TSA-Approved & Toxic-Free: 9 Natural & Organic Skincare Essentials To Pack In Your Carry-On

Nontoxic Skincare & Makeup For Travel

If you travel often, you know by now that checking your luggage for every flight is a hassle. Not only does it take more time to check a bag, but it can also be expensive—depending on your airline that is. Moreover, it’s no secret that we are advocates of capsule wardrobes and minimal packing, even when traveling abroad. 

There’s just one problem: the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). When packing a carry-on, it’s practically impossible to bring some of your favorite all-natural skincare products unless you invest in and transfer your liquids to travel-sized carriers (we do urge you to do this when possible as it can be more sustainable than going out to buy more products). If you fly often enough though, it can be worth it to begin purchasing your favorite skincare essentials in carry-on size. 

So, for those of you who are frequent-flyers, as well as our readers who are traveling a lot this summer and wish to forgo a checked bag, here are a few of our go-to skincare items. All of them are all-natural and toxic-free, and many are also organic. Most crucial to your flight: they are TSA-approved and under 3.4 fl oz.

If you're looking for full-size organic and natural products, check out our guides to natural cosmetics and organic skincare!

1. Palmarosa + Aloe Face Wash

Brand | Earth Tu Face
Best For | Washing your face after a long flight
Natural & Organic | Made with organic food-grade and plant-based oils
Size | 2 fl oz
Price | $28

Earth Tu Face was founded by herbalists Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm, who grew and formulated their products in their California gardens and kitchens. A 100% all-natural, plant-based skincare line, Earth Tu Face is free of toxins and synthetic compounds. Moreover, every product is cruelty-free and made in the USA.

For your carry-on, we recommend packing the Palmarosa + Aloe Face Wash. A foaming and cleansing formula, it will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, soft, and smelling of fresh flowers. It’s perfect for after a long flight, as well as throughout your trip.

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2. 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic

Brand | Ursa Major
Best For | A leave-on spray to cleanse, soothe, and rehydrate skin
Natural & Organic | 100% naturally-derived ingredients, 53% organic ingredients
Size | 2 fl oz
Price | $14

We’ve long been fans of Ursa Major and their award-winning face and body products, so we are thrilled to include their all-natural skincare essentials in travel-sized bottles.

Whether in-flight, at the airport, or throughout your travels, the TSA-approved Face Tonic is perfect for freshening up and cleansing your skin. A refreshing formula made with orange, fir, and lavender, the spray uses the same ingredients as the bamboo face wipes—another essential we always have in our carry-on bags.

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3. Cell Revitalize Day Moisturizer

Brand | Aurelia
Best For | A cell-revitalizing moisturizer for your face and neck
Natural & Organic | Made with bioOrganic, ethically-sourced ingredients and essential oils
Size | 2 fl oz
Price | £58

Aurelia is a UK skincare line with products that are sustainable, cruelty-free, and sans the long list of questionable ingredients often found in many cosmetics. For frequent flyers in need of all-natural face lotion, the Cell Revitalize Day Moisturizer is a carry-on bag essential.

Made with love in England, this face and neck cream is bursting with essential oils and natural botanicals. It’s perfect for hydrating, firming, and restoring the glow to your skin post-flight and while on your trip.

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4. Banish Blemish Stick

Brand | Indie Lee
Best For | Banishing blemishes on the go
Natural & Organic | Made in the USA with natural ingredients
Size | .34 fl oz
Price | $28

In 2009, Indie Lee conquered a life-threatening brain tumor—one that doctors believe was caused by environmental toxins. Shortly after, and with a new passion for toxic-free beauty products, Indie Lee founded her all-natural, eco-friendly skincare collection. 

With so many incredible products to choose from (we recommend everything by Indie Lee), we are suggesting the blemish stick for your carry-on. Perfect for banishing blemishes and reducing pores, it’s a skincare essential for all your upcoming trips.

