How does the future look?

It’s female, obviously—and diverse, thankfully. It is queer and inclusive. The past won’t define it. LGBTQ+ women certainly won’t let outdated stereotypes dress them. Activists, artists, and patrons of style will lead the way into a fashionable future free of stereotypes.

Check out this group of queer womxn (and one man) to feel inspired and impressed by what a combination of self-love and independence does to a wardrobe. Take their cues. The future is here. Ready for it?

Dominique Jackson & Andrew Gelwicks
Actress // Stylist

The Internet lives for Dominique Jackson. The transgender actress portrays Elektra Abundance in FX’s Pose. Though Elektra “passes” as a chic woman in the ‘80s, Dominique is a Glamazon of the ‘10s. Her stylist, Andrew Gelwicks, deserves some of that credit. “I approach styling my transgender female clients the same exact way I approach my cisgender female clients. Each is a woman with her own taste, own career, [and] own personal stamp she wants to leave on the world,” Gelwicks says. Consider the world embossed.


Becca & Christine McCharen-Tran
Designer // Electronic Music Booking Agent

Since its inception in 2010, Chromat has created a more inclusive and sustainable fashion industry. Leader, HBIC, and designer Becca McCharen-Tran and her wife Christine, founder of Discwoman, are examples of what that looks like. Blunt bangs, shaved head, tatted, pierced, curvy, and thin. The two embody love unabashed by juxtapositions. Perfectly modern. Perfectly Chromat.


Hannah Schneider

“My style is definitively femme that dips its toes (or whole leg) into masculine energies,” says Hannah Schneider, Elite Daily’s self-proclaimed ‘fat, funny, and queer Carrie Bradshaw.’ The sex and dating expert’s style is effortless, chic, and totally ambiguous. “Casual denim staples and black—basically anything that makes me feel like I’m toeing the line between butch and femme,” she says of her favorite pieces. While touting a broad sense of personal style, Schneider has a more specific taste when it comes to ladies. “I always joke that I do a double take for anyone that looks like they could be a skater dude but is, in fact, not a skater dude,” she says of her type. Not quite as chic as Schneider herself… but we all get it, right?


Indi Summer

“I don’t necessarily think being queer influences or changes the way I do makeup on myself or others,” says NYC based cosmetologist Indi Summer. The artist muses and creates glamorous and refined looks for her clients, no pretenses attached.


Cass Bird & Jorden Bickham
Photographer // Stylist

David Bailey and Diana Vreeland. Carine Roitfeld and Tom Ford. Those are a couple of the famous counterparts to Cass Bird and Jorden Bickham. Their work redefined what it meant to be en Vogue during the magazine’s full-throttle push into the digital sphere. Review it. See how chic womxn can be.


Ryan Gale
Fashion Market Assistant

Inspired by Rihanna, Aaliyah, and her sister, Ryan Gale maintains a style that is still 100% her own. The stylist and fashion market editor for The Zoe Report dresses herself and the models she styles to prepare for the ‘20s and beyond. “A proud queer woman is comfortable in her own skin. She’s confident with being herself and will never compromise her true self to make others comfortable,” says Gale. Preach!


Whembley Sewell & Willa Bennett
Executive Editor // Writer

The New York City-based couple is carrying gay media to the forefront. Sewell is the Executive Editor at them. Bennett is a writer. Their fashion choices are reflective of lovers nesting. Each looks great when pairing a crisp suit with fabulous eye makeup, and both have a fondness for emerald green. Still, their individualities shine. Here is a Power Couple. Be ready, World.


Janet Mock

Few women—cis or trans—embody womanhood quite like Janet Mock. Mock is a trans trailblazer whose fashion choices are as prolific as her prose. Her feminine glamour is embellished by a bit of black girl magic and trans beauty that is easy to admire and difficult to replace.


James Francis Kelley is a writer and stylist based in Los Angeles. While he has many interests, he’s most passionate about creating an eco-conscience culture and preparing for a globalized future. If he’s not working, he can be found on Duolingo, biking to electronica music, or browsing Mr. Porter. Find his work on his website, and his musings on Instagram.