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We’ve researched and tried dozens of the best natural protein powders — these are our top picks for women that use clean ingredients and have low/no sugar so you get the most benefit.

Protein is an essential amino acid that’s a must for our bodies to function properly, and protein powders are a great way to make sure we’re keeping up with our intake. 

Unfortunately, not all protein powders are made equally since there aren’t strict regulations for protein supplements in the US. Instead, for a cleaner alternative: You’ll want to look for a plant-based protein, collagen protein or whey protein as the first ingredient in their labels, double check for unnecessary sugar or synthetics, and prioritize powders that have at least 20g of protein per serving. (Ideally, it’ll have verification like NSF Certified for Sport or USDA Organic, too!)

How much protein do women need on average? 

At the most basic level, protein helps our bodies function—and we can’t live without it! It’s an essential macronutrient, supporting everything from gut and immune health to muscle building to hair and skin growth. The National Academy of Medicine suggests that we get seven grams of protein for every 20 pounds of body weight daily. So for most folks, the range runs from 35-70 grams and can vary depending on activity level, sex, weight, age, and health level. According to Dr. Katherine Marengo, the average female requires 34-46 g of protein a day. Dr. Marengo also notes that pregnant people require more protein (around 70g) to help support the parent and the fetus. But many diets don’t include enough protein…and that’s where protein powder comes in!

We’ve found seven protein powders that are free of processed fillers, focus on organic or bioavailable ingredients, and are independently tested for efficacy and purity! Plus, the products below are made with women’s health in mind, with options for prenatal and postpartum support.

Our criteria:

  • CLEAN INGREDIENTS | Free of additives, fillers, and harmful ingredients, these protein powders are completely natural and include wholesome, organic ingredients that are nourishing to the body.
  • LOW OR NO SUGAR | Avoiding unnecessary sugar is a must, and we’ve made sure each of these natural protein powder brands contains low or no sugar, and if sweetened, use healthy alternatives like organic stevia and monk fruit.
  • TASTE | The days of chalky and artificial tasting protein powders are over! We’ve tested these brands to make sure they taste delicious and you actually want to drink them! 

Whether you want to level up your workouts, support your baby’s development, or just enjoy an energy boost to avoid the 3 PM slump, these protein powders will do just that—and more. (Don’t forget to include these natural probiotics and organic multivitamins in your daily regimen for a well rounded health kick.) Drink up!

Best Overall | Best For Pregnancy | Best Tasting

1. Ora

American made
Plant trees

Best For | USDA-certified organic vegan protein
Clean Ingredients | Organic pea & rice proteins, organic fruits & veggies, lactase, cellulase, organic stevia, organic monk fruit
Price | $40 for 20 oz (20 servings); discounted subscriptions available (20%+ off)

Deriving its ingredients solely from the earth without the manmade fluff, Ora’s Plant-Based Superfood Protein is a best-seller. Available in chocolate, vanilla, vanilla chai, and unflavored, these ingredients are all ones you’ve heard of before blended into one powerful mix. The flavors are subtly sweet enough to be mixed into water, milk, or even baked goods—that’s our kind of daily nutrition. If you’re not ready to commit to the full-sized bag, you can grab one serving for $4 to test out first. Green, clean, protein.

Ora Review | “As a female weightlifter it’s extremely important that I hit my protein goal every day. This one is one of the only plant proteins I’ve found that I actually enjoy taking!” – Susie S. [See all reviews]

2. WelleCo

Small business
Woman owned

Best For | All-in-one- superfood protein powder
Clean Ingredients | Organic pea & rice protein, xylitol, l-glutamine, pomegranate powder, acai powder, psyllium seed husk, magnesium citrate, digestive enzyme blend, turmeric, rosehip, vitamin blend, probiotic blend, dandelion leaf extract
Price | $35 for 10.5 oz (9 servings); discounted subscriptions available (20%+ off & free shipping)

For a protein powder that does it all, WelleCo’s Nourishing Protein refills will be your new daily staple. This vegan protein powder is formulated with organic and non-GMO ingredients such as rice and pea protein, but also includes pre- and probiotics, digestive enzymes, B vitamins, magnesium, and superfoods all in one scoop! You won’t bloat when consuming this protein and will experience elevated energy levels, with no blood sugar crash. Pick up WellCo’s UV-resistant Protein Caddy to keep your protein powders in and refill as you need. Save 20% and get free shipping with their subscriptions!   

WelleCo Review | “I’ve been using plant based protein powders for years – initially as part of sports nutrition and then more generally – but struggled to find a healthy, clean, plant based protein that I actually liked. The Welleco Vanilla Protein Powder has completely solved the problem and become an everyday staple! It has fantastic plant based ingredients, a really lovely taste, and has become part of what I drink (and use in a variety of recipes) every day. Highly recommended!” -Ms C B. [See all reviews]

4. Needed.

1% for the planet
American made
B corp
Climate neutral
Woman owned

Best For | Collagen protein & prenatal protein
Clean Ingredients | Hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides
Price | $50 for 16 oz (30 servings); discounted subscriptions available (10%+ off)

Needed. recognized the gap in the market for quality prenatal support, so they filled it! Today, this brand also offers collagen protein as a two-in-one powder. With just one serving, you’ll support your blood sugar, joint health, gut health, immune function, and more—the pure collagen peptides act as both a source of protein and skin support. We also like that it’s unflavored, and many users claim it dissolves well into drinks and smoothies without the “funky texture or flavor.” If you’re hoping to conceive or on your way to optimal health, Needed.’s Collagen Protein is a great choice.

