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American-made clothing brands make a persistent bet on long-lasting quality and radical transparency. In our search for ethical products, we are constantly looking for brands that value transparency and quality and reject the practices that surround cheaply made fast-fashion. When we invest in high quality staples, we are able to consume less and live more simply. 

We've searched for our favorite American-made clothing brands making high quality basics for women and men—including denim, tees, dresses and sweatshirts. Check out our favorite 15 brands keeping their design and manufacturing in the USA.

1. Baldwin Denim & Collection

Based In | Kansas City, MO
Best For | Raw denim
Product Range | Men's and women's denim, tees, hats, dresses, knitwear, outerwear, shoes
Price Range | $55–$550

Founded and designed by Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim & Collection is a Kansas City-based clothing and lifestyle brand, founded on modern design, quality textiles, and American manufacturing. Baldwin is an all-time favorite of ours, not just because of our love for Kansas City, but because each design stems from both East and West Coast influences put through a modern filter of the Middle of the country. Their men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections capture a timeless modernism.

Shop Baldwin Denim & Collection

2. Buck Mason

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Men's effortless style, minimum-decision apparel
Product Range | Men's henleys, pants, classic tees, belts
Price Range | $28–$225

Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn began Buck Mason in an effort to craft designs that would be timeless, durable, and true-to-character for the everyday American man. From sand chinos ideal for the workday, to their rockstar-inspired dark wash jeans, Buck Mason is perfect for the guy who wants to look good without too much effort. They even offer pre-made packages of well-matched tops and bottoms to try, ideal for effortless style and you only pay for what you keep. Using cotton from North Carolina and produced in Los Angeles, they provide a step-by-step look at the production process. You’ll always feel calm, cool, and collected in their apparel.

Shop Buck Mason

3. Hackwith Design House

Based In | St. Paul, MN
Best For | One-of-a-kind staples
Product Range | Women's knitwear, pants, dresses, gowns, jumpsuits, jackets, swimsuits, underwear, plus sizes
Price Range | $48–$2,200

Looking for apparel that’s both comfortable and stylish can be tough, and finding unique designs is even tougher: that’s where Minnesota-based Hackwith Design House comes in. Their apparel lines include simple and clean basics, swim, and plus-size pieces, where everyone can find a piece they’ll wear forever. We most love their comfort capes and ultra-soft tunics. Plus, every Monday, they release a limited edition piece available for only a short time—if you’re looking for staple pieces that no one else will have, Hackwith Design House is for you!

Shop Hackwith Design House

4. Save Khaki United

Based In | New York City, NY
Best For | Minimalist men's & women's clothing
Product Range | Men's and women's casual wear, button downs, pants, dresses
Price Range | $50–$280

Perfect for the minimalist, Save Khaki United's designs are fully intentional and functional, with each detail being thoughtfully added. Their 100% American-made clothing is great for the casual office or for Sunday brunching, and you'll be amazed by the soft and easy-to-wear worn-in fabric. With timeless designs for both men and women, Save Khaki United will be your new favorite go-to! They even offer clothing that takes American-made to the next level, by using American-made cloth, thread, and buttons.

Shop Save Khaki United

5. Flynn Skye

Based In | Venice Beach, CA
Best For | Boho chic dresses
Product Range | Women's dresses, tops, jumpsuits, bottoms, swimwear, bridal, accessories
Price Range | $44–$264

Inspired by her daughter’s free spirit, Amber Farr combined rockstar edginess and femininity for Flynn Skye. Their gorgeous, flowy, and light dresses are perfect for a day at the beach or a night out on the town. American-made in Venice Beach and Los Angeles, and inspired by cities like London, Tahoe, and Malibu, you’ll be able to rock this look for any event without having to think twice. Flynn Skye is committed to leaving a positive influence in the fashion industry, and we love them for their positive influence on our wardrobes.

Shop Flynn Skye

6. Stock

Based In | Chicago, IL
Best For | Menswear staples
Product Range | Men's button downs, outerwear, pants, aprons
Price Range | $35–$275

Born from a desire to make quality, effortlessly stylish menswear, Stock is a truly American brand. Their founders obsess over details—from fit and function down to the feel of the fabric and the number of holes in each button—so that the men who wear Stock clothing don't have to think twice about their personal style choices. All of Stock's manufacturing is done in a dedicated Chicago factory, so they have full control over the quality and construction of each garment from start to finish.

Shop Stock

7. Emerson Fry

Based In | USA
Best For | Minimalist & capsule wardrobe pieces
Product Range | Women’s tops, skirts, denim, dresses, shoes
Price Range | $48–$525

Emerson Fry is a brand to check in on regularly—they release new and existing pieces each week for preorder, and then craft the pieces in the USA in limited production runs based on preorders. As a family-run company, Emerson Fry is not only committed to making gorgeous, timeless wardrobe staples, but also to create jobs and support positive social, cultural and environmental shifts. We love their modern minimalist aesthetic and their one-of-a-kind limited edition pieces.

