want to schedule virtual sessions, you can do so in a discreet and affordable way. Because they don’t work with insurance companies, your information is not shared at any point, and all of their databases are encrypted and scrambled to keep your data secure.

Review | “So thankful I tried this. I was paired with the perfect counselor for me, and I already feel so much more clarity and much less alone. I wish I would have tried Pride Counseling earlier.” – Alexandria V.

5. Open Path Collective

Best For | Low-cost sessions; family or group sessions
Notable Features | Sliding scale, bilingual options, wellness courses available
Price Range | $40–$70 per individuals session; $65 lifetime membership fee

Open Path Collective, a nonprofit, supports clients who lack health insurance or cannot afford typical pricing for therapy sessions. For a lifetime membership fee, you can find affordable therapists in your area who may offer online therapy in addition to IRL counseling. Open Path welcomes all identities, backgrounds, bodies, and orientations. Pro tip: If you’re looking for family, group, or couples therapy, you can usually share one membership fee.

Review | “I am so very grateful for this service. Without it, I would not be able to afford the very much-needed therapy for my daughters. Simply put, Open Path has saved my life and the lives of my family.” – Tom

6. Inclusive Therapists

Best For | BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent & Disabled communities
Notable Features | Bilingual options, centered on marginalized identities, reduced fee virtual teletherapy
Price Range | Varies; sliding scale available

Inclusive Therapists is a wonderful directory focused on celebrating all identities and abilities. This online platform centers BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, and Disabled communities with a specific focus on social justice, liberation, and decolonization. That means every therapist here has been carefully verified to meet the needs of these communities, and you can expect culturally responsive and supportive feedback with every counseling session.

Review | “What don’t I love about Inclusive Therapists!? […] Use their database to search for therapists by the usual stuff (location, training, sliding scale rates, accepting new clients) AND by the therapist’s identity, cultural or spiritual knowledge, languages spoken, areas of focus…aka search filters that help you find someone who won’t gaslight you and will prioritize social justice.” – Alexis Rockley

7. Teen Counseling

Best For | Teens
Notable Features | Therapists who specialize with teens, app-based communication
Price Range | $60–$90 per week (billed every four weeks)

Teen Counseling offers support to teens ages 13 through 19 looking for professional help. Using an app, teens can communicate with licensed and trained therapists via text, live chat, and video—with flexibility around scheduling. Counseling is confidential but rest assured that the therapist will alert a parent if an intervention or serious action is required. If your teen is struggling—with bullying, self-esteem, an eating disorder, or anything else— there is help available.

Review | “We are still in the early stages of working with [our therapist] and using this platform, but so far I am incredibly pleased and think my daughter has been matched up with someone exceptionally qualified to help her. It’s been extremely evident since day one, starting with the first conversation […], how much she cares and wants to help.” – E.D.