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We’re in our kitchens now more than ever, and we’re noticing the wear and tear on some of our most-used cooking utensils. And while we’ve made many conscious swaps in our home, kitchen tools sometimes go a bit unnoticed.

Consider the chemicals that may be in our cookware: Teflon, for example, is the most widely known brand name used as a non-sticking agent. According to the American Cancer Society, the PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) used in the process of making Teflon has some concerns about its carcinogenicity. Studies indicate that PFOA exposure may affect immune system functions in humans, as well.

Knowing that there are alternatives without harmful chemicals, the investment to upgrade to nontoxic cookware is worth it. If you’re in the market for chemical-free and eco-friendly cookware, check out some of our favorite sustainable cookware brands below!

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Best Overall | Most Affordable |Best Aesthetic 

1. Great Jones 

Small business
Woman owned
Budget friendly

Nontoxic Materials | Nonstick ceramic coating (no Teflon!)
Product Range | Pots & pans, sets, bakeware, sides & accessories
Price Range | $20–$190

Great Jones was started by two best friends who wanted to offer modern, heirloom-quality cookware that nodded to female chefs and food writers alike. With all the buzz about the brand, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this colorful collection! If you’re notorious for burning the casserole (us too!), the dutch oven cooks evenly and makes feeding our friends and family a breeze. Better yet, all the cookware is crafted with nontoxic materials like stainless steel, ceramic, and cast iron. The company’s interactive website, helpful resources, and bold aesthetic help shopping for cookware feel less intimidating.

Customer Review | “The Dutchess is the stockpot, braiser, multi-purpose decor item of my dreams. Everything I’ve made it in has turned out beautifully.” —Mattie K.

Also available at: Nordstrom

2. Our Place 

Budget friendly
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Nontoxic Materials | Ceramic non-stick coating, recycled glass, natural sand, natural dyes
Product Range | Cups, plates, bowls, multifunctional pans & pots
Price Range | $25–$165

Our Place‘s minimalist cookware does it all. The Always Pan, for example, comes in ten soothing earth tones and includes a spatula and a steaming basket for all-in-one cooking. We love how the pan looks on our stovetop but beware of cooking at too high temperatures or the nonstick coating will begin to peel. Best of all, this cookware is ethically made with responsible materials, and it’s Teflon-, PFOA-, and PTFE-free. Based in Los Angeles, the brand also partners with organizations combatting food insecurity.

Customer Review | “Living in a small studio apartment in Los Angeles means having limited space for everything. I love to cook but don’t have space for all of my pots and pans. This beautiful piece has replaced 3 of my old pans.” —Amanda M.

3. Material

Budget friendly
Recycled materials
Natural materials

Nontoxic Materials | BPA-free recycled plastic, sustainably sourced wood, renewable sugarcane
Product Range | Cookware, knives, storage containers, tools, prepware, and dinnerware
Price Range | $20-$105 

Made for daily use but designed to last a lifetime, Material is about creating high quality necessities that you can actually use, all from carefully sourced materials that won’t just add to the landfill. Their pans are created without toxins, PFOAs, cadmium, or lead, and their recycled line (reBoard, reBowl) are created from pulverized plastic, kitchen gadgets and renewable sugarcane. Thoughtfully created to meet your actual needs as a home cook– no single-use gadgets or excess stuff here! 

Customer Review | “After years of using copper bottom pans, I used the 29 pan. Once again, Material has set the standard for the highest quality cookware. The pan is a work of art- beauty, balance and easy to clean. Love it!” —Maria R.

4. Lodge

Budget friendly
American made
Recycled materials

Nontoxic Materials | Eco-conscious, handcrafted cast iron
Product Range | Cast iron, steel, stoneware, & cooking accessories
Price Range | $6–$85

Looking for heirloom cast iron cookware? Lodge’s pots and pans have been made in the USA using traditional techniques since 1886! The brand is passionate about green and social initiatives, too: Its cookware comes in recycled and biodegradable packaging, and Lodge tracks its energy conservation and recycling program. We’ve used our Lodge cast iron skillet for nearly every meal over the last five years and it still cooks like a dream (also don’t be afraid to size up, we love the 15″ pan). It’s a great pan for travel and camping too!

Customer Review | “I love it. On the stove, in the oven, on the grill, or sitting right down in the coals of a campfire… nothing heats as well and as evenly as cast iron.” —Jack H.

