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For many of us, our days begin with a ritual: Brewing that first cup of coffee. A warming beverage that gifts us with energy and a bit of structure first thing in the morning, coffee is more than just, well, coffee; it’s an active part of our lifestyle.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share these coffee clubs and subscription services bringing freshly roasted and fair trade beans straight to your door. Many of these companies work with farmers in coffee-growing communities around the world, investing in small-scale roasters, cafes, and artisans. 

Now, more than ever, it’s so easy to join a coffee club—so we can fuel our days without even leaving the house. If you’re looking for a post-work beverage, check out our guide to organic wine delivery companies!

Best Overall | Most Affordable | Best Coffee Alternative

1. Bean Box

Standout Ethic | Supports 35+ artisan roasters
Ships To | USA, US Territories and military addresses, Canada
Price | Starting at $17/month (tasting subscription)

Coffee-curious? Bean Box is the perfect subscription box to start with. The company has some of the world’s best coffees curated in one place and, by partnering with artisan roasters, Bean Box delivers some of the richest blends from around the world every month while supporting small businesses. Start your mornings with full flavor.

2. Driftaway Coffee

Standout Ethic | Compostable shipping and plastic-free coffee bags
Ships To | Worldwide
Price | Starting at $16 for one bag (8 oz.)

For a personalized experience, check out Driftaway’s customized coffee subscription. Start with four coffee profiles to review, from light to medium-dark roast, and the company will send you coffees matching your taste, sourced from all around the world. Order more of the ones you love, avoid the ones you don’t, and support small-scale farmers all along the way sustainability program. (We also love their virtual tastings!)

3. MistoBox 

Standout Ethic | Sustainable supply chain
Ships To | USA
Price | Starting at $15 plus shipping for one bag (12 oz.)

MistoBox is a coffee club that delivers from over 50 roasters worldwide. Working with farmers and cafes dedicated to fair trade and sustainable business practices, the company has more than 500 options to choose from, including unique origins, small farms and co-ops, and more. Not sure where to start? The team has a coffee curator to help guide you based on your flavor profile.

4. Blue Bottle

Standout Ethic | Certified organic small batches
Ships To | USA
Price | Starting at $13 for half-bag (6 oz.)

Coffee at its peak, right after it’s roasted? Yes, please. For small-batch coffee that’s shipped to you within 48 hours of roasting, we love Blue Bottle’s coffee subscription. With each option, the company provides recommended freshness guides so you can have the best sipping experience. Whether you want to order weekly or monthly, single-origin or blend, espresso or decaf, Blue Bottle has something for all coffee lovers—and it ships nationwide.


Standout Ethic | Gives back to psychedelic research for mental health
Ships To | USA and Canada
Price | Starting at $40 for one can (6.4 oz.)

MUDWTR knows that some of the best parts about coffee are the ritual, even though the cost is often fairly high (messed up sleep schedules, mid-afternoon crashes, jitters…). That’s why the brand created an alternative that offers all the joy of the ritual without the tax on your health–– in fact, the mushroom-based beverages actually offer tons of benefits, like energy, focus, and immune support. Check out our review for even more info!

6. Wandering Bear

Standout Ethic | 100% recyclable
Ships To | USA
Price | Starting at $36 for one box (96 oz.)

Cold brew lovers rejoice! Wandering Bear has created a 100% organic cold brew box to stock your fridge with the highest quality ready-to-drink coffee that comes in a 100% recyclable container. With the best beans sourced from the Western hemisphere, their brews are strong yet smooth, and shelf-stable until tapped. Subscribe and save on those afternoon single-cup coffee runs!

7. Bean & Bean

Standout Ethic | Promotes gender equity in the coffee business
Ships To | USA, Canada, select international countries
Price | Starting at $16 for one bag (11oz)

New York family-owned coffee company Bean & Bean wants to ship the best and most notable coffees directly to your door. Shop some. of the most exceptional coffees on the market, and rest easy knowing everything is USDA Organic, Fair Trade, & Direct Trade. Don’t know where to start? Take their personal taste quiz to steer you in the right direction!

8. Pact Coffee 

Standout Ethic | Direct trade with farmers
Ships To | UK
Price | Starting at £8 for 1 bag (250 g)

Direct-trade brand Pact Coffee is making it easier than ever to support small farmers with their coffee subscription. With each delivery, you’ll know exactly where your beans come from, down to the farm. In exchange, farmers earn up to 55 percent above the fair trade rate so that they can reinvest into their business. Pact Coffee offers flexible delivery options ranging from every day to every 60 days.

9. Kahawa 1893

Standout Ethic | Sourced from women farmers
Ships To | USA
Price | Starting at $16 1 bag (12 oz.)

Founded by a Kenyan woman who grew up with coffee farmers, Kahawa 1893 is at the forefront of gender equity in the coffee game. Featured on Shark Tank and the Today Show, this company is making waves by sourcing directly from female farmers in Kenya and Rwanda, and Congo. We love that you can tip the farmers directly on their website, and the brand matches the tips dollar-for-dollar, putting resources back into the communities making the delicious coffee we love.