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In the past few years, organic meal delivery services have changed the way we think about home cooking—we can now cook healthy and organic meals while also limiting our food waste. Recent studies show that meal delivery kits have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than meals bought from a grocery store and prepared at home.

The US Department of Agriculture estimates that 31 percent of food in America is thrown away, and more than two-thirds of that waste occurs in our kitchens. Instead, these healthy and organic food delivery services are equipping our homes with pre-portioned ingredients to limit this waste while still getting our fruits and veggies in (some even have breakfast delivery!).

We’ve interviewed, taste-tested, and scoured reviews to find the best and most sustainable meal delivery companies that simplify shopping needs while aligning with our ethics and environmental values (we also put together a list for organic baby food deliveries, if you’ve got a little one at home!).

If you’d rather cook from scratch, check out the best organic produce delivery boxes here (and upgrade your cookware while you’re at it!).

Best Overall | Best Vegan | Most Affordable

1. Purple Carrot

Best For | Plant-based, vegan meals Ingredients | Vegan, non-GMO and organic when possible Price | Starts at $13 per meal (serving)

Purple Carrot offers plant-powered meal kits and frozen meals that are delivered to your door in recyclable insulated boxes with nontoxic ice packs. The company offers tips on upcycling packaging and even suggests composting plant waste like banana peels and carrot shavings! Customize your food delivery options by selecting both the number of meals and servings you desire per week. Choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack meal kits or from an array of delicious prepped meals ready to go in two minutes. Meal kits include all of the necessary ingredients, labeled for easy use, plus a booklet filled with globally inspired recipes. Purple Carrot delivers anywhere in the contiguous US.

What Reviewers Say | “Purple Carrot gives me really delicious 100% plant based options that I NEVER would imagine trying to make on my own.” —Aly Raisman

2. Sakara

Best For | Targeted nutrition programs Ingredients | 100% organic, gluten- and dairy-free Price | Starting at $29 per meal for a 20 day delivery; subscriptions available

For a plant-based, organic, nutrient-dense plan, Sakara’s got you covered. With a rotating weekly menu that can be purchased one time or on a subscription for a discount, you can choose a minimum of two meals for as little as two days, or choose from one of their longer-term options. There’s no question that this service is on the pricier side, but their supplements, vitamins, and wellness teas in addition to meals give you more bang for your buck. With plans targeting gut health, metabolism, and more, enjoy a science-backed, carefully designed meal plan that helps you meet your goals. Sakara ships nationwide.

What Reviewers Say | “Sakara has redefined my relationship with food and has empowered me to see that what we choose to fuel ourselves, impacts us on every level— physically, emotionally, and spiritually.” —Carly S.

3. Territory

Best For | Meals from local chefs  Ingredients | Real Food Certified ingredients, free of dairy, gluten, and refined sugars Price | Prices vary by meal and location

Territory delivers fresh, seasonally-based menus from local chefs, delivered twice weekly for ultimate freshness. It’s easy to customize to whatever your preferences and dietary needs might be, with vegetarian, Keto, paleo, and Whole30 (just to name a few!) plans available. Picky eaters welcome– rate your meal each week to help the service pre-slot suggestions for the next week (love that!). Working with local chefs and dieticians in 27 states, the upside is that meals are ultra-fresh, but only for the locations where they’re currently available.

What Reviewers Say | “Honestly, if you’re terrible at cooking (me) or just want healthy meals prepared fresh, check out Territory.” —Kaila, Verified Buyer

4. Hungryroot

Best For | Personalized recommendations; dual grocery & recipe service Ingredients | All food is free of partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, and artificial preservatives Price | Starts at $65 per delivery

Half-grocery store, half-meal delivery service, Hungryroot makes cooking convenient and delicious. After taking a quiz to help determine your taste buds, dietary needs, and more, Hungryroot creates a customized plan and fills your cart with suggested groceries and chef-crafted 10-minute recipes; they’re made with whole ingredients and are free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and high fructose corn syrup. The boxes are recyclable, the ice packs biodegradable, and if Hungryroot ever ends up with excess food stock, 100 percent is donated to local food banks. They deliver to the contiguous US. Sounds like a win for us all—and our bellies.

