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After Memorial Day comes the unofficial start to summer, and with it, Father’s Day. Whether you are celebrating your dad, your partner, your grandparent, or another father-figure, don’t find yourself in the last-minute gift scramble this year (or worse: ordering yet another tie!).

The TGT team has pulled together a list of creative, caring, fun gifts from some of our favorite sustainable brands. Whether you want to pamper him with upgraded personal care, outfit him in the best of wellness tech, or expand his culinary horizons beyond his morning coffee or evening cocktail, this list should have the perfect gift to celebrate one of your favorite people.

Prefer to go the socks route? We love Bombas and Pact for soft and sustainable men’s socks. Here are our favorite men’s watches and men’s denim brands as well.

1. Twig Razor, $60 | Package Free

Help your dad streamline his waste while getting his closest shave yet with Leaf Shave Co’s Twig Razor from Package Free. This safety razor uses a single blade on a pre-angled head that reaches tight spots from head to toe. Available in a rose gold, chrome, or striking black (called “Mercury” on the site) in a sustainable zinc alloy. Weighted near the hand and not the head, this easy-to-maneuver razor is stylish and eco-friendly.

2. ReMakes Sustainable Eyewear, $40 | Zenni Optical

Upgrade Dad’s frames with these stylish and affordable options from Zenni Optical’s new sustainable line. Made from 100% certified post-consumer plastic, each frame comes with a lens pouch (that doubles as a cleaning cloth!) made from recycled PET fabric. Shipped in a recyclable tube and coming in at just $40 before the prescription lenses, these eco-friendly frames will upgrade his look at just a fraction of the traditional eyewear costs on your wallet or the planet.

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3. Sojourn shirt, $58–$88 | Outerknown

For outdoor lovers who also like a fine fabric, Outerknown delivers. The brand’s Sojourn Collection, made from regenerative organic pima cotton, features a range of shirt styles that are all organic, durable, and soft. Their signature rib trimming at the neck, chest pocket, and sleeves gives all the shirts a comfy fit that never chafes. Outerknown is a champion for sustainable materials, fair labor practices, and aims to make 100 percent of its products circular by 2030!

4. Essential Multivitamin for Men, $33 | Ritual

Whether your dad is a health nut or you want to give him a nudge, he’ll love this Ritual’s scientifically-developed multivitamin. This vegan capsule contains ten traceable ingredients like Omega-3 DHA from Canadian microalgae and a pure, non-soy form of Vitamin K12 sourced in Norway. The delayed-release design and mint essence make these easy on an empty stomach too! (Note that there is a multivitamin for men ages 18-49 and one for 50+!)

5. Oura Ring Gen3, $299–$449 | Oura

The Oura smart ring is the perfect big-ticket item for any dad interested in wellness data. With everything from activity and sleep logging to blood oxygen sensing technology, this little ring packs a big punch in getting an accurate and thorough picture of its wearer’s health. Water-resistant up to 100m and with up to a week of battery life (on a 20-80 minute charge time!), the titanium ring comes in five finishes that are subtle, durable, and well, just very cool.

6. Coffee Alternative, $40+ | MUDWTR

Help your dad kick his coffee habit with a delicious and healthy alternative. MUDWTR consists of 100% organic cacao, ayurvedic herbs, and functional mushrooms that can satisfy the coffee habit without any of the jittery side effects, afternoon slumps, or sleep disruptions. With just a fraction of coffee’s caffeine content, give your dad energy and immune support at any time of day. This vegan, non-GMO, organic, and gluten-free brew is available as a subscription service that comes with a free frother with your first order!

7. Hypervolt Massage Gun, $129+ | Hyperice

For an at-home solution to muscle soreness, your dad will love his own massage gun from Hyperice. Choose from three models that can help with muscle warm ups, workout recovery, or just relieve pain of everyday aches and tightness. With a number of attachments, battery packs, and cases available, these percussive massage guns are the perfect customizeable and high-performing gift for your dad, whether he’s highly active or just prone to groaning every time he stands up. 😉

8. Fitz Roy Hiking Shoe, $245 | VEJA

Sustainable brand VEJA’s sleek black hiking shoe is the perfect hybrid of athletic footwear and hiking boot, delivering all the performance and protection of your traditional boot without any of the bulk. Crafted from recycled polyester and sugar cane, the shoe is coated in a PFC-free water repellent to help dad’s feet stay dry on long treks. These all black shoes are made to last, both in style and substance.

9. Alcohol-Free Social Tonic, $45 | hiyo

Whether dad is reaching for a cocktail at 5 o’clock every day or a lifelong teetotaler, he’ll love these tasty social tonics from hiyo. The certified organic drink is vegan, non-GMO, gluten- and alcohol-free, available in summery peach mango, zippy watermelon lime, or bold blackberry lemon. Packed with organic adaptogens, nootropics, and botanicals like ashwagandha, lion’s mane, and ginger, these sips won’t get you buzzed but they will leave you feeling “floaty,” and relaxed. (Subscribe for a discount!)

10. Personal Fragrance, $30–$90 | DedCool

Personal fragrances have come a long way since your granddad’s pungent (and chemical-rich!) cologne. We love DedCool‘s unique scents, all made with 100% organic and biodegradable plant extracts. Build a sample tin and help dad pick his new signature scent, or choose boldly from one of the full-size bottles that will look suave on any nightstand. Choose from earthy moss and spicy bergamot blends or smooth sandalwood with bright juniper and make hugs from dad just that much sweeter!

11. Slippers, $60–$68 | Seavees

Encourage your dad to take a load off with these cozy vegan recycled fleece slippers from Seavees. With a natural rubber sole these can be worn inside the house or even for a quick trip to the garage or curb (which is great news, because the slippers are so comfy he won’t want to take them off!). Made in ethical factories from sustainable and recycled materials, every pair gives $1 for SeaTrees, a non-profit that restores coastal ecosystems and ocean health around the world.

Featured image is from Outerknown