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We’ve researched and tested dozens of natural probiotics—these are our top seven picks, made with organic ingredients.

Probiotics are living organisms that are good for you (yes, they exist!)—think healthy bacteria, yeast, and spores. Once ingested, probiotic strains help restore your gut health, heighten immunity, reduce inflammation and allergies, and even support your mood.

Why should you look for natural and organic probiotics?

Natural and organic probiotics offer numerous benefits that conventional probiotics miss out on. They are free from harmful chemicals like pesticides, GMOs, and synthetics. Organic farming practices also contribute to a healthier soil ecosystem and higher quality ingredients that can be used in probiotic formulas to boost their benefits (think prebiotic fiber from organic fruits). Organic probiotics are also more sustainable, as less synthetics and better biodiversity in farming practices minimizes adverse impacts on our environment.

As with any ingestible supplement, knowing what to look for in a healthy, effective probiotic is important. According to both the Cleveland Clinic and WebMD, you want to search for quality brand names. You’ll also want to look for a probiotic with one billion or more colony forming units (CFUs) or active fluorescent units (AFUs), and check that it aligns with your preferred dosage and form (consider capsules, gummies, or powder). 

We’ve found seven of the best and most trusted natural probiotics out there, ranging from USDA certified organic formulas for immunity, to vegan options for gut health and digestion, to natural capsules for pregnancy or vaginal health. We also recommend chatting with your doctor for personalized suggestions or before starting any new supplement. If you have a probiotic you already love, we’d love to hear in the comments below!

Our criteria:

  • NATURAL, HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS | Each of these probiotics is made from natural ingredients that are third-party tested and highly effective.
  • AFFORDABILITY | We’ve offered a variety of choices for probiotics at various price points, prioritizing budget-friendly options.
  • ACTIVE FLUORESCENT UNITS (AFU) | Each of these brands that provide detailed information on their CFU/AFU count, ensuring plenty of gut friendly microorganisms are reaching your colon, where they’ll go to work!

For more supplement and vitamin options, check out our guides to the best multivitamins and probiotics for women. For parents-to-be, we also recommend looking at our prenatal vitamins roundup!

**This review is not health advice. Please talk to your OBGYN or healthcare provider before adding any supplements to your diet.

Best Overall | Best Powdered Probiotic | Most Affordable

1. Seed

Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | Monthly subscription
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Vegan; free from gluten, dairy, soy, nut, shellfish, corn, and sesame; glyphosate/AMPA-free, no binders or preservatives; prop-65 compliant
Price | $50/month

Seed DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic is a science-backed probiotic with 24 clinically studied strains to support whole-body health beyond just your gut. Engineered to survive acid, enzymes, moisture, and heat, these vegan probiotics improve skin, heart, and gut health all at once. The formula has also been tested for 400+ allergens and pesticide residues to ensure that everyone can give it a try. Orders start at $50/month; skip or cancel at any time, and enjoy a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

Seed Review | “I’ve tried so many different remedies in my life. I’m now on an automatic refill for Seed for the last 3 months and the difference is amazing. Having lived so long without relief I’m still very surprised that Seed works for me.” – Kathi S.

2. AG1 (Athletic Greens)

Climate neutral
Recycled materials

Best For | Comprehensive nutrition on the go
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Vegan; organic ingredients; non-GMO; free of fillers & preservatives; free from gluten, corn, eggs, peanuts, dairy, and animal by-products
Price | $99/month; discounted subscriptions available (20%+ off)

AG1 (formerly Athletic Greens) is a drinkable, portable powder supplement that covers all your daily nutrition needs through a mix of greens, vitamins, nutrients, and pre- and probiotics. Just one scoop of this sugar-free pineapple and vanilla flavored powder adds 75 superpower nutrients to your diet. (Read our review on whether AG1 covered all our nutrition needs.) The formula includes antioxidants, herbs, enzymes, and multiminerals to name a few. All this in addition to 7.2 billion CFU! AG1 is a great choice for those who prefer supplementing via powder or have difficulty swallowing pills. Take their shelf-stable travel packs on the go with you, so you never miss a day!  

AG1 Review | “I’ve trialed a variety of different supplementation products from a wide array of companies – some have worked better than others. And I know some are good for me over the long term even if I don’t notice anything, but with the cost of living, I only stick with a supplement if I actually FEEL a difference in my daily life. With AG1, I notice feeling just better overall, and I get more unsolicited compliments from people about me looking good, so it must be doing something! Moreover, I noticed when I went a couple months without it after first trying it, I definitely felt less energy, more brain fog, etc. All that said, I’ve decided to stick with it!” – Jeff M. [See all reviews]

3. Ritual

B corp
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | Multivitamin supplement with probiotics
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Vegan; gluten-free and major allergen-friendly; non-GMO; third-party tested; traceable ingredients
Price | $54/month; subscriptions available

Ritual‘s probiotic formula is like no other. This Synbiotic+ is made with 3-in-1 clinically-studied prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to not only support your gut, but build your overall foundational health. (70% of our immune system is in the gut!). Each capsule contains 11 billion CFUs, plus two of the world’s most clinically studied probiotic strains. Ritual is Made Traceable® so you know exactly where each ingredient in the formula comes from, and what you’re putting in your body. It’s also shelf-stable and is formulated with a delayed-release capsule so it reaches your colon while still alive. Up your gut health game with this well-rounded supplement! 

