Ever had to go without any TP on hand? Or have you ever clogged the toilet because you used too much toilet paper? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell!)

Well, there’s an alternative—and more sustainable solution—to consider: bidets. Bidets, whether as an attachment, seat, or full-on toilet, use water to give your booty a nice clean instead of relying on abrasive TP or environmentally harmful wipes.

There are typically two styles of bidets: manual and electric. Electric bidets require access to power or an outlet and often come with features like heated seats, air drying, or odor control. Manual bidets, on the other hand, don’t need an electrical hookup, but some manual models offer adjustable pressure and water temperature. (TL;DR: If warm water is important to you, an electric bidet will serve your needs at a higher price point.)

We’ve found seven of the best bidets offering an eco-friendly clean, including options for babies and travel. The brands below cover a wide array of features, price points, and styles; after all, the way we go is a personal preference. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed a clean bum.

If you’re not quite ready to go TP-free but want to consider a sustainable switch like bamboo toilet paper, check out our Who Gives A Crap review. And for more bathroom essentials, see our favorite natural and organic body washes.


Features | 3 models, 10-minute installation, adjustable temperature, heated seat & air dryer options, gives back to help build clean toilets
Type | Manual & electric options
Price | $99+

TUSHY is a Good Trade favorite, across our many homes and apartments (read our TUSHY review). With three main models (Classic 3.0, Spa 3.0, or the Ace Electric Bidet Seat), there is a bidet attachment or seat that’s just right for you. The Classic⁠—the most affordable of the three starting at $99⁠—is TUSHY’s best-seller, with 6,700+ positive reviews. There’s optimized pressure and a self-cleaning nozzle, and this model doesn’t require any electricity or plumbing! For a luxury option, the Ace Electric comes with water temp control, a heated seat, an air dryer, and a remote to make #2 the #1 easiest part of your day. (Plus, for every bidet purchased, TUSHY installs clean toilets where needed around the world.)

2. Omigo

Features | Seats & attachments, plumber-free installation, adjustable temperature, heated seat & air dryer options, 90-day trial, 3-year warranty, gives back via 1% for the Planet
Type | Manual & electric options
Price | $99+

Prefer a seat over an attachment? What about an LED nightlight or an odor-canceling filter? Whatever your poo preference, Omigo has them all. This father-and-son company has two bidet systems, which both boast simple installation, 90-day trials, and giving back via 1% for the Planet. We promise you’ll be so impressed by your Omigo, you’ll say o-mi-gosh. 😉

3. Squatty Potty

Features | Two sprays, adjustable pressure, plumber-free installation, eco-friendly function, 60-day returns, gives back to hygiene causes
Type | Manual
Price | $39.99

For nearly all of our existence, humans have squatted down to poo; it’s the optimal way for our bodies to “get in position.” That’s the science behind Squatty Potty, a brand carrying both bidet attachments and toilet stools. The Refresh-It® bidet comes with two streams—one front and one back—as well as adjustable pressure control for a squeaky, sparkly clean. Plus, at $39.99, this is one of the most affordable bidets on our list! (And if you prefer a toilet stool instead, they are all made with recyclable or sustainable materials.)

4. BioBidet

Features | Seats & attachments, multi-sprays, plumber-free installation, heated seat & air dryer functions, 30-day returns
Type | Manual & electric options
Price | $59+

From bidet seats and attachments to actual bidet toilets, BioBidet is all about improving the bathroom experience. The SlimEdge Bidet Attachment is the most inexpensive, equipped with dual nozzles, water pressure control, and manual use. For an upgraded clean, BioBidet’s seats come with options for air dryer, deodorizing, heating, and more. (Our favorite function is the nightlight for easy accessibility!) The Bidet Quiz helps find the most compatible option for your bathroom and your booty, taking into consideration your preferences and your existing toilet’s structure.


Features | Seats & toilets, multi-sprays, plumber-free installation, heated seat & air dryer functions, one-year warranty
Type | Electric
Price | $514+

TOTO is best known around the globe for its signature product, the Washlet. Since its launch in 1980, TOTO has sold over 50M Washlets so it knows just what you need. Choose from bidet seats or bidet toilets, starting at $500 but equipped with temperature-controlled heated seats, warm water, dual spray, soft close, adjustable water temps and more. Best of all, TOTO bidets come with EWATER+ mists which flush out the wand and toilet bowl after every use, so it’s always squeaky clean. It’s the gold standard for the bathroom.

6. Baby Bum Shower

Features | Made for babies, handheld, dispenses soap & water, holds enough solution for 10 diaper changes
Type | Manual
Price | $39.99

Baby Bum Shower was born out of necessity. Started by two twin sisters who saw a need for easy cleaning while on the go this baby bidet is made for even the most sensitive skin. Rather than using harsh wipes or dealing with a huge mess (if you’re, say, driving or out in public), the Baby Bum Shower comes with a squeeze spray that delivers soap and water (or only water!) whenever you need it. Use the bidet for up to 10 cleanings and then simply refill by unscrewing the base. Easy, ergonomic, and an essential you’ll love for your little one.

7. Brondell Travel Bidet

Features | Travel bidet, fits within luggage or glove boxes, easy-story nozzle, carrying bag, flat rate shipping, one-year warranty
Type | Manual
Price | $14.99+

The GoSpa Travel Bidet is just one of Brondell’s game-changing products, backed by Mark Cuban. Alongside the electronic bidet seat line, water filters, and air purifiers, the Travel Bidet is perfect for if you’re out on the road or hunkered down camping. The GoSpa can easily fit within luggage or glove box compartments comes in discreet packaging, and is effective with a simple squeeze. Fill the GoSpa with your preferred temp for water, point, and enjoy a refreshing cleanse in a matter of seconds. (If you prefer an even more compact option, Brondell also carries a collapsible bidet!)

Featured image by Tushy