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Watchmaking in the United States may seem like a pastime, but a new wave of American watchmakers are bringing mastery and style back together to rekindle the tradition of telling time. This guide is a tribute to the comeback of American-made watches and the local watch brands helping us keep track of our hours and do so stylishly!

In addition to these American watch brands, we’ve also included our favorite “American-built” watch brands, some of which work with partner factories overseas and/or use source movements from around the world.

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*Updated June 2022

1. Vortic

Manufacturing | Made in the USA, movements use original vintage pieces Location | Fort Collins, CO Where To Buy | In-person (CO, AZ, MI, DC), online Range | Starting at $2,495

Vortic puts a smart spin on the American watchmaking tradition by restoring vintage pieces with USA-made strap, case, spacer, and crystals. Inspired by the millions of American-made watches that used to be crafted on US soil and passed down to younger generations, the founders decided to focus on giving old pieces new life. If you’ve got an heirloom or are looking to purchase a truly unique and locally remade timepiece, Vortic is on the job.

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2. DuFrane

Manufacturing | Assembled in the USA, Swiss movements Location | Austin, TX Where to Buy | Online Range | Starting at $299

“History remembers those who are a little bit different” is the motto at DuFrane Watches, and it only takes moments of browsing the website to see how unique these limited edition watches are. Each watch by DuFrane receives its name from a historical figure or landmark in Austin, Texas. The Travis, for example, is the company’s latest release, and it’s named after Lake Travis reservoir. The brand also has GMT watches for travelers, free US shipping, and global delivery.

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3. Weiss Watch Company

Manufacturing | Designed & built in the USA Location | Los Angeles, CA Where to Buy | Online, select stores in USA & Japan Range | Starting at $2,000

Weiss Watch Company was founded in 2013 by California native Cameron Weiss. After training under Swiss watch masters, he returned to Los Angeles to design luxury timepieces by hand and revive watchmaking as an American craft. Weiss uses USA-made cases, dials, spring bar tools, straps, and packaging in each piece. Cameron isn’t just a watchmaker; he and his team are evangelists of the ideas, heritage, and craftsmanship that make for a timeless timepiece. Made to order with every detail considered—just for you.

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4. RGM

Manufacturing | Parts, cases, & movements made in the USA Location | Mount Joy, PA Where to Buy | Online Range | Starting at $2,950

RGM has been setting the stage for the return of the American-made watch since 1992. Founded by Roland G. Murphy, the company was born out of a passion for America’s rich watchmaking heritage. RGM’s watches have a simple but sophisticated appeal, from movements to finish. If you’re on a search for a great American-made timepiece, start your search in Mount Joy, PA. (And yes, RGM does offer custom and trade-in options.)

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Manufacturing | Assembly, movements, and straps made in the USA Location | Venice, CA Where To Buy | Online Range | Starting at $159

American assembly is essential to VAER’s commitment to superior design, allowing founders Ryan Torres and Reagan Cook to work directly with assembly technicians for design feedback that might slip through the cracks in an overseas production. Strength, tradition, and craftsmanship are central to the company ethos, but its core guiding principle is sustainability: Early prototypes were tested under extreme conditions including boiling water submersion and high altitude exposure to guarantee a sustainable design that is built to last.

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6. Shinola

Manufacturing | Built in America; Swiss & imported parts Location | Detroit, MI Where To Buy | Online & in stores Range | Starting at $325

Shinola has built an empire on trendy bicycles, denim, leather and more. The brand’s watches have received the unabashed blessings of publications like GQ and Vogue, developing something of a cult following well beyond Detroit—even President Barack Obama has endorsed the brand. While Shinola watches are more American-built than manufactured, the company makes this list for creating more than 500 jobs, using sustainable materials like ocean-bound plastic, and creating beautiful watches at accessible price points.

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7. Pelton

Manufacturing | Made in the USA; Swiss parts Location | Detroit, MI Where To Buy | Online Range | Starting at $1,499

Founded in 2016, Pelton wanted to bring luxury watchmaking to the USA like never before. The cases and bracelets are made entirely in-house using precise machinery and are finished by hand with traditional techniques. The pieces are also built to order, so the quality construction makes them well-worth the wait. Choose the company’s signature stainless steel band or take your pick from three types of leather. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to look luxe.


8. Kobold

Manufacturing | Assembled & manufactured in the USA Location | Pittsburgh, PA, Nepal, & Berlin Where To Buy | Online, retail boutiques, and select vendors Range | Starting at $3,450

Kobold‘s company creed to “embrace adventure,” so these majority American-made watches are designed to thrive in the elements. In 2009 and 2010, founder Mike Kobold and his wife put the pieces to the test when they climbed Mount Everest to raise money for the Navy Seals Fund. Now it manufactures watches and watch straps in its own US workshops, and in 2012, it opened an atelier in Kathmandu, as well as partnering with a German factory. Only a handful of each model is available, so get yours now!

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9. Detroit Watch Company

Manufacturing | Assembled in the USA, Swiss movements Location | Detroit, MI Where To Buy | Online Range | Starting at $1,075

Known for its hard work ethic and swagger, Detroit Watch Company crafts modern, American-made timepieces. The company was founded by a husband-wife design team—Amy is a Detroit native—and every watch in the collection pays homage to the Motor City. While movements come from several global suppliers, these watches are manufactured in the USA. For a classic piece that nods to the midwest, be sure to browse this collection.

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10. Talley & Twine

Manufacturing | Designed & assembled in the USA; Asian parts Location | Portsmouth, VA Where To Buy | Online Range | Starting at $145

The team behind Black-owned Talley & Twine believed that most watch companies simply emulated one another. So it set out to create quality, eye-catching timepieces at an affordable price. With leather, canvas, and metal bands to choose from, and faces ranging from silver and gold to subtle pearlescent, you can match your wrist to your wardrobe. The ‘7’ on the faces represents the days of the week as an encouraging reminder to finish what you start.

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Featured image from Shinola

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