Zero Waste Toilet Paper Alternatives

From a sustainability standpoint, global toilet paper production devastates the world’s forests by consuming millions of trees yearly, exacerbating the climate crisis and threatening precious wildlife and indigenous communities. These trees often take decades to recover from harvesting. Additionally, a single toilet paper roll requires 37 gallons of water to make.

But toilet paper isn’t the only option when it comes to keeping your sensitive parts clean…consider a bidet! A few companies are proving that, with easy-to-use toilet attachments, anyone can make the swap from paper to water pressure for a squeaky clean. And, comparatively, bidets employ just 1/8th gallon of water per use.

If you’re not ready to go completely paper-free, though, other brands are producing traditional “rolls” from renewable and recyclable sources that don’t threaten our earth. Check out a few of our favorite picks below and see how sustainable your bathroom habits can be.


Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: TUSHY Bidet

Ethics | Eco-friendly, gives back Price | $99+ (Classic); $119+ (Spa 3.0); $599+ (Ace Seat)

TUSHY wants to personalize your poo time (and isn’t afraid to talk all things number two!). With various color combos, the ability to control your water’s temperature and pressure level, and a choice of metal or bamboo knobs, you can give your toilet all the trimmings. Or, go for the new TUSHY Ace Electric Seat and remote control for a premium clean! Installation is DIY and doesn’t require additional plumbing or electricity. Plus, a portion of the company’s profits goes to building community toilets in India. If you’re on the fence, check out our TUSHY review to hear our team’s experience!

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2. Bio Bidet SlimGlow

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: Bio Bidet SlimGlow

Ethics | Eco-friendly Price | $79

Bio Bidet’s SlimGlow is 50 percent thinner than competing models, but that doesn’t mean it’s sacrificing service or quality. The attachment offers a sleek incline that contours to your natural seated position, and two separate nozzles (posterior and anterior) so that all booties receive equal love. Best of all, the SlimGlow’s equipped with a battery-operated night light—so you won’t have any mishaps if nature calls in the middle of the night. Bio Bidet has an extensive line of bidet toilets, toilet seats, and sprays if you’re hoping to upgrade even more.

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3. Omigo

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: Omigo Bidet

Ethics | Eco-friendly, gives back Price | $99+ (bidet attachment); $359 (bidet seat)

Omigo is a father-and-son venture dedicated to a better bathroom experience. Choose from two bidet systems—one as an attachment, the other as a toilet seat—or use the Bidet Finder Quiz to help decide between the two! Both can be installed in 20 minutes or less, without a plumber or complicated tools. We especially like that Omigo’s bidet seats are heated, provide warm water washes and various pressure settings, and come with a 90-day trial. The business also gives back via 1% for the Planet.

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4. Reel

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: Reel Tree-Free Toilet Paper

Ethics | 100 percent bamboo, plastic-free & biodegradable packaging, gives back, septic-safe Price | $39.99 (for 24 mega-rolls); discounted subscriptions available

When you buy (or subscribe to) Reel, you’re supporting its mission to help those in need of safe sanitation. In partnership with Haiti-based nonprofit SOIL, the company provides toilets to communities and safely removes waste before transforming it into compost. Reel’s tree-free toilet paper is 100 percent bamboo, made without inks, dyes, or BPA. And its packaging is plastic-free, too—even down to the tape.

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5. Who Gives A Crap

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: Who Gives A Crap

Ethics | Certified B Corp, sustainable materials, biodegradable, gives back, carbon-neutral shipping, septic-safe Price | $38–$68 (for 24–48 rolls); discounted subscriptions available

Who Gives A Crap doesn’t use ink, dyes, or scents when creating this triple-ply, tree-free toilet paper—not for the 100 percent recycled paper jumbo rolls (400 sheets!), nor the double-length rolls made of forest-friendly bamboo. What the brand does do is donate half of its profits to nonprofits that work to improve access to hygiene, water, and basic sanitation in low-income countries. To date, Who Gives A Crap has donated over $10 million AUD to charity.

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6. No.2

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: No.2 Toilet Paper

Ethics | FSC certified, recycled & recyclable, soy inks, septic-safe Price | $19.50–$54 (for 8–48 rolls); discounted subscriptions available

With No.2, you won’t need to hide your toilet paper rolls into closed cabinets anymore. Wrapped in beautifully designed, soy ink-printed paper that’s both recycled and recyclable, No.2 toilet paper is as chic as it is sustainable. The three-ply rolls are 100 percent bamboo, a fast-growing self-replenishing resource, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. They’re also free of dyes, scents, and BPA. At 240 sheets per roll, this TP is also easy on septic systems.

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7. Thrive Market

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: Thrive Market Bath Tissue

Ethics | Certified B Corp, eco-friendly processes, biodegradable, septic-safe, recycled & recyclable Price | $8.99 (for 12 rolls)

Thrive Market’s toilet paper comes in recycled packaging and is made from post-consumer recycled pulp blended with renewable bamboo. Naturally watered by rain, the bamboo is grown without pesticides or fertilizers. The final result is toilet paper equally free of toxins, including fragrance, chlorine, dyes, and color additives. The two-ply, 300-sheet rolls are safe for septic tanks.

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8. Etsy Toilet Paper Cloths

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: Etsy Toilet Paper Cloths

Ethics | Handmade, organic materials, reusable, carbon-neutral shipping Price | $15-120 (for sets of 10-100)

These reusable cloths from Etsy are handmade from two layers of organic cotton flannel and completed with professionally surged edges to ensure longevity. Washing them without fabric softeners and dryer sheets (as well as a few times before first use) promotes their absorbency, and doing so without mesh bags gives them the space they need to truly get clean.

Experienced users advise placing clean cloths in a bin, basket, or drawer near your toilet, and having another enclosed container for used cloths. Learn more about how to use, store, and clean reusable cloths as a toilet paper alternative.

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9. Marley’s Monsters

Sustainable Toilet Paper Alternatives: Marley's Monsters Toilet UNpaper

Ethics | 100% organic cotton flannel, reusable, handmade in the USA, carbon-neutral shipping Price | $36 (for 24-sheet roll)

Designed in response to the pandemic, the Toilet UNpaper® Roll from Marley’s Monsters is made from cotton flannel. Each roll has 24 sheets (each one is approximately three TP sheets long), so this alternative works just like your store-bought toilet paper. The only difference? The UNpaper® roll is reusable (aka no waste) and softer on your bum (thanks, flannel!). Plus, this roll comes in a variety of fun prints and colors or black—perfect for getting the whole family on board.

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