Turn Your Tiny Home Dreams Into A Reality With These Tiny House Plans & Resources

7 Websites With Tiny House Plans For Your Dream Home

The tiny house movement offers a simpler, greener, more affordable lifestyle than the average American household. This idea is taking the world by storm and people are finding joy and peace in small, alternative home ownership. Although the benefits to tiny house living are innumerable, the transition can be daunting. These 7 resources offer tiny home house plans, organization strategies, and real-life stories to help you seamlessly settle in your new dwelling.

Images feature Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, The Tiny Project Homes, Dwell Featured Homes & Tiny House Designs. 

1. Tumbleweed Houses

What We Love | Tumbleweed Building Plans are some of the best in the industry. Whether you are a beginning building or expert contractor, their plans and resources walk you through building your own tiny home from start to finish. If you are looking for a ready-made tiny home for sale, Tumbleweed also offers four options that each synthesize modern aesthetics with rich, sustainable materials for your ideal tiny home.

Products & Resources | Ready-made tiny home models, custom tiny home house plans, books, DVDs, and workshops to build your own tiny home

Prices | House plans start at $759, homes start at $62,950

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2. The Tiny Project

What We Love | Alek Lisefski started The Tiny Project as an “attempt to live a simpler, more conscious, debt-free life” and uses this site to provide resources for those interested in basic, sustainable living. His passion for peace, nature, and community is evident in the stories he shares about tiny house living. If you are looking for inspiration, organization strategies, and a homeownership plan that challenges the “American Dream,” The Tiny Project is an excellent resource.

Products & Resources | Tiny House do’s and don’ts, product reviews and advice, modern tiny house plans, tiny house workshops, ebooks and guides, and an appliances guide

Prices | Photo books for $7.99, Tiny Project SketchUp files for $75, House floor plans from $200-$250

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3. Pin-Up Houses

What We Love | Pin-Up Houses is an international studio specializing in architecture, research, experimentation, and publication. For those interested in tiny house living, Pin-Up Houses offers wooden house designs, DIY ideas, photos, videos, and links to related blogs. This site exemplifies how tiny house living can help you simplify, declutter, re-focus, and slow down the pace of life. Their environmentally friendly house plans will smoothly guide you through self-help building.

Products & Resources | Complete floor plans for timber small houses, and technical articles

Prices | How to Build a Tiny House eBook for $19, and floor plans from $39 (Shed) - $690 (Floating House)

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4. Tiny House Talk

What We Love | Alex Pino’s Tiny House Talk reveals how tiny house living leads to purpose-filled routines, freedom, and peace. He writes about exchanging his job as a government computer technician for tiny living and entrepreneurship within a 500 sq. ft space. His site features empowering tiny house stories from around the world, as well as updated link lists for various tiny house resources and opportunities.

Products & Resources | Updated workshop lists, and links to for-sale tiny houses

Prices | Free newsletter with eBooks, and free tiny house plans

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5. Humble Homes

What We Love | Humble Homes was “created to provide people with the latest news related to sustainability and the small house movement.” For affordable prices, it offers professional downloadable and printable tiny house plans designed by structural engineers. Plans are paired with frequent updates, helpful drawings, and free support. Humble Home’s goal is to provide readers with resources to save money, time, and live greener lives.

Products & Resources | Free support, updated tiny house news and sustainability information

Prices | Full building plans for $139-$324

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6. Four Lights Houses

What We Love | Jay Shafer of Four Lights Houses has been a tiny house resident for 16+ years who spends his days creating lovely, functional homes for others. Since moving into his own tiny house, he has spent his time “refining [his] designs to produce some of the most high-functioning tiny homes available.” He guides tiny house owners through the process of ridding of excess.

Products & Resources | Estimated materials costs, and free study plans

Prices | The Small House book with free plan download for $29.95, building plans from $99 (shell plan) - $699 (The Marie Colvin full plan)

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7. Tiny House Design

What We Love | Tiny House Design is a blog about rethinking priorities and achieving the goals of moving more, creating more, and downsizing more. With links to tiny house plans, for-sale tiny houses, and alternative tiny house ideas, the blog will equip you with all sorts of tiny living information and inspiration. The blog emphasizes time management and encourages readers through the mental transition to living lighter and smaller.

Products & Resources | House plans, resource link lists, and free study plans

Prices | Floor plans book for $19.95, and tiny house plans for $29

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