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Looking to freshen up your plate this year? Why not start with an organic produce subscription box. They’re great for the environment (less international shipping), fantastic for local farmers (less food waste), and good for your budget—no shade to conventional grocery stores though; shop where you can, however works best for you!

Our editors have rolled up their sleeves and dug up the nine best produce delivery companies for organic fruit delivery, vegetable delivery, and protein boxes right to your door. We’ve paid special attention to finding produce boxes in a wide range of locations, from Los Angeles and New York to Minneapolis, Tulsa, Houston, and many others.

Some of the organic grocery delivery subscription services on this list work with surplus fruit, while others sell “ugly” vegetables that don’t sell in stores. These boxes are bringing fresh, seasonal goods to the forefront, rescuing produce from landfills, and making delivery more convenient than ever. Win-win.

If you’re looking for full meal delivery, check out our guide to organic meal delivery services, and our CSA guide to learn more about community-supported agriculture. If it sounds like something you’d like to try, you can search Local Harvest to find one near you.

  Best OverallMost AffordableBest Nationwide Delivery 

1. Misfits Market 

Price | Boxes start at $30+ with flat-rate shipping
Delivers To | Contiguous US (See all)
Best For | Accessible organic produce delivery across the US

Misfits Market finds fresh, certified organic produce that major stores can’t sell due to scarring, surplus, or cosmetic blemishes, and ships boxes directly to you at up to 40 percent off regular costs. (Think onions that are too small, oddly shaped squash, or twisted carrots.) With up to 22 pounds of organic produce delivery coming your way, this biz uses compostable plant-based bags, eco-friendly insulation, and recycled cardboard. Box minimums start at $30 to minimize packaging and carbon emissions, and MM delivers to nearly all zip codes across the contiguous US.

2. Farm Fresh To You

Price | Boxes start at $29
Delivers To | North & South California (See all)
Best For | Office & business deliveries, certified organic produce, flexibility

100 percent of Farm Fresh to You’s produce delivery is certified organic by a third party. This second-generation farm also abides by eco-friendly practices, such as efficient irrigation and water management, healthy crop rotation, recyclable packaging, and local fertilizers. Choose one of six pre-made fruit/veggie boxes and a size (for up to 30 people!), customize as you like, and add on farm products—like honey or coffee. You can cancel the box up to two days before your scheduled delivery for maximum flexibility.

3. Hungry Harvest

Price | Boxes start at $15
Delivers To | Majority east coast & Detroit metro area (See all)
Best For | Waste-free produce

Hungry Harvest wants us to use every part of every plant. By working with farmers to rescue fresh, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste, the company delivers fresh produce to our doors instead. Starting at $15, the boxes come in a variety of sizes and Hungry Harvest shares simple recipes, storage tips, and kitchen hacks so that we can make the most of our produce. It’s worth noting that every delivery saves at least 10 pounds of food from going to waste.

4. The FruitGuys

Price | Boxes start at $33
Delivers To | Contiguous US (See all)
Best For | Gifting, school deliveries 

Despite its name, The FruitGuys deliver more than just sweet seed-bearers. The family-owned and operated B Corp works with 200+ independent farms across the U.S. to deliver regional and seasonal mixes of fruit, vegetables, snacks, chocolate, coffee, and more. (And they don’t just deliver to homes, but to businesses and schools, too.) With four delivery options to choose from, subscribers often receive their orders within 48 hours of shipping. The FruitGuys donate all visually imperfect and excess fresh fruit to local food banks and charities.

5. Farmer Jones Farm

Price | Boxes start at $69
Delivers To | Nationwide (See more)
Best For | Fresh greens, supporting regenerative & sustainable farming practices

Farmer Jones Farm is a second-gen family farm as part of The Chef’s Garden in Ohio. The team invests in organic and regenerative farming practices such as rotating field plantings between produce and multi-species crops, which benefits both the plants and the soil. In addition to one-time produce boxes such as “powerhouse vegetables” and “high-nitrate fresh greens”, Farmer Jones Farms has robust subscription options as well, with a five percent discount. You can also donate fresh vegetables locally to tackle food scarcity!

6. Farm to People

Price | Boxes start at $25
Delivers To | NYC & Jersey City/Hoboken (See all)
Best For | Vegetarian, paleo, & omnivore boxes, protein & dairy add-ons

Farm to People brings the farmer’s market experience to NYC’s door with its organic, seasonal produce, protein, and groceries. The produce, in particular, is sourced from GMO-free, organic, and regenerative farms. Best yet, half of every food dollar raised goes directly to the farmer or small-batch maker. You can go a la carte or opt for a subscription—and swap with items you don’t want and add the ones you do. Paleo, omnivore, and vegetarian diets are also accommodated with specific boxes.

7. Oddbox

Price | Boxes start at £11
Delivers To | The UK (See all)
Best For
| Affordable, varied produce deliveries

Oddbox, a certified B Corp based in the UK, ethically sources fresh produce from dozens of fairly paid farmers and suppliers across the country. Delivered overnight to minimize excessive emissions, Oddbox’s fruits and veggies arrive at your doorstep in recyclable packaging. Weekly sustainable produce boxes start at £11 perfect for a couple, or you can opt for a large family-sized box for £22. Leftover produce is donated to orgs fighting food poverty in the UK.

8. Farmbox Direct

Price | Boxes start at $41
Delivers To |
Continental US (Check your zip code here)
Best For | Seasonal, fresh farm produce with no subscription commitment

After becoming a mother, founder and CEO Ashley Tyrner started Farmbox Direct when she realized how difficult it was to balance her busy schedule and the weekly trip to her local farmer’s market. With her family’s background in farming, it felt only natural to start a business that connected farmers directly to busy consumers who wanted to feed their families fresh, local produce but were struggling to shop for the goods themselves. Each week, an email with menus of what’s being harvested arrive in your inbox, and you can customize your delivery with the simple click of your mouse. And there’s no commitment necessary— pause or skip your box as needed, anytime, for any reason!

9. Girl N Dug

Price | Boxes start at $29
Delivers To | The lower 48 states plus Hawaii
Best For | Monthly theme boxes and specialty veggies

If you are looking for something a notch above your standard produce aisle fare, you will love the specialty vegetables from Girl N Dug. Growing veggies off the beaten path like Argentine yacon water root and Andean pichuberries, it’s no wonder they count Michelin-starred restaurant chefs as customers. Each box comes with an illustrated “User Manual” to orient you with the goods, along with hot tips and recipes for how to prepare them. Try their seasonal boxes if you simply want to spice up your weekly meals, or try a monthly theme box to kick a dinner party into the next gear. Build-your-own boxes are also available starting at a minimum of $55.

Header image from Farm to People