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Most pet beds use cheap or mass-produced materials that fall apart, especially once pet paws get all over them. Some even include unhealthy or dangerous chemicals in the foam and stuffing, which isn’t safe for us or our little ones.

But there are a growing number of brands that are bringing sustainability to pet furniture using responsibly sourced wood, upcycled cotton and fabrics, and nontoxic foams for a bed fit for a (furry) king and queen.

If we want to be more sustainable in our lives, that can apply to our fur babies too who deserve earth-friendly, nontoxic furniture. Check out our picks below!

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1. Brentwood Home

Best For | Orthopedic support
Sustainable Materials | CertiPUR-US certified foams & nontoxic materials
Price | $119–$189

If your pup or kitty has joint pain, Brentwood Home’s pet beds will be a saving grace. The Runyon Pet Bed in particular is designed for orthopedic support with two layers of CertiPUR-US certified foams and nontoxic materials. Arthritis-suffering pets will especially find relief here and a cozy space to rest their head (and paws!). Made locally in California, this sustainably made pet bed will last for years to come. Check out our editors’ review of the Brentwood Home dog bed to see what their pups think!

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2. The Wolf Nest

Best For | Large breeds
Sustainable Materials | Deadstock fabrics & natural linen
Price | $225–$325

The Wolf Nest, a woman-run business, crafts chic and comfortable dog beds in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Using locally sourced deadstock fabric that would otherwise go to waste, as well as hypoallergenic memory foam, your pup will have their best night’s sleep yet. A portion of each purchase also supports LA-based rescue centers⁠. Plus, buying is easy as you can find these on West Elm.

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3. Avocado Mattress

Best For | Hypoallergenic bed
Sustainable Materials | GOTS certified organic cotton
Price | $239–$299

You might be familiar with the line that Avocado Mattress makes for humans, but did you know they also make a super comfy, super green line for pets? This Certified B Corp uses only the best materials like GOTS certified cotton and GOLS organic certified latex for their anti-odor and biodegradable pet beds. The soft, durable, cool mattress is topped with three inches of breathable coconut husk, and is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. Your fur babes are sure to love it as much as you!


4. Parachute

Best For | Small- to medium-size breeds
Sustainable Materials | 75 percent cotton canvas
Price | $129–$149

Parachute isn’t just focused on high-quality home goods for humans, but also for our beloved fur babies. For small- to medium-sized breeds, you can pick up this stonewashed cotton canvas bed that’s made in the USA. And Parachute supports the UN’s Nothing but Nets campaign for bed nets, so both you and your pet can rest easy.

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5. Tuft & Needle

Best For | Crate-sized beds
Sustainable Materials | Blend of USA-grown cotton & polyester, USA-poured foam
Price | $190–$270

If you trust Tuft & Needle for your own mattress (and many of us do!), then you’ll love T&N’s sustainably made pet beds. Made with cotton grown and milled in the Carolinas, as well as USA-poured and -cut foam, this durable and dense bed will hold up for the long run. Best of all, the cushion detaches from the base essentially making one pet bed into two—ideal for inserting the cushion in a crate.

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6. The Foggy Dog

Best For | Puppies
Sustainable Materials | Sustainafill™ Insert
Price | $55–$249

The Foggy Dog is the dreamy, minimalist brand all good pets love (okay, hoomans love it, too). Proudly handcrafted in the USA by artisans paid fair wages, these dog beds are made with recycled materials and Sustainafill™ Insert for products you’re proud to have in your home. With every order, you’ll support a shelter pup in need, too.

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7. Molly Mutt

Best For | Larger breeds
Sustainable Materials | 100 percent cotton canvas & wool
Price | $35–$77.50

Molly Mutt takes sustainability to a new level with its line of beloved dog beds. Every second, a garbage truck’s worth of textiles are landfilled or burned. Instead, Molly Mutt’s beds help you reuse your old clothes, pillows, and blankets. Stuff each bed with these textiles, and your dog will be calmed and comforted by their favorite scent: you! Based out of Oakland, CA, these sustainably made pet beds are also easily washable, breathable, and durable.

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8. Whom

Best For | Customizable beds
Sustainable Materials | FSC Certified wood
Price | $125–$535 (discounts with membership)

We admire Whom’s dedication to creating the most sustainable and customizable beds alongside its home goods. Using sustainably sourced wood harvested in the USA, Whom’s factory maintains a zero waste policy meaning it reuses or recycles everything. With each tree used, the team plants another 40 in its place. We especially love that each piece is custom-built and handmade, so you can find a number of styles and structures for any sized doggo or kitty.

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9. Siamese Social Club

Best For | Cats & kittens
Sustainable Materials | 100 percent undyed cotton
Price | $165

Handmade out of San Francisco using all natural materials, Siamese Social Club’s pet beds are made with 100 percent undyed cotton and a linen-cotton cushion. Available in three neutral colors, you’ll be able to find options that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for your home. And yes, as the name suggests, these pet beds will be purr-fect for your kitties.

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10. Etsy

Best For | Rabbit beds
Sustainable Materials | 100 percent biodegradable stuffing
Price | $35–$50

Rabbits, guinea pigs, and other smaller pets will love Etsy’s assortment of beds, especially Hop N Flop. Produced in a cat- and dog-friendly home in Richmond, VA, there are plenty of fabrics to choose from to best match your little one’s vibe. Each pet bed is made with eco-friendly fabrics and 100 percent biodegradable ECOFIL stuffing, derived from corn.

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The featured image is from Parachute