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Ah, pumping. Of all the things no one tells you when you go on your lactation journey, how attached you will (literally!) be to your pump is top of the list. Pumping has come a long way in recent decades, only becoming commercially available for personal use in the 1990s. As many people start pumping after returning to work, juggling a lactation schedule with meetings, childcare, exercise, and everything else on your calendar can feel daunting. The last thing we have time for is to plug ourselves into a wall for twenty minutes every few hours! 

While pumping allows the freedom for you to be apart from your baby without damaging the milk supply, traditional wired electric pumps limit your mobility. Manual pumps don’t require a plug but do require your hands, leaving you tied up during milk expression. Here’s where a wearable electric pump comes in. Chargeable, cordless, and quiet, these pumps slip right into your nursing bra so you can keep doing what you’re doing: typing, cooking, walking (even exercising!). These time-saving inventions will keep your hands and body free while you pump. 

And if you’re looking for a nursing bra upgrade to slip your new wearable pump into, check out our guide for the best organic nursing bras. And remember: fed is best, so if you’re looking for organic baby formulas, we’ve got you covered there, too. 

PS: Don’t balk at the price tags: we’ve noted FSA/HSA funds and insurance coverage options, along with which brands offer payment plans to make these pumps more affordable! 

1. Elvie

Features | Silent pump, app-controlled, customizable smart technology
FSA/HSA Eligibility | FSA/HSA funds accepted; some insurance coverage available (check here)
Price | Starting at $300

If silence is golden for you, Elvie makes a pump that might be your perfect fit. Elvie Pump creates suction silently and can be controlled entirely from your phone. The tech is so advanced that the pump switches automatically from stimulation to expression mode and pauses when the bottle is full. This hospital-grade pump is available as a single or double set and is customizable, so you can personalize the intensity settings that work for you. Elvie also makes a model called the Stride, which has a quiet pump that connects to two collection cups—all wearable and controllable through their app. Payment plans available through Klarna.

2. Willow

Features | Quiet pump, multi-position pumping (with the Willow 3.0), app controls & tracking
FSA/HSA Eligibility | FSA/HSA funds accepted; some insurance coverage available (check here)
Price | Starting at $330

Willow offers two kinds of wearable breast pumps that make pumping a breeze. Both pumps fit into your bra, offering quiet, hands-free, cordless pumping so you won’t have to stop everything when your reminder alarm goes off again. The Willow 3.0 has a gravity-defying latch that allows you to pump from any position while using their spill-proof recyclable bags. So if squeezing in a workout while you’re pumping is your jam, you can hang confidently in those downward dogs. The Willow 3.0 also only has two parts to wash, which is just *chef’s kiss. Payment plans available with Affirm. 

3. Medela

Features | Rechargeable battery, USB port, app-connected for easy tracking, lightweight
FSA/HSA Eligibility | FSA/HSA funds accepted; some insurance coverage available
Price | $325

Swiss company Medela introduced the first hospital-grade electric breast pump for home use back in 1991, and the brand maintains its stellar reputation for power and reliability. Designed for multiple pumping sessions a day, the Freestyle Flex portable double electric breast pump can be easily slipped into a bag or pocket. While this pump connects the flange-and-bottle collection type that can’t be hidden in plain sight, it can fit easily into a nursing or pumping bra so you can go about your day. With this powerful pump, you’ll get more milk in less time. Payment plans available with Affirm.


Features | BPA-free, quiet pump, USB port, massage function
FSA/HSA Eligibility | Insurance coverage available
Price | $40

The tiny pump from YIHUNION packs a powerful punch, impressing customers with over 700 five-star reviews. It’s compatible with virtually all breast pump bags and wearable collection cups, so you can choose what works best for you. (Note that for portability, it comes with a single motor, so if you are into double pumping you will need to purchase two of these.) Far and away the most affordable option on the list, its $40 price tag makes it super accessible despite the fact that the brand does not accept FSA/HSA funds and is only available on Amazon. While we don’t love shopping on Amazon, the moms on our team have found it performs just as well as other brands and at a much more affordable pricepoint.

5. Legendairy Milk

Features | BPA-free, phthalate-free, 8 oz wearable collection cups, multi-size flanges (starting at 15mm)
FSA/HSA Eligibility | FSA/HSA funds accepted; some insurance coverage available
Price | Starting at $150

Legendairy Milk’s Imani i2 Wearable Breast Pump offers all the cordless, hands-free convenience you’re looking for in a wearable pump at a price that won’t break the bank. With the largest collection cup on the market, this pump can hold up to twice as much as the typical 4oz offering out there (though the cost is some extra bulk in the bra). We also love that they offer a wide range of flange sizes and even have a downloadable nipple-size ruler for first-time pumpers who couldn’t possibly guess whether the standard 21mm was going to fit. Bonus: this pump comes in a bold red and white, for those of us who are over the pastels. 

Featured image by Willow