Sustainably Made Sunglasses From Bamboo, Wood & Cork

With sunny days ahead of us, it’s finally time to bring out our favorite eco-friendly sunglasses! We are huge fans of sustainable frames made from materials such as cork, reclaimed wood, and bamboo. As the fastest growing wood in the world, bamboo is an excellent material for sunglasses design. By nature it is stronger than steel, lightweight, long-lasting, tolerable of extremes, and doesn’t even require replanting. It’s also moisture resistant, floatable, and showcases a stunning wood grain style.

Other materials, like cork and wood, also have a minimal impact on the environment. Harvesting cork only requires extracting bark from a tree, which helps enhance the forest life cycle. It is also reusable, biodegradable, an excellent insulator, and fire and water resistant. These 9 sunglasses brands are not only trendsetters in style, but in the conscious-consumer movement as well. Each is dedicated to sustainability, customer service, and giving back.

1. Grown Eyewear

Based In | Australia
Eco Materials | Wood & bamboo
Give Back | Wildlife rescue and care
Price | $119–$169

Grown Eyewear sunglasses are handcrafted from durable Bamboo and hardwoods. All of the materials used are organic, renewable and free from harmful or toxic elements. Each pair has a completely unique grain pattern, and stunning, natural design. Inspired by a desire to make a deep and meaningful impact on the planet, Grown also partners with WIRES, a wildlife rescue and care organization in Australia.

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2. SOLO Eyewear

Based In | San Diego, CA
Eco Materials | Repurposed bamboo & recycled plastic
Give Back | Partners with Aravind Eye Care System and Restoring Vision
Price | $59–$89

This line of trendsetting, adventure-inspired sunglasses started as a class project at San Diego State University. Since the opening of SOLO Eyewear, the business has been committed to the mantra #LiveandGive and has restored vision for over 13,000 individuals. By donating 10% of profits, they are able to provide eye exams, glasses, and cataract surgeries to those in need. SOLO got it’s name from its empowering focus, “One idea. One person. One action can change the world.” Their powerful story has been featured on Forbes, Today, Time, and Good Morning America.

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3. Proof Eyewear

Based In | Boise, ID
Eco Materials | FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, and repurposed skateboard decks
Give Back | Partner with Nature Conservancy in Idaho, Boarding for Breast Cancer, HELP International
Price | $90–$130

Proof Eyewear is a pioneer in sustainable eyewear and “embraces the idea of being global citizens by doing good around the world.” The brand was founded in 2010 by 3 brothers in Idaho who stand for heritage, sustainability, and giving back. 12% of Proof’s annual profits have been donated on a project-by-project basis in India, El Salvador, Nepal, the Philippines, and Uganda. Peruse their website for updates on these projects, and to purchase a pair of their beautifully designed sunglasses!

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4. Panda Sunglasses

Based In | Washington, USA
Eco Materials | Sustainable bamboo
Give Back | Partners with Optometry Giving Sight’s Gift of Vision Project
Price | $120

Launched as a Kickstarter in 2012, Panda Sunglasses is all about “Fashion with a Purpose.” Their sunglasses are made from sustainable bamboo, and each purchase gives back to the community. Panda Sunglasses is dedicated to partnerships that provide employee training and help start eye care centers around the world. Each sunglasses sale contributes to free exams, prescription glasses, and medical aid for those with eye deficiencies. These glasses have been adored and promoted by the Today Show, AMA, and the US Men’s Soccer Team.

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5. Sticks & Sparrow

Based In | Australia
Eco Materials | Bamboo, reclaimed wood, cork
Give Back | Commitment to nature
Price | $99-$199

We love the distinctly Australian style of Sticks & Sparrow sunglasses—all of which come with 100% UV protection and scratch-resistant lenses. This brand is committed to sustainable materials and minimizing waste. After 15 years in the eyewear industry, they promise not to enter “into the crowded and competitive adult eyewear market.” Instead, they firmly stick to their connection with nature. For the indecisive online shopper, Sticks & Sparrow offers an easy option to try frames on at home before you buy!

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6. Woodzee

Based In | Chico, CA
Eco Materials | Wood & bamboo
Give Back | Glasses recycling program
Price | $45–$230

Woodzee sunglasses are made of wood and bamboo, combining sophisticated style with nature’s influence. They take pride in customer service and a seamless shopping experience. With Woodzee’s recycle program, customers are able to recycle old Woodzee glasses and receive 50% off the next order. Woodzee’s wide variety of stylish frame shapes and colors is sure to offer something you’ll love for sunny days!

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7. Woodwear

Based In | Hermosa Beach, CA
Eco Materials | Sustainable bamboo
Give Back | Donates a percentage of profit to a new cause every few months
Price | $60–$95

Woodwear sunglasses are “wearable art.” Their frame designs are inspired by California beach culture, resulting in a line perfect for those who love the sun, sand, and outdoors! Woodwear donates to various helping organizations on a cyclical basis. They believe in using their business to support others who are doing good and making a positive difference for humanity. If you can’t decide which pair is meant for you, try their 5 for 5 policy—for five days you can wear five different frames to feel what suits you best.

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8. Swell Vision

Based In | Pawleys Island, SC
Eco Materials | Sustainable bamboo
Give Back | Partners with the Green School to help Balinese children attend school tuition-free
Price | $99–$125

Swell Vision was started by a Junior in high school who grew the business out of a desire to inspire others to “Leave the world a better place than we found it.” After learning about the Green School in Bali, he realized real change in environmental practices requires education. When Swell Vision opened, he committed to a continuous contribution the the school’s Local Scholars Programme, which offers tuition-free education to underprivileged Balinese children. Swell Vision’s sunglasses are perfect for the outdoorsy, adventurous, and fashion-conscious.

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Based In | SOHO, New York City, NY
Eco Materials | 95% recycled content or biobased materials
Give Back | Plants a new tree with each purchase
Price | In-store only

MODO glasses emphasize creativity, innovation, and have a high-end appeal for the socially-conscious consumer. Perfect for the trendsetting professional or city-dweller, each frame has its own personality. The contemporary and sleek designs are strikingly unique and bold. They are designed, manufactured, and distributed in-house in SOHO, New York. Each MODO purchase results in a newly planted tree, or a free pair of glasses given to someone in need.