Ritual Review | “Love this product. It does not stress your digestive system...[and] works gently. It took about 30 days for my system to adjust. I experienced mild queasiness periodically. Which lasted about 10 – 15 minutes. I didn’t experience any bloating or flatulence. I like that it includes a prebiotic, probiotic, and a prebiotic. Overall, I am very happy with Synbiotic, and will continue to use it.” – Valerie O. [See all reviews

4. Thorne

American made
Budget friendly

Best For | Vaginal health & hormone support
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free
Price | $30–$49/month; discounted subscriptions available (20% off)

Thorne’s collection of daily probiotics is made with clinically-studied strains and proprietary blends for targeted support. Their FloraMend Prime Probiotic® works to balance the gut flora to help support a stronger immune system and healthy neurotransmitter production, while their Women’s Daily Probiotic supports those with urinary and vaginal issues. Their EnteroMend® product also helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract through a unique botanical, probiotic, and amino acid blend. No matter what your needs are, Thorne has a supplement for you. It’s no wonder Thorne is known for being ‘#1 most highly recommended brand by Healthcare practitioners’!

Thorne Review | “I took this to Mexico with me where my tummy typically takes a turn for the worst, and these were a game changer! It didn’t matter what I ate there, these kept me regular the whole time and made the trip better than normal considering I didn’t have to worry about it.” – Juli C. [See all reviews]

5. The Nue Co.

1% for the planet
B corp
Cruelty free
Recycled materials
Woman owned

Best For | IBS support
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Vegan; non-GMO; organic inulin; traceable ingredients
Price | $55/month; discounted subscriptions available (40% off)

The Nue Co.’s Prebiotic + Probiotic is like a one-two punch for gut health—in a good way! Each dose (two capsules) contains 15 billion spores that get right to work once they reach your small intestine. Within weeks, you can expect relief from a number of digestive issues, including abdominal pain, gas, constipation, bloating, and IBS. We also like that this certified B Corp uses sustainable practices in their production, including packaging in an infinitely recyclable amber glass jar and offering refills.

The Nue Co. Review | “After extensive antibiotic use, I suffered from terrible digestion issues, stomach aches, and insane bloating. Within 12 days of using these, my bloating has shrunk an inch and I have half of the stomach aches I normally have after eating. One jar came shattered and Alex from customer service immediately sent out a replacement. Highly recommend this company and this product.” – Samantha N. [See all reviews]

6. Garden of Life

American made
B corp
Cruelty free

Best For | High CFU count
Natural & Organic Ingredients | No binders, fillers or carriers; whole food vitamins; non-GMO; dairy-free & soy-free options available
Price | $34–$48/month; discounted subscriptions available (15%+ off & free shipping)

Certified B Corp Garden of Life is all about helping you to perform your best with its holistic supplements, powders, and effective probiotics. All products are USDA certified organic, and you can choose from dozens of options to find the best fit for you, from the once-daily women’s probiotic to cherry chewables for kids to prenatal capsules. Find Garden of Life online at marketplaces like Thrive, directly via the brand, or in stores.

Garden of Life Review | “My wife suffered from c. diff. colitis for decades before medical science developed an effective treatment (FMT). Her physician and staff researched the best product to maintain the gains from the transplant and chose this product. This product has kept her free from c. diff. problems for several years and is now a daily staple.” – Jack H. [See all reviews

7. Ora

American made
Plant trees

Best For | Powder supplement
Natural & Organic Ingredients | Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free; non-GMO; organic; vegan
Price | $41/month; discounted subscriptions available (20% off)

Ora’s Trust Your Gut is a great powder alternative if you’re not a fan of capsules. This formula includes 20 billion probiotics, prebiotics, studied strains, and a flavor of your choice: apple raspberry or lavender lemonade. It’s certified organic, vegan, and shelf-stable too, so it’s easy to include in meals or take while traveling. Choose from 30 to 90 days servings or a discounted subscription and see why it has over 900 glowing reviews!

Ora Review | “This is a great product to have if you have stomach issues or bowel movement difficulties. I have been using this for over 5 months and has helped my body in many ways as I have issues going to the bathroom and have constipation. I also have gluten sensitivities and it is very easy on the stomach. [I’ve]used this for my postpartum and it has helped and is helping my body to function normally again. The bonus part is it tastes really good!” – Cynthia B. [See all reviews]

Featured image via The Nue Co.