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5. Sea Mist Spray

Brand | John Masters Organics
Best For | Post-flight beach waves, texture, and volume
Natural & Organic | Organic and gluten-free
Size | 2 fl oz
Price | $5.50

To freshen up and add texture to your hair after a long flight, make sure to pack a bottle of John Masters Organics’ Sea Mist Spray in your carry on. An all-natural hair mist made with sea salt and organic lavender, it’s perfect for absorbing excess oil, creating volume, and protecting your hair shaft. If you’re also in need of all-natural, travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, or body wash (sold individually and in sets), John Masters Organics is the place to shop.

In addition to creating luxurious, all-natural hair products, the John Masters Organics collection is also sustainable, cruelty-free, and earth-friendly.

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6. Organic Liquid Foundation

Brand | Hush Dotti
Best For | A lightweight and smooth foundation without the pore-clogging ingredients
Natural & Organic | All-natural, organic, and made in the USA
Size | 1 fl oz
Price | $48

For an on-the-go foundation that is good for your skin and TSA-approved, we love Hush Dotti’s Liquid Foundation. Not only does the compact bottle come in eight shades, but it’s also organic, vegan, and proven to work on sensitive skin. The foundation is also made in small batches in the USA and packaged using recycled materials. Don’t take our word for it though: check out the countless verified reviews!

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7. Everywhere Body Spray

Brand | Freedom Deodorant
Best For | An all-over natural body spray
Natural & Organic | All-natural essential oil blend sprays
Size | 2.8 fl oz
Price | $17

Freedom was founded by Ira Kaganovsky Green after she watched three of her close friends receive a breast cancer diagnosis. Concerned by the chemicals in the products she, as well as her friends, were using for deodorant, Ira decided to create a natural alternative.

In addition to the amazing, all-natural deodorant sticks by Freedom (check out the mini sticks for travel), we especially love the Everywhere Spray. Not only is it the perfect size for your carry-on, but it comes in three delicious scents for freshening up after your flight and throughout your trip.

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8. True Blue Skin Clarifying Duo

BrandHerbivore Botanicals
Best For | A cleansing and hydrating travel facial
Natural & Organic | All-natural, made with organic ingredients
Size | 2.8 fl oz
Price | $17

Founded by the Seattle-based husband and wife team, Alexander Kummerow and Julia Wills, in their kitchen, we’re longtime fans of Herbivore Botanicals’ beauty products and commitment to all-natural ingredients. For those extra-long flights and trips away from home, we are addicted to their travel-sized True Blue Skin Clarifying Duo. 

The set includes the Blue Tansy Resurfacing Mask—perfect for exfoliating your skin—and the calming Lapis Facial Oil. Both products are made with all-natural, organic, and food-grade ingredients. They are also cruelty-free and made in small batches in the USA.

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9. Natural Travel Deodorant

Brand | Lovefresh
Best For | An effective, all-natural deodorant for smelling fresh all trip long
Natural & Organic | All-natural ingredients, made with essential oil blends
Size | .5 fl oz
Price | $7.50

Based in Toronto, Lovefresh was founded in Stacey Davis’ kitchen as she experimented with nontoxic ingredients to create what is now a thriving, all-natural beauty collection. In addition to her lotions, body butters, darling baby products, Lovefresh makes toxic-free travel deodorants—and they actually work! 

Before your next trip, shop one of the nine heavenly-scented deodorants made with essential oils (we’re fans of the Eucalyptus Spearmint). And if the fabulous formula isn’t enough to delight you, each stick is wrapped in the most wonderful and vibrant colors.

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Kayti Christian, a staff writer for The Good Trade, is a storyteller, creator, activist, and avid traveler hailing from Colorado, now living in London. With 30+ stamps in her passport, she is passionate about responsible tourism and is always looking for new ways to be a more conscious traveler. She is currently pursuing her MA in Creative Nonfiction Writing at City, University of London.