Non-GMO & Vegan Probiotics For Better Gut Health

Probiotics are living organisms that are good for you (yes, they exist!)—think healthy bacteria, yeast, and spores. Once ingested, the probiotic’s live strains help restore your gut health, heighten immunity, reduce inflammation and allergies, and even support your mood.

As with any ingestible supplement, knowing what to look for in a healthy, effective probiotic is important. According to both the Cleveland Clinic and WebMD, you want to search for quality brand names. You’ll also want to look for a probiotic with one billion or more colony forming units (CFUs, aka the bacteria), and check that it aligns with your preferred dosage and form (consider capsules, gummies, or powder). Ensure it’s free of any allergens, like soy or dairy, too.

We’ve found seven of the best and most trusted natural probiotics out there, ranging from USDA certified organic formulas for immunity, to vegan options for gut health and digestion, to natural capsules for pregnancy or vaginal health. We also recommend chatting with your doctor for personalized suggestions or before starting any new supplement. If you have a probiotic you already love, we’d love to hear in the comments below!

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1. The Nue Co.

Best For | Pre- & probiotic combo
Ethics | Organic ingredients, vegan, plastic-neutral, gives back, consulting program, shelf-stable
Price | $55 for 30 servings; discounted subscriptions available

The Nue Co.’s Prebiotic + Probiotic is like a one-two punch for gut health—in a good way! Each dose (two capsules) contains 15 billion spores that get right to work once they reach your small intestine. Within weeks, you can expect relief from a number of digestive issues, including abdominal pain, gas, constipation, bloating, and IBS. We also like that the team offers personal consultations and programs for additional support.

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2. Garden of Life

Best For | Variety of options
Ethics | Certified B Corp, USDA certified organic, vegetarian, non-GMO, shelf-stable
Price | $30+ for 30 capsules

Certified B Corp Garden of Life is all about helping you to perform your best with its holistic supplements, powders, and effective probiotics. All products are USDA certified organic, and you can choose from nearly 100 options to find the best fit for you, from the once-daily women’s probiotic to cherry chewables for kids to prenatal capsules. Find Garden of Life online at marketplaces like Thrive, directly via the brand, or in stores.

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3. Seed

Best For | Monthly subscription
Ethics | Vegan, non-GMO, sustainable & biodegradable packaging & refills, shelf-stable
Price | $49.99/month for 30 servings

Seed DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic is a science-backed probiotic with 24 clinically studied strains to support whole-body health beyond just your gut. Engineered to survive acid, enzymes, moisture, and heat, these vegan probiotics improve skin, heart, and gut health all at once. The formula has also been tested for 400+ allergens and pesticide residues to ensure that everyone can give it a try. Orders start at $49.99/month; skip or cancel at any time, and enjoy a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

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4. Ora Organic

Best For | Powder supplement
Ethics | USDA certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, made in the USA, shelf-stable
Price | $34.99 for 30 servings; discounted subscriptions & smaller servings available

Ora Organic’s Trust Your Gut is a great powder alternative if you’re not a fan of capsules. This formula includes 20 billion probiotics, prebiotics, seven studied strains, and a flavor of your choice: apple raspberry or lavender lemonade. It’s certified organic, vegan, and shelf-stable too, so it’s easy to include in meals or take while traveling. Choose from one, seven, or 30 servings, a discounted subscription, or bundles, and see why it has nearly 800 glowing reviews!

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5. Rae Wellness

Best For | Cost-effective subscription
Ethics | Vegan, non-GMO, recyclable packaging, gives back, shelf-stable
Price | $14.99 for 30 servings; discounted subscriptions available

Support your digestion and your gut simultaneously with Rae Wellness’ Pre + Probiotic Capsules. These effective probiotics will help you shine from the inside out, thanks to a unique mix of apple cider vinegar and lactobacillus acidophilus. As a bonus, five percent of all Rae revenue supports girls’ organizations. This is an affordable option to order online (a $11.99/month subscription) or find in stores like Target.

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Best For | Gummies
Ethics | Certified B Corp, gluten-free, recyclable packaging, gives back
Price | $13.99 for 30 servings; discounted subscriptions available

OLLY, a certified B Corp, offers a dual probiotic and prebiotic in gummy form. These daily supplements include fiber and live cultures (500 million bacillus coagulans, to be exact) for a more balanced belly. The team is driven by science and makes this gummy with taste in mind—we love the delicious peach flavor; it’s a sweet treat serving our health! You can find OLLY in person at stores or subscribe and save online.


7. HUM Nutrition

Best For | Sustainability
Ethics | Vegan, non-GMO, eco-friendly packaging, shelf-stable
Price | $26 for 30 servings; discounted subscriptions available

HUM Nutrition is all about “wellness for you and the planet.” This natural supplement brand uses ocean-bound plastic for its recyclable bottles and plans to completely eliminate single-use plastic by 2025. Its signature probiotic, Gut Instinct, carries 10 strains and 25 billion organisms for health and immunity, and you only need one a day. Triple-tested for purity, independently verified, and praised by hundreds of happy customers—it’s worth checking out to us!

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