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Summary: After testing their linen and eucalyptus sheets, washed cotton duvet cover, and Matelassé blanket, I’d recommend Under the Canopy as an affordable option for sustainable and good-quality bedding in stylish colors. Under the Canopy is ideal for those looking to try out more sustainable bedding, without having to overcommit on price.


  • Under the Canopy prioritizes sustainable manufacturing practices, using natural, organic materials and racking up certifications like GOTS and FSC.
  • They have fairly approachable price points, with sheet sets that go for less than $100.
  • Between their sustainable packaging, trendy colors, and high-quality materials, Under the Canopy linens give your space an elevated, luxury feel.


  • While I do think you’re getting what you pay for (if not more!), you won’t find incredibly luxurious bedding with thread counts over 300, for instance.
  • The colors may look different in person than online, but the brand has a flexible return policy.

Until recently, I was always a white bedding person. I didn’t pay too much attention to what my bedding was made out of, as long as it was white. I just loved the look and feel of snuggling in an all-white bedding situation — clean, cozy, and fresh feeling (even when they weren’t freshly washed!) — until that started to feel boring.

When I moved in with my partner a couple of years ago, the merge in styles encouraged me to experiment with color a little more. And colorful bedscapes are making a return, after all. When browsing for new bedding, most sustainable brands have an impressively pretty lineup of color options — colorful, but in that naturally dyed, tasteful way. Under the Canopy especially impresses me with their colors, so I was excited to upgrade my bedding with a handful of products from their collection. 🛏️

Why consider Under The Canopy?

Since I’ve started writing about sustainable home goods, I am now on the lookout for natural materials when I shop for new bedding: cotton, linen, hemp, wool — but never polyester since it doesn’t breathe as well and it’s incredibly polluting to produce. Organic bedding certifications are important, too, like Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which ensures that at every step of the supply chain process, the product is made of organic fibers and dyes.

Under the Canopy has always focused on sustainable materials and production processes, something they “started back before ‘organic’ and ‘zero-waste’ were ever trendy buzzwords.” They’re Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, meaning all wood-based products come from eco-optimized trees; Oeko Tex 100 certified, meaning their dyes contain no toxic or carcinogenic ingredients; and GOTS certified, indicating that they use at least 97% organic cotton in all cotton products.

The brand sells all sorts of bedding, from sheets to duvets and covers, to pillows and blankets, along with other home goods like towels, linen napkins, candles, and even some loungewear. Their vertically integrated supply chain means they can keep costs low and quality high, so you can easily outfit your entire home with sustainable fabrics.


For this review, I tested one of their linen eucalyptus sheet sets, a washed cotton duvet set, a Matelassé blanket, and a decorative throw pillow. The shipment came with minimal packaging — only the pillow came in plastic, while the sheets and duvet were packaged in drawstring bags of their respective materials that you can use to store the linens or repurpose some other way. I loved seeing the interplay of materials and textures peeking out of the box, and I was excited to make my bed with this new setup.

Linen Eucalyptus Sheet Set | $128

Since I sleep hot, I’ve wanted to test out linen sheets for a while now. And yet, I’ve always been too nervous to commit to a product that I hadn’t tried in advance, especially since linen doesn’t usually come with the lowest price tag. So I was thrilled to try out these sheets, a blend of 60% Lyocell (a semi-synthetic made from eucalyptus) and 40% linen. Admittedly, it was the color that attracted me to them initially. I opted for “pistachio,” which did not disappoint in person — and no part of the set really did!

The fitted sheet would’ve been deep enough to accommodate a mattress topper, too, and it had tags to differentiate the top and bottom from the sides. The pillowcases had standard openings rather than envelope closures, which worked perfectly because our second set of pillows is king-sized and just barely squeezed into the covers.

While rougher to the touch than cotton, the sheets have a beautiful, soft drape when you handle them. They feel cool to the touch but without any stiffness. I’ve heard that linen is both cooling and super durable, holding up wash after wash. I’m excited to see how these soften up with time. If you’ve been curious about linen sheets, these are a great option at an approachable price point — but note that they’re not 100% linen, a fabric I’d still consider on my “to try” list.

Organic Washed Cotton Duvet Set | $158

The 200-thread count cotton duvet set comes garment-washed for an already lived-in feel. The cover felt like a set of soft, cool cotton sheets, great for someone who likes the feel of a cotton top sheet without the inconvenience of retucking it every morning while you’re making the bed. While the duvet seemed to stay cool, I’d love to try their percale duvet cover option in the future since it has a higher thread count and a crisper feel.

I liked how the lightweight cover didn’t weigh down the duvet — when I first put it on, it made the bed look so fluffy I almost jumped right in. The set had some nice details, too, like corner ties, a cute button closure rather than a zipper, and envelope back closures on the pillow shams. I opted for the color “stone,” which was a touch darker and warmer in person than I thought it would be. If I had to do it again, I’d probably choose one of their more richly colored pastels like “Tuscany.”

Organic Matelassé Blanket | $88

Designed to add a layer of warmth to your bed in the colder months, the organic Matelassé blanket is soft, breathable, and made of 100% cotton. I chose the twin size here in the color “vapour” so it can double as a living room throw. I love a plush microfiber throw as much as the next person, but those can get way too toasty after a while, and any transition I can make to a home with less polyester is a bonus. The Matelassé blanket is soft and warm with a visually interesting weave that makes it look nice draped over my couch or chair. This is one of those staple home goods that I know I’ll have for years and years.

Braided Handmade Pillow |$38

With a cover made of 100% organic cotton and an insert of 100% GRS-certified post-consumer recycled polyester, the braided handmade pillow adds a fantastic pop of texture to a living space. And, in my opinion, texture is such an underrated way to give your space an elevated yet lived-in look. The off-white pillow goes with pretty much any design style, and its cover zips off and can be washed or replaced when you want to change up your space’s look. At 15 in. x 15 in., it’s not the biggest or sturdiest throw pillow I’ve ever used, but at $38 for both the insert and the cover, it’s definitely cost-effective.

Is Under The Canopy bedding worth it?

So, final verdict: If you can grab the exact colors and materials you’re looking for, then Under The Canopy is a dream. Their price points for organic cotton and linen bedding are more affordable than many competitors, one of their biggest selling points, and it doesn’t stop there. They offer 20% off with email signup for first-time buyers, and their products are often on sale — browse the website to see for yourself.

The products come in a really solid lineup of interesting colors along with different materials and textures, so they likely have something for everyone, whether you sleep cool, hot, or somewhere in between. They’re a great brand to dip your toes into the world of sustainable bedding so you can figure out which materials work best for you without spending a pretty penny. They offer full refunds up to 60 days after your purchase for unwashed products in original condition (minus shipping), and they have a really solid rewards program — so it’s even easier to drape your home in colorful and sustainable Under the Canopy.

Natalie Gale is a Boston-based freelance journalist. When she’s not writing about art, food, or sustainability, you can find her biking to the farmers’ market, baking, sewing, or planning her next Halloween costume. Say hi on Instagram!