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There’s a reason we’ve seen a dutch oven on every wedding and housewarming registry; a dutch oven can do it all. From braising and roasting to searing and frying, these heavy-duty pots are about as all-purpose as cookware can be. (And that’s why even professional chefs and cooks like Ina Garten love them!)

But let’s be real: Dutch ovens aren’t always…affordable, and some models like Le Creuset can run up to $700. If you’re hoping to make an investment of your own without breaking the bank, consider these sustainable dutch ovens below, all of which come in under $500 max (and start at just $35). They’re crafted with enameled cast iron, ceramic, and stainless steel so they’ll withstand the test of time, too.

1. Made In

Why We Love It | Gorgeous finishes & customizable knobs (stainless steel, brass, etc.)
Specs | 5.5 quart capacity, enameled cast iron, cloud cover lid, oven safe up to 580°F, lifetime warranty
Price | $199

Named a “coveted tool to be passed down for generations” by Food & Wine, Made In’s heirloom-quality Dutch Oven is truly unbeatable. Made with hand-enameled cast iron, a cloud cover lid, and a simple stainless steel knob, this is the centerpiece of the kitchen. Not only is it a stunning addition to your space, but it’s thoughtfully made too, designed with iron from Northeast France and nonstick enamel. Made In is so confident you’ll use this dutch oven for decades to come that it boasts a lifetime warranty. Get the investment that will last for everyone in the family—literally.

2. Great Jones

Why We Love It | 6 fun colors & different capacities
Specs | 3.5–6.75 quart capacities, enameled cast iron, oven safe up to 500°F, dishwasher friendly, lifetime warranty
Price | $120–$160

Whether you’re cooking for two or for an entire party, Great Jones has you (and your food) covered. There are two dutch ovens here: the 3.5-quart Dutch Baby and the 6.75-quart Dutchess; with their signature oval shapes, range of capacities, and the cutest colorways, they are a beautiful addition to any stovetop (and safe for induction!). Not only that, but did we mention Great Jones’ dutch ovens are dishwasher-safe, too? Easy to use, maintain, and clean, you can find the Dutchess and Dutch Baby online or at retailers like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and more.

3. Caraway

Why We Love It | Affordability & beautiful premium colors
Specs | 6.5 quart capacity, ceramic & aluminum, oven safe up to 550°F, one year warranty
Price | $135–$185

A sustainable dutch oven that’s less than $150? It’s possible, thanks to Caraway! Ready for stewing, baking, and roasting, this dutch oven is free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals and it’s naturally nonstick. Caraway cookware is thoughtfully made too, in BSCI-certified responsible factories in China and designed in New York. If you want an option that will match any kitchen (it’s the perfect gift!), check out the premium options featuring white and black finishes with gold handles. There’s a reason why nearly 40,000 people love this cookware.

4. Lodge

Why We Love It | Rust-free cast iron
Specs | 1–7 quart capacities, pre-seasoned cast iron, made in the USA, oven safe up to 500°F, lifetime warranty
Price | $35–$120

Lodge’s cast iron dutch ovens are the true definition of workhorses. Crafted in the USA with durable cast iron, treated with a heat process that inhibits rust, and seasoned with a soy-based vegetable oil, these dutch ovens can make nearly every dish you can imagine. Though they are hand wash only, Lodge pieces are known to last forever, and we appreciate the lifetime warranty and wide range of capacities to find just what we need. Find these oven- and stovetop-safe pans online or in stores like Sur la Table if you want to see them in person.

5. Staub

Why We Love It | Sleek design & hand-finished matte color
Specs | 4–7 quart capacities, enameled cast iron & stainless steel or brass, made in France, lifetime warranty, oven safe up to 500°F, dishwasher safe
Price | $320–$430

If there’s one thing we know about Food52 collaborations, we know they’re going to be timeless and the brand’s Food52 x Staub Round Coquette delivers. Beautifully designed in eight colors, this signature dutch oven from Staub is sure to be as mesmerizing as the meal inside it. (And we love that it’s stain and chip resistant!) While Le Creuset’s 4-quart dutch ovens start at $390, you’ll save more than $50+ on this option while enjoying all the same features (right down to the French manufacturing and lifetime warranty).

Featured image is from Food52