Email newsletters for our morning routines.

One of our favorite ways to start our work day is to set aside 10-15 minutes as we settle in to our desks to read a handful of daily newsletters with informative, insightful, and encouraging content.

We’ve asked our readers {and each other!} what is missing when it comes to conscious content that inspires and informs us in our everyday lives. Not surprisingly, we’ve found women resonate with bite-sized, actionable content that is consciously aligned and aesthetically beautiful.  

Created especially for women, here are our favorite regular newsletters to read each morning for news, politics and inspiration. For more inspiration, head here for our favorite websites—and happy scrolling!

1. The Daily Good

We may be biased, but we are big fans of our daily newsletter, The Daily Good, a 30-second newsletter delivered to your inbox daily with soothing playlists, sustainable recipes and DIYs, inspiring articles, and more. Curated with love by The Good Trade team, we hope all our readers will add The Daily Good to their list of morning newsletters.

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2. The Assist

Your work BFF in newsletter form, The Assist arrives in your inbox four times a week and makes becoming a better professional actually enjoyable. We love that this newsletter doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still offers extremely actionable advice we love sharing with our peers and colleagues. The Assist is always fresh, and there’s something to love in each edition (see what we mean and check out their archive of excellent newsletter sends).

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3. The GIST

For a refreshing female voice and perspective on sports, we adore The GIST. This free newsletter written and led by women gives you, yes, “the gist” on what is happening in the sports world in four sends a week. You can expect to be entertained, informed, and all caught up on what’s happening in the world of sports with editions on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday!

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4. DailySkimm

The DailySkimm is one of our favorite morning digests for breaking news and to learn about what’s happening in the world. Launched by media company theSkimm and targeted toward women millennials, a single edition of the newsletter can cover Moderna’s vaccine, hate crimes in the US, and Cinnabon frosting. Plus, it’s nabbed an interview with Kamala Harris, so you know you’re in good company.

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5. The Morning

If you want to start your day feeling informed and engaged, subscribe to the The Morning—a daily newsletter from The New York Times that aims to “make sense of the day’s news and ideas.” Written by David Leonhardt and other Times journalists, the newsletter will guide you through what’s happening and why it matters. Past editions have included deep dives into the Latino gender gap, books of the year, and polling problems.

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6. The Broadsheet

Learn about and celebrate the world’s most powerful women with Fortune’s The Broadsheet. A daily newsletter curated by Kristen Bellstrom and for a ‘broad’ audience (because women’s issues are not just women’s issues), The Broadsheet is for readers who want to read stories about all the incredible women who are shattering glass ceilings around the globe. We love the breadth of content—from research, to opinion pieces, to book and biography recommendations that will keep your reading list full.

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7. Girls’ Night In

Girls’ Night In is a weekly newsletter for women who’d rather stay in on Friday and Saturday night. Sent to over 100,000 subscribers on Friday morning, this cozy email is brimming with the best self-care tips, relaxation ideas, and advice for a restful evening in your pajamas. Founded on the principle that it’s essential to our mental health and wellbeing to chill out when life gets busy, Girls’ Night In is everything we need and more after a long week at the office.

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8. Ann Friedman Weekly

Ann Friedman is a writer, journalist, podcast host, and forthcoming author. She’s also a newsletter curator, and we’re obsessed with her email, the Ann Friedman Weekly. Containing the best book and media suggestions, as well as GIFs and other digital treats, this newsletter is delivered on Fridays at what always seems to be the perfect time—because who doesn’t love to get a jumpstart on the weekend? With a free and paid version ($5 a year for extra goodies), this newsletter is one you’ll want to subscribe to asap.

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9. Lit Hub Daily

A bullet-list newsletter of the best-written stories on the web? Yes, please! Well-read women will love receiving the Lit Hub Daily newsletter for a roundup of the most acclaimed online literature and recently released essays. Every newsletter also includes a historical photo and fact about a celebrated author, poet, or journalist.

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10. Poem-A-Day

Do you ever need to pause and reset during your day? Maybe you need to take a few breaths or read your favorite poem to help rejuvenate your soul? Indulge in Poem-A-Day, a daily send that shares previously unpublished poems from today’s talented poets during the week and classic poems on the weekends. Each poem is accompanied by exclusive audio and commentary by the poets, so we can connect with our inner artist and creative spirit throughout the work week.

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11. Hung Up

When Hunter Harris was an entertainment writer for Vulture, she spent her days hilariously and honestly writing about movies, music, pop culture, and her own personal obsessions. The latter is what has since inspired her weekly newsletter Hung Up. Its title refers to those “preoccupations we just can’t seem to get out from under” (you know, our hang-ups). Launched in November 2020, Hung Up will be filled with essays, interviews, recommendations, reviews, and more.

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