Time For A Closet Clean-Out

Feeling the urge to clean out your closet? Have some vintage items, baby clothes, or worn-once formal dresses you’re looking to rehome? Why not make some extra cash for your once-loved apparel by reselling your used clothing online!

With so many sleek mobile apps and online platforms to choose from, it’s easier than ever to pass along your gently used garments in exchange for a few bucks (or more!). Here are our favorite online stores for selling used clothing.

If you’re not sure how to start, you can read our guide about selling used clothing online. Alternatively, if you’re looking to shop secondhand, check out our go-to (online) thrift stores for vintage and secondhand finds!

1. eBay

Based In | San Jose, CA Product Range | Adult & children’s apparel, vintage items, bags, shoes, accessories Payout | PayPal or payment upon pickup

Pass along your once-loved garments and make some money on eBay. Not only do sellers have complete control to upload photos, choose the price, and interact with interested buyers on this website, but the selling fees are also only up to 12.35 percent and 30 cents. You can try the bidding option to set a minimum sale price and have buyers bid on your items. Once the allocated period ends, the highest bidder wins. Whether you’re listing a vintage bag, your wedding dress, or baby clothes, eBay is the perfect place to find a new home for your used items.

Sell on eBay

2. Depop

Based In | London, UK Product Range | Adult apparel, accessories, bags, home goods, shoes Payout | PayPal

Depop is more than an online resale app; it’s a creative community marketplace and social app for buying, selling, and sharing fashion inspiration. It is also a place where sellers have complete control over their photos, prices, and descriptions—and Depop only takes a 10 percent fee from completed sales. To start selling, download the app, and begin creating listings for your used apparel. Increase your chances for views by engaging with buyers and sellers with a similar style. Whether it be vintage, designer labels, or name brand, there is sure to be an interested buyer perusing this global marketplace.

Sell on Depop

3. The RealReal

Based In | San Francisco, CA Accepted Pieces | Adult & children’s fashion, watches & fine jewelry, decor & art Payout | Direct deposit, site credit, or mailed check

Looking to sell a Chanel dress or a Louis Vuitton bag? The RealReal is your go-to place for online consignments. While you won’t make back 100 percent of what you paid for your luxury items, you will certainly earn a pretty penny (up to 85 percent commission to be exact). Simply mail your items using a prepaid label or stop by one of the Luxury Consignment Offices for drop-off. Items that cannot be consigned are donated while also keeping clothes out of landfills. The RealReal will be carbon-neutral by the end of 2021, and the brand is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and One Tree Planted’s Million Tree Challenge.

Sell on The RealReal

4. Tradesy

Based In | Los Angeles, CA Product Range | Women’s apparel, wedding garments, luxury brands, accessories, bags Payout | Funds appear in Tradesy account, can be transferred to PayPal, debit card, or checking account or kept as credit

Tradesy, an online platform created by women for women, is on a mission to make fashion resale simple, safe, affordable, and accessible to everyone. By using a sleek app that allows sellers to quickly snap, share, and sell their well-loved apparel, you can minimize your wardrobe and pass along your quality garments ASAP. Tradesy also has a pretty incredible return policy: If a buyer wants to return an item, the team at Tradesy HQ will handle it, and you’ll keep your payout as long as the listing was honest and accurate. Even better, sellers earn more than 80 percent of all sales. Time to start listing!

Sell on Tradesy

5. Etsy

Based In | Brooklyn, NY Accepted Pieces | Adult & children’s fashion, luxury & vintage, home goods, shoes, bags Payout | Direct deposit (can be paid daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly)

If you’re interested in curating and selling on a larger scale, your goods will definitely find an audience over at Etsy. You can list your first item for just $0.20 for up to four months or until it sells; afterwards, when you have a sale, Etsy only charges a five percent transaction fee and three percent + $0.25 payment processing fee. You can set up a standard free account or opt for Etsy Plus for $10/month for additional bonuses. All items ship with carbon-neutral shipping thanks to this certified B Corp’s offsets. Because Etsy offers millions of listings, be sure to be extra specific on each item you sell!

Sell on Etsy

6. ASOS Marketplace

Based In | UK Product Range | Adult apparel, accessories, bags Payout | Business PayPal

For our UK and Europe-based thrifters, consider applying to become an ASOS Marketplace Boutique. Consigning garments alongside independent brands and boutique stores from around the world, you can earn up to 80 percent commission for your independent labels, multi-brand, and vintage items. The rules are simple: pay a £20 monthly membership fee and follow the photography rules (natural daylight, clothes on a model, etc.). You must also have at least five garments in your shop at all times. It may not be the quickest site for selling your used clothes, but if you have a lot to offer or want to start a small side business with some friends, ASOS is the perfect platform.

Sell on ASOS

7. Style Alert

Based In | New York, NY Product Range | Women’s apparel, bags, shoes Payout | PayPal, store credit

Style Alert by Material World specializes in more than handpicked, pre-owned luxury—the company also focuses in simplicity. For sellers, it’s easy to sell your designer labels: Request a free Trade-In Kit, send in your luxury apparel, and wait for an itemized offer. Accept the offer and receive an instant payout. For garments that didn’t make the cut, you can request they be returned to you for a small fee or choose to have them donated to charity. Buyers will receive their new-to-them pieces, fully dry cleaned and authenticated.

Sell on Style Alert

8. thredUP

Based In | San Francisco, CA Accepted Pieces | Women’s & children’s apparel, shoes, accessories Payout | ThredUP shopping credit, cash out on PayPal or direct deposit

Touted as the world’s largest online thrift store, thredUP carries more than 35,000 name brand items. The store accepts maternity, children’s, and inclusive sizes, as well as jewelry and accessories. To sell, request a Clean Out kit and fill it with high-quality name-brand pieces. Once a team member goes through your shipped items, you’ll be notified of your payout. On average, 40 percent of received items are accepted and sold online, while the rest are donated or responsibly recycled. Curious how much you could make by selling with thredUP? Use the handy Payout Estimator to see how much your items are worth.

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