Needed. Review | “​​Love this product. I add it to my coffee and there’s no taste. I used it throughout my pregnancy and use it post. It helped my hair and skin health – post pregnancy I had little to no hair loss like I did with my first. Helps me feel regulated and better about my nutrition.” – Anonymous [See all reviews]

4. Ritual

B corp
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | Pregnancy & postpartum
Clean Ingredients | Choline, organic pea protein, organic coconut oil, organic monk fruit extract
Price | $40 for 1 lb. (15 servings); subscriptions available

Ritual offers the best daily essentials for women, whether it’s for living life or creating it! These non-GMO, vegan, and third-party tested formulas are about as clean as they come, and the Essential Protein for Pregnancy and Postpartum has everything you need for strong bones and muscles (yes, for you and little ones!). That’s all thanks to the 250mg of choline and 20g of plant-based protein. And while it is a powder, it goes seamlessly into any smoothie or milkshake with a subtle vanilla taste. And best of all, you can see exactly where every ingredient comes from on the product page, down to the supplier and final location for manufacturing.

Ritual Review | “This was the best vegan protein powder I’ve ever tried! Not chalky at all and blended like a dream to a thick creamy consistency. Flavor was also awesome with no weird aftertaste.” – Amanda I. [See all reviews]

5. Momentous

American made
Recycled materials

Best For | Whey protein
Clean Ingredients | Grass-fed whey protein isolate, ProHydrolase (probiotics & enzymes)
Price | $50-$65 for 1 lb+ (20+ servings); discounted subscriptions available (10%+ off)

Some of the best athletes and doctors in the world love Momentous—and we can see why. There are a number of proteins available here (including vegan options!) supporting joint and bone health, gut health, and recovery. Our favorite, though, is the Grass-Fed Whey Protein, since it’s full of essential amino acids, easily digests, and quickly boosts energy day after day. Momentous sources its grass-fed whey isolate from EU dairy farmers, where it’s then cold-processed to keep the most important nutrients (it’s also NSF- and Informed Sport Certified). Whether you’re about to head to your workout or coming down from one, Momentous’ Essential Whey Protein will help you feel (and look) your best!

Momentous Review | “I love this clean form of whey protein. As a post menopausal woman striving to get the recommended levels of protein to complement my strength training…this far outweighs the competition in flavor and levels of protein per serving.” – Jane S. [See all reviews]

6. Be Well By Kelly 

American made
Small business
Woman owned

Best For | Minimal ingredient formulas
Clean Ingredients | Grass-fed beef protein isolate, organic monk fruit extract, chocho bean protein
Price | $60 for 1.59 lb (30 servings); discounted subscriptions available (5%+ off)

Be Well By Kelly was founded by celebrity holistic nutritionist and wellness expert Kelly LeVeque. With a minimalist but precise approach to nutrition, the brand wants to help you ditch dieting by embracing a clear and simple approach to clean nutrition using Kelly’s Fab 4 formula of getting the right amount of protein, fat, fiber, greens in every meal. They make the protein part easy with their grass-fed beef protein powder or vegan plant-based protein powder, available in unflavored, chocolate, or vanilla. 

By Well By Kelly Review | “Great taste and amazing quality. I use both the flavored (both delicious!) and unflavored in smoothies, baked goods, and the chocolate for hot cocoa/mochas. SO good!” – Sara C. [See all reviews]

7. Cymbiotika

American made

Best For | Gut health & energy
Clean Ingredients | Organic hemp & pea proteins, organic spirulina, organic mushrooms, organic raw greens, organic baobab & banana powders, digestive enzyme complex, diry-free probiotics, l-glutamine
Price | $88 for 2 lb. (24 servings); discounted subscriptions available (10% off & free shipping)

Want to up your gut health and your energy? Cymbiotika’s Plant Protein is our go-to. This formula is thoughtfully made to include complex proteins, fiber, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, and adaptogenic mushrooms—so food really is the best medicine sometimes. Plus, Cymbiotika prioritizes full transparency and traceable ingredients, avoiding fillers and chemicals, and sustainability as an ethos. According to the science-driven team, you can enjoy this power booster any time of the day but especially after workouts to aid in recovery and lean muscle mass development.

Cymbiotika Review | “I’ve been using this protein powder for about a year and love how comprehensive it is, it makes me feel good knowing I’m getting so much packed into one scoop! It simplifies the supplements I have to take by having greens, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes and adaptogenic mushrooms along with the protein.” – Michelle D. [See all reviews]

Featured image is from Needed.