Summary: Avocado’s #1 mattress, the Green Mattress, is a game changer for achieving deep rest and quality sleep. With three different built-in topper options, it is versatile enough for every type of sleeper. The organic materials and prestigious certifications make this a no-brainer for better rest and healthy sleep.


  • The Avocado Green Mattress improved my sleep score starting on night one.
  • The mattress has up to 1,459 individually wrapped support coils arranged in seven ergonomic zones. In other words, it truly supports your body while sleeping, no matter if you’re a back, stomach, or side sleeper.
  • There are three firmness options (two of which include built-in toppers) and sizes ranging from twin to cal king.
  • Avocado only uses the safest materials, and the mattress comes with a long list of organic and nontoxic certifications, including GOLS and GOTS — and no polyurethane foams or fire retardants.


  • The price point is much higher than mattresses from major box stores — but in this case — you get what you pay for.
  • Some reviewers note the bed takes a few weeks to break in and that (at first) it’s firmer than they expected. I had this experience as well, though the “firmness” wasn’t uncomfortable but rather more initial support than expected after testing a floor model.

Somewhere between entering my 30s and settling into the city I plan to call home for the foreseeable future, I realized I needed to stop buying Ikea mattresses off Craigslist. I moved around so much in my 20s and college years that it never made sense to fork over money for a mattress I’d have to store, move, or get rid of in a year-long lease’s time. But then I realized I hadn’t moved apartments in three years and didn’t plan to anytime soon. And so I did the very adult thing and began researching and reading reviews of mattresses.

The answer, I found, was always unanimous, whether on guides or Reddit threads: Avocado is supreme in the mattress world and the preferred option among consumers. (No, really; it’s a #1 mattress on Consumer Reports). And so when the brand offered to send me their bestselling Green Mattress to try for myself, I found myself hesitant. Just kidding. I jumped at the chance! Read on to hear how much better I’ve been sleeping since.

About Avocado

First, a little background on Avocado for readers who are just learning about the brand. 

Avocado was founded in 2016 with one very clear mission: To make a premium organic and nontoxic mattress, direct to consumer, and crafted right here in the USA. The co­-founders were very specific in wanting to create a mattress without petroleum-based polyurethane foam, toxic fire retardants, chemical adhesives, dangerous pesticides, or other off­gassing chemicals — all of which are found in many mattresses. A truly green mattress at an affordable price point didn’t exist. And so they made one.

“A truly green mattress at an affordable price point didn’t exist. And so Avocado made one.”

The California-based brand has since expanded to include pillows, toppers, sheets, bed frames, and more — all made with organic and MADE SAFE® certified materials. Their bread and butter will always be their collection of mattresses, though, which are GREENGUARD Gold certified for low emissions and extremely comfortable for a wide range of sleepers. This is what most consumers know them for. And with almost 20,000 reviews on their bestselling Green Mattress, it’s easy to see why.

Why try Avocado’s Green Mattress?

Before diving into my actual review of the Green Mattress, I have a few notes on why this is the bestselling option and why I jumped at the opportunity to try it for myself. 

Avocado offers five different mattress options, including crib and kid mattresses, but the Green Mattress is its most versatile and bestselling offering. It features GOLS-certified organic latex and GOTS-certified organic wool and cotton and is needle-tufted by hand and assembled in Los Angeles. Plus, these natural fabrics give the mattress a cooling effect in the summer and keep you warm in the winter.

It comes in three different firmness options: Standard, pillow top, and box top (this is their newest offering and adds soft FSC-certified Talalay latex). And with up to 1,459 individually wrapped support coils arranged in 7 ergonomic zones, it truly works for any type of sleeper (back, side, stomach, combo). 

As for investment, the twin starts at $1399, though we like to remind readers that Avocado offers regular discounts throughout the year and 0% APR financing. Best of all, you have a full year to try the mattress out to see if it meets your needs, and the Avocado Green Mattress comes with a 25-year limited warranty. In other words, it’s a worthwhile investment. 

My Avocado Green Mattress review

Delivery & set-up

Now for the actual review! Before having my mattress delivered, I visited the Avocado showroom in my city to see the mattress for myself and try out the three firmness options. I highly recommend this if you live close to one of the stores. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and can answer any questions about your new mattress.

I visited the Avocado showroom in my city to test different firmness options. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions about your new mattress. 

I ultimately decided on the Pillow-Top mattress (featuring a Euro-style button-tufted pillow top) since my husband and I are both side sleepers. It’s an added expense but ultimately worth it, in my opinion, since you don’t need to add your own topper. Shipping was quick, and I was notified of delivery via email and phone call on the day of through the third-party service the company uses (this is for the king and cal king sizes). The queen or smaller mattresses are shipped via FedEx.

Another Avocado perk: The mattress comes in a box (it truly seems like magic), so if you opt to bring it inside yourself, you can — you’ll just need a few sets of hands. Alternatively, you can choose the white glove delivery service, which means two people will bring the mattress to your house, unbox it, put it on your bed, and take your old mattress plus all the packaging away. I highly, highly suggest this option. It’s worth the additional fee. It took 30 minutes for my new mattress to be delivered and set up and my old mattress to be hauled away — 10/10 for set-up and delivery.

My king-size mattress was delivered by Avocado’s third-party partner (while queen or smaller are shipped via FedEx). I highly recommend the white glove delivery option which set up my new mattress and took away my old one in 30 minutes.

First impressions & sleep

When the delivery team left, I starfished on the mattress to test it out. I kid you not; there was zero off-gassing or weird smells. The fabric was soft to the touch, and I could have fallen asleep right then and there, though I forced myself to wait and let the mattress breathe for a few hours since it had been rolled up in a box. This isn’t a requirement, but it seemed like a good idea.

My new Avocado Green Mattress was immediately comfortable, super soft, and had zero weird off-gassing smells. Bliss!

By the time evening rolled around, I couldn’t wait to climb into bed to sleep. As noted earlier in the review, the mattress was firmer than I anticipated and obviously firmer than the store model (since people are testing it every day). But it wasn’t a bad firm, just an I-need-to-be-slept-on-for-a-few-nights firm. I felt supported and snuggled in. I can tell you I got a great night’s sleep, or I can show you my Oura sleep score. That should speak for itself. 

The mattress is slightly firmer at first before breaking it in, but I found it supportive and snuggly right away. My sleep score immediately showed the benefits.

Final verdict

Since receiving the Green Mattress, I’ve been getting better rest, and my sleep scores have reflected that. My chiropractor has noticed my spine health is looking great, too. My husband loves the mattress as well, and he’s a hard sell when it comes to mattresses and pillows! 

As a final note, I’ll say that a mattress is a huge commitment and an even bigger investment. I struggle with making large-ticket purchases for my home, especially if I’m shopping online and don’t have a chance to test them out in person. But I feel confident in saying that Avocado is the real deal when it comes to safe, non-toxic, and quality mattresses. The certifications are beyond impressive and set the bar so high in terms of safety, ethics, and health. Even if I hadn’t been gifted this mattress, I’d be saving to purchase it for my home. Avocado makes it easy to get quality rest — and we could all use a little bit more of that these days.


Kayti Christian is a Contributing Editor at The Good Trade. She has a Master’s in Nonfiction Writing from the University of London and is the creator of Feelings Not Aside, a newsletter for sensitive people.