Shop Emerson Fry

8. Karen Kane

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Plus sizes
Product Range | Women's tops, bottoms, dresses, knitwear, outerwear
Price Range | $67–$188

Karen Kane’s approach to fashion is simple: they create clothing that lasts longer than a single season and can far outlive any trend it represents. Since their beginning in 1979, Karen Kane has made affordable luxury clothing right here in the USA and have upheld strict fair labor standards and ethical business practices ever since. We love their laid-back California style, their dresses for every occasion, and their inclusive sizing!

Shop Karen Kane

9. Freenote

Based In | San Juan Capistrano, CA
Best For | Menswear
Product Range | Men's shirts, jeans, denim jackets, knitwear
Price Range | $65–$450

Freenote's design and production process is so detailed, they even carefully consider the source of the hardware they use to make their denim. Their timeless style inspiration is evident in their clothing—from the 1950's beach culture-inspired shirts, to their James Dean-esque denim jackets, their design is timeless and made to be worn with pride. Their quality-made apparel is effortlessly cool and is durable enough to last for the working man.

Shop Freenote

10. Gamine Workwear

Based In | Tennessee, USA
Best For | Durable denim workwear
Product Range | Women's dungarees, denim jumpsuits, coats, shorts, smocks, hats
Price Range | $60–$242

Gamine Workwear celebrates women who work outdoors, who work with their hands, and even the weekend warriors who spend long days in the garden. Their denim dungarees are handcrafted in a tiny town in Tennessee by skilled, fairly-paid craftspeople, and are field-tested by gardeners, geologists, and farmers. Their styles are produced in small batches with minimal waste, and are designed with form and function in mind—which means they get better with use.

Shop Gamine Workwear

11. Elizabeth Suzann

Based In | Nashville, TN
Best For | Elevated & classic neutral pieces
Product Range | Women's tops, bottoms, dresses, knitwear, shoes
Price Range | $125–$365

Elizabeth Suzann believes in doing things right—which means that every elegant garment they produce is designed to last and crafted in their Nashville studio from soft natural fibers. Their soft, neutral palette makes their clothing perfect for the minimalist wardrobe or for capsule wardrobes in any season. You'll love their thoughtful, well-designed clothing that avoids the trendiness of fast fashion, so you can wear each piece for many years to come.

Shop Elizabeth Suzann

12. Genetic Los Angeles

Based In | Los Angeles, CA
Best For | Women’s denim
Product Range | Women's jeans, denim skirts, jackets, tops
Price Range | $39–$459

Genetic Los Angeles is an American denim brand that treats their jeans as works of art. They produce all of their clothing in one state-of-the-art factory, where their talented employees hand cut and treat each pair to perfection. We love Genetic’s wide range of cuts, colors and washes—they even have denim skirts and jackets! They offer a recycling program to reduce textile waste, where they accept used denim (any brand, any condition) in exchange for $30 of Genetic store credit. The old denim is refashioned into jeans and backpacks for homeless children in Los Angeles. 

Shop Genetic Los Angeles

13. Todd Shelton

Based In | East Rutherford, NJ
Best For | Everyday casual wear for men and women
Product Range | Men's and women's casual wear, office wear, jeans, sweatshirts, dresses
Price Range | $65–$255

Todd Shelton is a firm believer in taking pride in the clothes he designs—therefore, all of Todd Shelton's apparel is crafted in their New Jersey factory by fairly paid seamstresses. They operate under a no-inventory business model, meaning that their designs are produced as-needed with little waste. By skipping the wholesale process, they're also able to offer customers individual attention and strive to create long-term relationships with returning customers. Their designs are classic, cool and perfect for casual, everyday wear.

Shop Todd Shelton

14. Knickerbocker

Based In | New York, USA
Best For | Men's suits
Product Range | Men's button downs, pants, vests, jackets, athletic wear, hats, accessories
Price Range | $40–$395

Knickerbocker specializes in low-quantity production and direct-to-consumer sales, so that they can keep the tradition of the fairly-paid American factory alive. Started by three friends in 2013, this brand is rooted in community and driven by ethical and socially responsible practices. With an innovative pricing model—discounts for pre-orders and a payment option to pay monthly for your garment—they're making quality, durable, American-made menswear available for everyone.

Shop Knickerbocker

15. American Giant

Based In | San Francisco, CA
Best For | Comfortable sweatshirts
Product Range | Men's and women's sweatshirts, shirts, polos, bottoms, dresses
Price Range | $24–$228

Often referred to as the company that made “the greatest hoodie ever,” American Giant believes in exceptional quality materials and customer service. Typically, 80% of what we pay to traditional retailers has nothing to do with the production of the garment; American Giant ensures that 100% of your purchase supports their USA-made and 100% cotton apparel. They shy away from traditional marketing methods like billboards and the appeal of brick-and-mortar stores, and instead invest in selling directly to American consumers and providing them with outstanding service. With cotton grown and sewn in the Carolinas, relentless attention to detail, top-of-the-line fabrics, and custom hardware, you’ll feel super comfy and proud to wear one of their sweatshirts.

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