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We’ve researched and tested dozens of wine clubs — these are our picks for the best natural, sustainable, or organically farmed wines across a range of price points. 

To elevate our at-home dining experiences, we’re turning to wine for the perfect touch. Reds are for our cozy evenings indoors, and sparkling whites make for the most bubbly happy hour at the park. But with thousands of wines around the world, it’s hard to know which one to choose—we can’t be the only ones overwhelmed in fancy bottle shops, right? That’s why we turn to wine subscriptions for easy and stress-free selections from a wide variety of quality wines.

Why choose organic wine?

Organic wine is a great choice if you’re looking to be more conscious of the ingredients you’re choosing to consume. They reduce the risk of consuming pesticides and synthetics from conventional grapes, and they’re GMO-free. Consuming organic wine is also better for the environment as organic vineyards prioritize soil health, water conservation processes, and renewable energy use, lowering their overall carbon footprint. Some even say that the true and authentic terroir of organic wine shines through more than in conventional wines where added synthetics can impact the flavor. The more you know!

Our methodology:

For this guide, we’ve researched and tested wines from some of the best natural winemakers and sommeliers responsibly sourcing from around the globe, from California to Italy, — you’re welcome! In our opinion, these wine clubs and subscription services curate the best natural, sustainable, or organically farmed wines (and then deliver them directly to your doorstep!) We’ll cheers to that. 🥂

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Best Overall | Most Affordable | Most Organic

1. Mysa

1% for the planet
Budget friendly
Small business

Best For | Direct-to-consumer natural wines
Standout Ethic | Member of 1% of the Planet
Price | Starting at $85/month for 3 bottles

For natural wines you’ll never find in restaurants or fancy wine stores, women-owned Mysa is our go-to subscription. This direct-to-consumer wine importer works with small producers (making less than 5,000 cases per year) and shares their stories, tasting notes, and food pairing suggestions with you. Choose three, six, or a dozen bottles to be delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis, and experience natural additive-free wines the way they were meant to be enjoyed!

Mysa Review | “I’ve been a wine club member for a little over two years now and a Mysa customer for just over three. I’ve always been super happy with the club and love the fun of trying new things! I also appreciate always having something interesting on hand for guests and gifts. When I want to choose add-on bottles, the staff are always super helpful with recommendations and quick to respond to emails! If you’re on the fence, just do it :)” – Michelle (See all reviews)

2. Plonk Wine Club

Small business
Woman owned

Best For | Customizable wine cases
Standout Ethic | Organic and biodynamically farmed wines
Price | Starting at $110/month for 4 bottles

Curious to learn more about sustainable, small-batch wines? Plonk Wine Club is for you. This subscription is curated with both novice and sophisticated wine lovers in mind, and it includes organic, biodynamic, and seasonal wines grown by small-scale farmers around the world. We especially love the use of undiscovered native grapes from lesser-known appellations, and that you can customize your shipments. Choose between a mixed, red, or white wine box, with up to 12 bottles per box.

Plonk Wine Club Review | “I can’t believe some of the amazing wines in our mystery case! This is our second mystery case from Plonk and they never disappoint. Shipping is lightning fast and the wines are first rate” – Angie B. (See all reviews)

3. Avaline

Small business
Woman owned

Best For | 100% organic and natural wine with no added sugars or other additives
Standout Ethic | Full label, ingredient, and producer transparency
Price | Starting at $245/case (choose delivery for every month, two months, or three months)

Avaline was born when founders Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power realized that they didn’t actually know what was in their favorite wines. It turns out that the wine industry isn’t legally required to disclose a lot about what’s in their bottles, or even how it’s produced. Avaline wines are guided by an ethos of full transparency— their ingredients and contents are listed on every bottle, and they work with eco-conscious and ethical producers to create their 100% organic and natural wines without any of the 70+ common additives found in other bottles. With a subscribe and save model that allows you to build a case at a delivery frequency that works for you, we say sign us up!

Avaline Review | “Very refreshing…loved the clean taste. Will certainly keep stock on hand” Heidi P. (See all reviews)

4. Lady of the Sunshine

American made
Family owned
Small business

Best For | Seasonal subscriptions
Standout Ethic | Regenerative, organic, and biodynamically farmed wines
Price | Starting at $150 for 6 bottles twice a year

Only about 10 percent of wineries and vineyards are women-owned and operated, a devastatingly high disparity. That’s why we’re big fans of Lady of the Sunshine, run by Gina Giugni, a second-generation biodynamic farmer and winemaker in California. Sign up for this wine club if you’re more of a seasonal drinker: You’ll receive two shipments a year in the spring and fall, along with access to small production bottling, cellar tastings, winemaker dinners, and more. This wine club is a true testament to California’s golden sunshine.