What Reviewers Say | “For me it’s actually saving me money, and my mental health. I would buy groceries with good intentions and be way too burnt out to cook them at the end of the day. Hungryroot makes it so simple I can’t justify not cooking anymore.” —Micheala P. (Reviews)

5. Thistle

Best For | Globally inspired, ready-to-eat meals Ingredients | Gluten- and dairy-free, organic when possible, plant-based Price | Starting at $12 per meal

For a subscription service that takes the work out of flavorful meals packed with superfoods, Thistle’s got you. With plant-based, nutrient-dense menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, wellness shots, and juices, you can get on with your busy life and know that nutrition is handled. They currently deliver to select locations on the east and west coast, delivering twice a week to guarantee freshness. If you’re excited about global flavors and superfoods (think maca, reishi, moringa) but not so into the idea of tracking down the ingredients, Thistle wants to hook you up. Can’t beat that!

What Reviewers Say | “We love that the meals use high-quality ingredients and are never boring.” —Thistle customer

6. RealEats

Best For | Individually portioned proteins and sides Ingredients | 100% clean label ingredients Price | Between $11-$16 per meal depending on plan

RealEats aims to deliver farm-fresh ingredients sealed at their peak goodness for the highest quality meals delivered right to your door. Using the sous vide cooking method of bringing vacuum-sealed food to temperature in a heated water bath, your meals are ready-to-go in minutes, while lasting longer in your fridge (no weird reheating textures here!). Pick your plan by ordering four or more individually portioned meals and enjoy the vibrant veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains that are simply prepared to be simply delicious. They currently ship to 19 states. 

What Reviewers Say | “I look forward to dinner again. The food is definitely farm fresh recipes or what I expect to eat on a farm The quality is there. The meals are NOT plates full of spices- I like to be able to taste the actual food not all spices and seasoning.” —John N.

7. Mindful Chef

Best For | UK meal delivery & recipe boxes Ingredients | High in protein, no refined sugars, gluten- and dairy-free Price | Starts at £4.25 per meal (for a four person family box)

Mindful Chef is a UK-based certified B Corp that offers gluten- and dairy-free meals designed by nutritionists. The team delivers precise ingredients—all local and ethically sourced—to promote zero food waste; plus, for every meal you enjoy, a school meal is donated to children in need. Choose from one, two, or four-person plans, the recipes you most want to try, and after delivery, enjoy a fresh meal in 30 minutes or less. The insulation in the delivery boxes is made from recycled scraps from the cotton industry and the ice packs are made with nontoxic gel. (Both are 100 percent reusable and can be sent back to Mindful Chef through a free returns program.) And the shipping is carbon-neutral, as well. If you live in the UK, give Mindful Chef a go!

What Reviewers Say | “The ingredients are so high quality…and the recipes are seriously delicious and so varied and creative. Saves so much time and food waste.” —Charlotte

A Bonus Option

Winc Wines

Price | Starts at $39/month for three bottles + shipping Delivers To | Throughout the USA, where the shipment of wine directly to consumers is permitted Best For | Natural, organic, & sustainable wine; personalized wine recs

For your organic wine fix to pair with your meal, check out Winc! Winc is a personalized online wine club that asks you a series of questions about your palate profile and lets you personalize your monthly wine deliveries—with wine sourced from organic and sustainable grape vineyards. The majority of wines have low sulfites or sugar, too.

Winc’s “zero-waste” philosophy continuously looks for ways to decrease its carbon footprint through the grape-to-glass process. The team also gives back to sustainable causes via 1% for the Planet. Sip a crisp Chardonnay or sustainable semi-sweet—there are thousands of wonderful wines to choose from.

What Reviewers Say | “Their wine selection is amazing! Mostly small-batches from nearly unheard of wineries…Whether you’re a connoisseur, a wine-lover, or just an occasional grape-drinker, you’ll find something for you!” —Mandy R.

Perks We Love | Get four bottles of wine for $29.95 + free shipping!