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Cold press juice is one of our favorite ways to get our daily greens in. Many juicers use centrifugal force (aka higher rotations and sharp blades), and the juice you’re left with is foamy, less nutritious, and full of wet pulp. No, thanks! We much prefer cold press slow juicers that gently “squeeze” ingredients, leaving our silky smooth juice full of nutrients and enzymes. Plus, cold press juicers can take on leafy greens, celery, and even root vegetables. (See the difference here!)

Whether you’ve been a lifelong juicer or are new to the #juicing game, we’ve found the five best cold press juicers in the market, taking into account price, space, efficiency, and more. Let us know which one you try (and maybe your favorite recipes, too).

1. Hurom

Best For | Easy use & cleanup Specifications | Slow Squeeze Technology, capacity up to 16.9 oz, some models with strainers, tofu press, & self-feeding hoppers, BPA-free, up to 10-year warranty Price | $379–$699

Since launching in the 1970s, Hurom has been a leading kitchenware brand; today, the team focuses on the best juice for the squeeze (sorry, we had to). Instead of shredding fruits and vegetables like most centrifugal juicers, Hurom leverages Slow Squeeze Technology, similar to hand-squeezing. The result? The freshest, longest-lasting juice you can imagine. Plus, it’s made without any sharp parts or blades, so the whole family can get in on the action. Choose from one of Hurom’s seven excellent models, and you can’t go wrong (though we highly recommend one of the three Slow Juicers).

2. Ninja

Best For | Affordability & value Specifications | Cold Press Technology, capacity up to 16 oz, most parts dishwasher safe, pulp control, anti-drip lever, BPA-free, 1-year warranty Price | $130

If you’re new to juicing and don’t want to spend too much just yet, we love Ninja’s affordable Cold Press Slow Juicer. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, free shipping, and 1-year limited warranty, you have nothing to lose by giving it a whirl! Its powerful technology, pulp controls, and high-torque motor give you more juice, less foam, and as little or as much pulp as you’d like (we’re team no pulp here). And to make cleaning a breeze, Ninja’s parts are mostly dishwasher safe and come with a brush for harder-to-reach areas. An easy, efficient, and enjoyable way to start your morning.


Best For | Small countertops Specifications | Pure Press Technology, capacity up to 16.9 oz, handwashing recommended, pulp control, BPA-free, 10+ year warranties Price | $399–$550

NAMA’s philosophy is all about wellness, vitality, and nourishment, especially evident in its bestselling (and multifunctional) juicers. There are two models available in the US (as well as two global ones); both tout cold press juicers, smoothie strainers, and plant-based milk options. Plus, orders include 10+ year warranties, free domestic shipping, and interest-free payments. NAMA’s juicers are sleek and stunning, so you’ll delight in seeing them on any small space countertop. It’s never been easier to get your nutrients in with these fresh-pressed juices that last up to 72 hours.

4. Omega

Best For | Versatility Specifications | 28 oz. juice bowl and containers, dishwasher safe, no-drip dispenser, BPA-free, 1-year warranty Price | $150–$580

Want to make leafy green juice? Or are you a wheatgrass stan? Maybe a celery juice fan? Omega has specific juicers for whatever your needs. Ranging from just under $150 to commercial-grade models, Omega offers a variety of features including dishwasher-safe parts, pulp ejection, and high or low-speed juicing; the JC3000 model is made specifically for cold press juicing. Want to see one in person before you purchase? You can find Omega juicers at Bed Bath & Beyond, Crate & Barrel, Target, and more.

5. Kuvings

Best For | Wide feed tube Specifications | 3.2” feed chute, some models with strainers and 4-in-1 functions, drip-free controls, BPA-free, 10-year warranty Price | $150–$700

Don’t have time to prep, chop, and dice? Kuvings’ juicers are made with you in mind. Its best-seller, the EVO820 Whole Slow Juicer, comes with a wide feed tube so you can throw in whole ingredients like root veggies and not worry. Enjoy creamy smoothies, sorbets, nut milks, and juices packed with all your daily nutritious needs. In addition, Kuvings provides a strainer-cleaning tool and brushes for quick ‘n easy cleanup. It’s a little bit heavier than the other juicers on the list (16 lbs), but it’s a compactly designed workhorse that can fit in most cabinets. Sign us up!

Featured image is from Hurom