Lady Of The Sunshine Review | “Love it! Can’t wait to taste new wines next year. Down to our last couple of cases of Stolpman Vineyards Sauvi B, it’s been an incredible by the glass pour for us! Thank you for making such beautiful wines, Gina!” -@potagerdenver (See more reviews)

5. Orange Glou

Family owned
Small business

Best For | Skin-contact wines
Standout Ethic | Natural wine, using chemical- and plowing-free methods
Price | Starting at $105/month for 3 bottles

For a truly unique wine subscription, Orange Glou is our go-to. Each box is curated by Doreen Winkler, named by Forbes as one of “America’s Top Sommeliers.” In addition to sourcing wines that offer the purest expression of the grape and terroir, Doreen is also passionate about orange wine (yes, orange!)—so anticipate the most interesting and distinct orange wines in the world, delivered right to your doorstep.

Orange Glou Review | “I discovered the Orange Glou subscription service in late 2019 (or early 2020?) and have been a loyal subscriber ever since. On top of Doreen clearly being a master of orange wine, she is so friendly and passionate about what she does and it shows with the personal touches and care she shows to her customers. The wine is amazing, and it’s great to be able to get such a large variety of orange wines all the way down here in Charlotte, NC. I only wish I lived in NYC so I could be a shop regular!” – Elizabeth G. (See all reviews)

6. Dry Farm Wines

Family owned

Best For | Sugar-free artisan wines
Standout Ethic | Organically farmed, lab tested wines
Price | Starting at $186/month for 6 bottles

Dry Farm Wines does wine subscriptions with health in mind. Each artisan-made wine in its subscription box receives a Seal of Integrity, ensuring the purity and high quality of its composition. All the wines you’ll receive are sugar-free, farmed organically, additives-free, vegan, and contain lower alcohol levels for more mindful consumption. Made from grapes grown on small family farms with European Heritage Practices in place, you’ll experience elevated healthy wines at a fraction of the cost. Choose from 6 or 12-bottle subscription packages and your choice of white, red, rosé, sparking, or a mix!

Dry Farm Wines Review | “Love these wines!! They give me no adverse reactions. Tastes great! Love supporting small vineyards.” – Julie S. (See all reviews)

7. Terroirizer

Budget friendly

Best For | Seasonal and hard-to-find wines
Standout Ethic | Natural wines made with human hands
Price | Starting at $75/month for 3 bottles

For open-minded wine connoisseurs who seek natural and distinctive wines, try Terroirizer’s Wine Club subscription. For only $75 a month, you’ll receive three bottles of seasonal wine that match your preferences. These wines are not ones you’ll come by often (if ever!) and are perfect if you’re into trying new artisanal wines frequently, or just love throwing wine parties! Each wine comes with a write-up and music pairing suggestion for a well-rounded sipping and auditory experience.

Terroirizer Review | “Just placed an order. These wines are 🔥🔥” – @conroy_matt (See more reviews)

8. Tinto Amorio

American made

Best For | Orange & skin-contact wines
Standout Ethic | Gives back 5% to nonprofits serving local LA communities
Price | Starting at $192/biannually for 6 bottles

If a monthly wine subscription is too frequent for your needs, Tinto’s bi-annual skin contact club is who to turn to! Released in both winter/spring and summer/fall, you’ll receive either 6 or 12 bottles of pure, organic skin-contact or orange wines for a light or experimental palate. You decide! Produced in small batches by a group of family and friends locally in California, these natural wines are made with grapes grown on biodynamic farms with each wine bottle waxed by hand by the founders. And to top it all off, 5% of each purchase supports local nonprofits, including food banks in LA and the OC.

Tinto Review | “These have zero flaws. ZERO. You get some of what you expect–extremely clean, drinkable, pleasant on the palate; and some unexpected–tasting notes, lightness, refreshing even!” -Alex G. (See all reviews)

9. Kind of Wild

1% for the planet
Family owned
Plant trees

Best For | Organic, globally crafted wines
Standout Ethic | Regenerative farming practices
Price | Starting at $120/month for 6 bottles

Kind of Wild is a favorite for organic and vegan globally curated wines that support sustainable farming practices. Founded by Jordan & Adam Sanger alongside a partnership with Katie Lee Biegel, Kind of Wild wines is committed to being part of the climate solution through their sustainability initiatives. Grapes are grown organically in regenerative soils and are free of chemical fertilizers and synthetics, allowing for healthy soil that thrives and remains nutrient-dense. The company takes it a step further by planting trees and donating 1% of its profits to environmental partner initiatives.

Kind of Wild Review | “I ordered all of my holiday wine! We love it and it makes for great hostess gifts! Thank you” – @denelle_lynn (See more reviews)