Also available at: REI Co-Op | Sur la Table | Target

5. Caraway

Budget friendly
Recycled materials

Nontoxic Materials | Ethically made & recyclable ceramic cookware
Product Range | Pans, dutch ovens, sets, bakeware, accessories & linens
Price Range | $30–$145

The hype is, in fact, real when it comes to Caraway! This affordable cookware and bakeware brand uses only ceramic and a mineral coating for its goods. Not only that but pieces are ethically made and sent in eco-friendly packaging—and they’re recyclable, too. If you can, we recommend grabbing a set for a generous discount!

Customer Review | “I am SO glad that I took the leap… Not only are the pans gorgeous, but they cook like a dream! They make healthy cooking a breeze and clean-up is even breezier.” —Maren H.

Also Available at: Bed Bath & Beyond | Crate & Barrel | Target

6. Made In

American made

Nontoxic Materials | Cast iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper
Product Range | Cookware, dinnerware, knives, bakeware
Price Range | $49–$490

For the highest professional-grade cookware that’s made to last a lifetime, Made In delivers. Founded on a fourth generation kitchen supply business, the Austin-based brand knows its stuff: they use only the highest quality materials and work with multigenerational craftsman and makers to produce the best designed products. With over 100,000 5-star reviews, dozens of professional chef endorsements, and a lifetime warranty on almost everything, you can’t go wrong. (Check out our review for more info!)

7. Milo by Kana

Budget friendly
Recycled materials
B corp

Nontoxic Materials | Partially recycled cast iron
Product Range | Dutch ovens, skillet, sets, accessories
Price Range | $7–$135

Milo by Kana’s heritage-inspired cookware is made from enameled cast iron, which is naturally non-stick. The brand’s kitchen products are created to last with a lifetime warranty and are fully free from toxic chemicals. We especially love the mini dutch oven, for slow cooking and all kinds of comfort foods.

Customer Review | “As someone who only ever cooks for 1-2 people at a time, this pot is the perfect size for every meal; I love how versatile it is too! Perfect for making stews, searing meat, and baking bread!” —Joanne Y.

Also available at: Food52 | Crate & Barrel

8. Emile Henry

Family owned
Natural materials

Nontoxic Materials | Large selection of cookware
Product Range | Cookware, bakeware, & dining
Price Range | $38–$220

Emile Henry is a family-owned cookware brand that started in France. The company’s staple is its collection of clay ceramic products, all of which are heat resistant, durable, and free from harmful chemicals. This cookware is designed for everyone, from the bread bakers and fondue lovers to those cooking dishes rich in spices and vegetables.

Customer Review | “I purchased the ivory-colored Loaf Baker last week. I have made a loaf a day. They turn out beautiful. I put it in the oven prior to baking to heat the clay.” —Karen F. 

Also available at: Food52 | Sur la Table | Williams Sonoma


Recycled materials

Nontoxic Materials | 100% recycled aluminum
Product Range | Skillets, pans, pots, griddles, lids, sets, cutlery, accessories
Price Range | $10–$479

SCANPAN has been sustainable since its launch back in 1956. To this day, the Denmark-based team uses only recycled aluminum, which is PFOA- and PFOS-free. The ES5 line is made for any budget, while the CS+ collection is for investment pieces. They’re so high-quality, Sur la Table uses SCANPAN during its cooking classes.

Customer Review | “[I bought them] after taking a cooking class and listening to our chef talk about the pans and […] how after eight years in the teaching kitchen, they still looked new. Yes they are expensive, but they are very much worth it.” —John S.

Also available at: Sur la Table | Bed Bath & Beyond | Target

10. Xtrema

Family owned
Natural materials

Nontoxic Materials | Pure ceramic cookware
Product Range | Skillets, saucepans, pots, dutch ovens, teapots, sets, & accessories
Price Range | $10–$380

Family-owned Xtrema makes ceramic, nontoxic cookware, as well as other kitchen essentials. The brand is passionate about creating products free from harmful ingredients, so you won’t find PFOA, PTFE, glues, polymers, coatings, or additives. Don’t miss its reward program and sales!

Customer Review | “We started using Xtrema cookware about 2 years ago. There was a small learning curve, but now we couldn’t imagine cooking without it! Our food feels healthier and tastes more flavorful than ever.” —James V.

What meals have you been cooking recently? Share your most-loved recipes and cookware staples below. Happy cooking! 👩‍🍳